September is a time of restarts also and above all for the little ones. And this year it will be even more important, after the difficult spring experienced and the consequent “complicated” summer (due to the pandemic and the not simple health situation) the return to school desks for the little ones seems to have really arrived. The recent situation experienced this year, never as before, however, has put us in front of the importance of domestic spaces that are, even for the smallest, designed and conceived, places made to measure for children in which the little ones can live. serenely and express themselves at their best during the hours they spend at home. Among games, furnishings and accessories of all kinds, the importance of giving these rooms walls that are not only beautiful, but also healthy and easily sanitized and a theme not to be overlooked. Here are some useful tips for renovating bedrooms and bedrooms starting from a colorful and colorful wallpaper.The importance of focusing on quality materials
Sustainability as well as the choice of furnishings made with completely non-toxic components suitable for use is a central element when we talk about domestic wall coverings, especially when we refer to the most frequented and experienced environments by children. The new generation wallpapers are more and more often conceived in this direction, in fact they guarantee practical solutions, but at the same time made with 100% natural materials and above all to be installed with completely non-toxic glues free of chemical elements harmful to the health of the little ones. In addition, the newest wallpaper solutions are easy to apply, but also to remove (a not inconsiderable element in the children’s room where it is more likely to replace the wallpaper than in the living room), easy to clean – most modern surfaces can be washed with water – and sanitized with common products. These are elements of primary importance, especially in this moment in which the attention towards the sanitation of the environments is high. In addition, the wallpaper, if chosen of quality, is also an advantageous choice because it will certainly have a longer duration than the traditional painting that can be done on the walls.New trends and how to orient yourself
When choosing a wallpaper for a bedroom, a lot depends on the age of the child, but also on the type of space you have and on the final effect you want to achieve. The latest trends in this sense range from timeless solid colors perfect for warming the environment without overloading it too much ,to be chosen in the soft and pastel tones of powder blue, powder pink, straw yellow, beige and the very current sage green (but avoiding to color all the walls so as not to create a cute and annoying “wedding favor” effect), to the beloved vertical lines that have always been ideal for enlivening the space with panache and to give brightness to the room. Among the newest and most current trends we also find the very popular prints of animals, more or less stylized, the woods and tree-lined landscapes and the beloved starry skies, perfect for giving magic and making you dream. Everything starts from the age of the child
Unmistakable trend for the home of recent years, wallpapers have been and will still be a “never without” that appeals to interior designers and architects. Made in many variations, and for every kind of domestic environment, they offer suggestive scenarios and are proposed in a really wide panorama in which it is nice to wander. When we talk about the environments to be dedicated to the little ones, however, to make the most appropriate choice, the advice is to deal in advance with the age of the child, if you are about to furnish the baby room, for example, orient yourself on something of delicate and very soft colors, playing as much as possible with small prints will make the walls of the bedroom, or the nursery, a fairytale place that will restore the right serenity and tranquility to the newborn; in fact, it should never be forgotten that colors can have effects on the mood of the little ones, too bright colors are therefore contraindicated, for example, to reconcile sleep which is one of the most important aspects of the growth of the baby. The choice of wallpaper for an older child’s room will be another thing, here the decoration of the walls should play on vivid colors and important decorations to become not only a simple decorative element, but also an excellent inspiration for creativity. the child.
Among more or less new trends and colors, dreaming decorations and fantasies even in the children’s room, wallpaper represents an excellent ploy to renew the environment and give new life and aesthetic quality. And if it is certainly, and at any age, that combinations of colors and fantasies that are too affected or on the contrary too psychedelic solutions are to be avoided, the idea of ​​playing in the bedroom with the walls opens the field to interesting experiments in which it will be nice to indulge so much for the as big as for the little ones.
Claudia Schiera

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