The party led by Santiago Abascal has made its intentions clear when it comes to forming a government. One of the measures that he proposes is the suspension of Catalan autonomy to achieve a united and sovereign Spain.
Other measures that Abascal’s party wants to address is the deportation of immigrants who are residing in Spanish territory, both illegally and legally, who have reoffended minor crimes or have committed some minor crimes.

Vox , led by Santiago Abascal , presents an electoral program with which it collects 100 urgent measures for Spain ahead of the general elections on November 10.
Within these measures, the unity of Spain, the destruction of the middle class, high taxes, border security and the curtailment of freedoms stand out.

Spain, unity and sovereignty

The party of Santiago Abascal intends to suspend Catalan autonomy until the unmitigated defeat of the coup and purging of civil and criminal responsibilities. Also outlaw parties, associations or NGOs that pursue the destruction of national unity.
On the other hand, legally protect national symbols such as the Crown, the flag and the anthem, toughening the penalties for outrage or offenses against Spain.
They propose to abolish the requirement of knowledge of the co-official language in access to public service in order to avoid any type of discrimination and also abolish the autonomous police forces such as the Mossos d’Esquadra or the Ertzaintza.
Promote unity among Spanish women by repealing the Historical Memory Law, without dividing Spaniards who differ from their definitions.
Another of the measures by which Vox intends to achieve a united Spain is the abolition of the Basque Economic Agreement and the Navarre Agreement and the incorporation of both regions and their Provincial Councils into the Common Regime.

Election program on immigration

Vox proposes to deportboth illegal and legal immigrants who are residing in Spanish territory and who have reoffended in minor crimes or have committed a serious crime.
In the same way, it proposes to deport those illegal immigrants who have entered Spain illegally or are socially rooted.

Defense, security and borders

Vox promises the closure of fundamentalist mosques and absolute collaboration to detect radicals and those responsible for them in Spain.
On the other hand, it demands the erection of an impassable wall on the borders of Ceuta and Melilla to avoid new cases of “jumping the fence” which means, mostly, the entry of large groups of illegal immigrants into Spanish territory.
Within the program, Abascal wants the design and implementation of a new defense policy aimed at protecting our country in an autonomous way.
He also proposes suspending the Schengen area until there is a European guarantee that criminals will not use it to flee from justice, nor will illegal immigration mafias take advantage of it to introduce people.

Economy and resources

Vox warns of a drastic reduction in public spending , for which regional television stations will close. The same goes for ombudsmen, weather agencies, etc.
Vox’s electoral program proposes a radical reduction in Income Tax, with the significant increase in the personal and family minimum exempt to 12,000 euros. Single fixed rate of 20% up to 60,000 euros per year, with any excess over the aforementioned limit being taxed at 30%.
Another of the measures included in the electoral program is the reduction of VAT to 4% for the purchase of children’s and geriatric products and drugs.
On the other hand, they propose to reduce taxes and regulated costs, which are to blame for us paying one of the most expensive bills in Europe.
Also proposing a broad system of tax benefitsfor families, especially for large ones, with a minimum reduction of 50% in the Property Tax for families with children and exemption from paying it to large families.
Finally, the abolition of the Wealth Tax, the Tax on Inheritance and Donations and Municipal Capital Gains throughout the national territory.

Proposals in terms of health

As for health, Abascal proposes a comprehensive conception of it: a single health card, a single vaccination schedule, comprehensive management of waiting lists and a single portfolio of services throughout the national territory.
Eliminate public health surgical interventions that are not related to health, such as abortion or gender change. Instead, childhood vaccinations will be compulsory and free.

Prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving free medical care and co-payment for all legal residents who have not been in Spain for a minimum of 10 years, with the exception of emergency services.

Education and culture

Vox proposes a new law that protects the celebration of bullfighting , so that it becomes part of the Spanish cultural heritage. As well as the protection of hunting as a necessary and traditional activity of the rural world.
Spanish will beCompulsory and protected vehicular language throughout the Spanish territory, leaving the co-official languages ‚Äč‚Äčoptional.

Life and Family

This party intends to repeal the law on gender violence and any rule that discriminates against one sex from another, replacing it with a law on domestic violence. In this way, the elderly, men, women and children are protected equally.
On the other hand, his program proposes the prohibition of the right to abortion. Vox considers that it is essential that there be a defense of life from conception to natural death.
They also propose the prohibition of wombs for rent and any activity that objectifies and uses human beings as a product of sale.
Another measure is thedefense of joint custody and protect the right of minors to relate to both parents and their grandparents.

Liberties and justice

Vox wants to put an end to public subsidies for political parties and their foundations, unions, employers’ associations and ideological proselytizing organizations, to be sustained through the contributions of their affiliates and sympathizers.
On the other hand, it proposes that those crimes that have not yet been resolved by the terrorist group ETA be investigated and that the law be modified to eliminate the statute of limitations for crimes of an Islamist or separatist nature.
They also propose anti-occupation and anti-usury laws, so that Spaniards can use proportional force to defend their homes (legitimate defense).
Lastly, Abascal’s party proposes in its electoral program a reform of the judiciary for real independence from political power , whereby all the members of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary are elected on the basis of merit by and among those who are part of the Justice community.

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