Dolores Vazquez represents the perfect example that justice is not always fair. This woman, who is currently 69 years old , was unjustly convicted of the murder of Rocio Wanninkhof in 1999, a sentence that led her to remain in jail for 519 days .
Recently, the documentary Dolores: The truth about the Wanninkhof case, has once again aroused curiosity about this person who, at the time, was popularly and judicially accused by a society that pointed to her as the only and undisputed murderer of the young woman. Malaga .
The documentary, produced by Unicorn for HBO Max and with the co-star figure of Toni Moreno, has given Dolores Vazquez the opportunity to request what the Spanish State and society have owed her for twenty years: a sincere forgiveness .
“I have never been the same and I never will be,” Vazquez said.
Twenty years ago I lost everything, my freedom, my life, my voice and even my name . I have never been the same and I never will be. But the time has come to face so many shadows and tell my story for the first time,” Dolores begins narrating in the production.
Mentally I feel stronger and I need people to know a little more about the case and for this not to happen again,” he clarified. Some of the most repeated statements have been that, during all that time,stigmatized for her sexuality and her supposed character , to which was added an apparent indifference towards the case. All this led her to be considered a cold, calculating and intelligent assassin.

The life that Dolores forced herself to lead

In the production, this Galician tells that in 2010 she exiled herself to the United Kingdom , where she could escape from everything that was happening to her in Spain. His return, according to what some media published at the time, was in 2018, and since then he has remained in the country.
To date, no great details of the life that this woman had had during her years of anonymity in the United Kingdom were known, something that is discussed in depth during the documentary. It is known that, at present, Dolores VazquezHe lives in Betanzos, in La Coruna , the city where he was born and where, as he explained, he tries to lead “a normal life” .
However, he points out that, in reality, he has never been able to return to a normal life.

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