There are films that should be seen and others that should be seen at least 5 times. “We are infinite” and one of those, for sure. It is an exciting film, full of reflections on life, adolescents and relationships. Released in 2012 and based on the eponymous literary masterpiece by Stephen Chbosky, this film should be seen by young people and adults, so that we can better understand the complex world that each of us carries with us. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the film will air on La 5 tonight. The plot of the film
In junior high, Charlie’s best friend commits suicide. Shortly thereafter, Charlie, the film’s protagonist and narrator, had a bad breakdown and spent time in a psychiatric institution.
At the beginning of the movie, and Charlie’s first day of high school. He and that “strange boy who spent time in a psychiatric hospital” and, therefore, has no friends. Charlie sits alone in the canteen every day, lives a life in pseudo “isolation”, but his fate changes when he befriends a group of maladjusted elderly people: Patrick and gay; Samantha (“Sam”) was the “bad guy” of the first year; and Mary Elizabeth is a goth. During the school year, Charlie learns a lot about acceptance, friendship, and romantic relationships. Eventually he is able to face a dark secret that has troubled him far more than his friend’s suicide. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name and remains faithful to the themes of the book, which include friendship, acceptance, mourning, love. The protagonists of the film are:
By clicking HERE you will find the beautiful soundtrack of the film. This, however, and the trailer for “We are infinite”: The importance of inclusiveness
“We are infinite” supports and celebrates inclusiveness and tolerance, showing both how people can flourish when they are accepted for who they are, and how painful life can be for those who are ignored or mistreated. When Charlie enters high school, he’s a reserved guy. He doesn’t try to get in touch with people because he is constantly struggling with the pain of the two traumatic deaths he had to endure. Charlie feels like an outcast and a misfit, and he has no people to trust. Soon, however, Patrick and Sam bring Charlie into their group, and Charlie learns what life with trusted friends can be like.Charlie’s moving letter
The novel “We are infinite” is actually an epistolary novel. The story is told through the words and outbursts of Charlie who, after a nervous breakdown, found a way out in writing.
Also in the film some letters from Charlie were inserted and among these we remember the most profound one, perhaps, which describes the moment of “rebirth” of the boy and his friends. That moment in which, as the protagonist tells us, he feels we are “infinite”.
“Dear friend, I don’t know if I will have time to write more letters because maybe I will be too busy trying to participate, so if this is to be the last letter I want you to know that I was not at all well before starting high school and you you helped. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about or you didn’t know anyone who had these problems, you didn’t make me feel alone. Because I know that there are people who say that these things don’t exist and that there are people who when they turn seventeen forget what it was like to be sixteen. I know that one day these will become stories and that our images will become old photographs and we will become someone’s father or mother … But here, now, these moments are not stories, this is happening, I am here, and I am looking at her , and it’s beautiful. Now I see it, the moment you know you’re not a sad story. Are you alive. And you stand up, and you see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you gape and you hear that song on that street with the people you love the most in the world and in this moment,I swear to you, we are infinite.

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