Hi Emma! As I understand you … I have hair, neither flesh nor fish if I don’t style it and, if I often leave it like that out of laziness, I too would like to be able to wake up with my hair as freshly made by the hairdresser! You’re right, straightener and iron are not the best, they tend to wear out the hair, dehydrate it and ruin the ends. Especially when used with every wash!
Over the years, however, I have experimented with various methods to obtain wavy hair without heat , without necessarily having to resort to these tools, especially when I can wash my hair the night before. That’s right, you read that right! I wash my hair the night before and with these three methods in the morning I wake up with wavy hair ! Method 1: the sock or the hair donut
One of my favorite methods is to use a donut or sock to roll the hair onto . Said like this it seems a very complicated thing, but in reality it is a fast and easy method, which gives soft waves , a bit like a Diva. Donuts are specially made to style your hair, and also serve to get beautiful buns that look full of hair. Alternatively, a clean old sock is enough to cut the toe off. It rolls up on itself forming a donut, for an artisanal but equally effective version.
With dry hair, it will be enough to gather the hair in a high and well pulled ponytail, stop it with a rubber band and insert the donut until it touches the base of the ponytail. At this point the donut is rolled up on itself, which traps the hair inside and which will remain firmly in place. In the morning just unroll the hairstyle and the hair will be wavy and voluminous .
Source: Instagram Method 2: the bun or small twists all over the head
An even simpler method is to go to sleep by making one or more bunsor torchon on the head. It is a method also suitable for those with short hair, because for the previous one you need to have a little more length to be able to roll them. With a single bun at the top of the head, the effect is always very soft and of chunky waves . Instead, making two high buns, the so-called space buns, will be a little more wavy while, if you want to get a very wavy and almost curly effect , just make many small torchons, the so-called bantu knots. Try to make them on top of your head so they won’t bother you while you sleep. In the morning, unroll them and voila, wavy hair just sleeping!
Source: 123rf Method 3: braids and pigtails for a beach waves effect
If, on the other hand, you want to get a softer motion , similar to the beach waves that are so popular in summer, instead of making buns and chignons, opt for braids . If you prefer a blur only on the final part of the hair, make the classic version , while if you want the blur to start higher, a French braid is better . Similarly, depending on the intensity of the beach waves you want, choose to make a single central braid , two side braids for a medium effect, or 4 or more braids for an even more wavy, almost frisee effect.
Source: 123rf

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