Find the perfect setting without going too far. That she is beautiful, there is no doubt, that she is not a GREAT volleyball player either.

Veronica Angeloni has toured many companies, especially in Italy; in 2015 she and she had the opportunity to go and play in France: a competitive championship where Cannes reigned until 2016.
The port of Saint Raphael You ended up in Saint Rapahel , a town of just over 40 thousand inhabitants, a few kilometers from the undisputed queen city of transalpine women’s volleyball, in fact Cannes, dominator of the championship for 18 years.

There is more Italy in Saint Rapahel than in many Italian Serie A clubs
Coach Giulio Bregoli A real Italian colony is established in Saint Raphael; from coach Giulio Bregoli, to colleagues Letizia Camera, Irene Gomiero and Sara Menghi. And the volleyball school of the beautiful country, you know, has that little bit more. Massa’s beautiful spiker can only be Bregoli’s ace in the hole.

But as in many sports stories there is a dark and sad chapter: just a few months after his arrival, in October, his knee crashes (breaking of the crusader). A bad fall during a simple friendly against Le Cannet: it’s pitch black.
“Sport teaches you never to give up …” he said on social media. And so it was. After the operation, the rehabilitation, the sacrifices, the immense desire to return. He remains out all season until the playoffs, when shortly before the 2016 Scudetto final he is there again available to fight for the title.

Volleyball yes, but also and above all gossip and gossip. Angeloni has been much more talked about in the pink websites and weeklies than in the “rosy” Gazzetta.
Real or alleged, it is her flirtations that have made her famous. Her life off the pitch. Not at all unruly, because Veronica is a fighter, a great professional. The aura of the “angelic” goddess broke the hearts of many sportsmen.
The latest flirtation with rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni Christian Vieri , Mario Balotelli , Mario Alberto Santana , Pippo Pozzato , Martin Castrogiovanni , Stefano Mancinelli , Aldo Montano , Danilo Gallinari: let it all be true
The apex of popularity (to most) arrived in 2014 when she took the stage of the Sanremo festival alongside Fabio Fazio.
Fabio Fazio, Veronica, and Luciana Littizzetto

At the end of the regular season Saint Raphael is seventh. Then she returns to the playoffs and the team goes to the final. Veronica does not play because she is not yet at the top but she is as always the goddess (blindfolded). In Paris at the Pierre De Coubertin stadium the last act is played against Cannes in a straight match. And the amazing final ride is completed with a title that is deserved as well as unexpected.
Veronica in the foreground together with her companions after the Scudetto It is the victory of the group and of determination, and in October, upon her return, the French Super Cup also arrives where Veronica can finally be the protagonist on the field. Cannes is dethroned 3-0.
And now another starring season awaits her. The questions arise spontaneously:

-> Will he be able to regain a place in the national team

-> What will be the next flirt

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