The calendar of the first phase of the men’s Volleyball World Cup
has finally been announced , which will begin on September 9th. The competition, which will take place in two countries, Italy and Bulgaria, will end on 30 September in Turin.
The cities chosen to play the matches are five: we start in Rome with the first match and then we move to Florence for pool A, to Ruse for pool B, to Bari for pool C and finally Varna for pool D.
There are four phases in total. The first two will take place both in Italy and in Bulgaria, while the last two will be held only in our country. And it is precisely in the inaugural match that Italy against Japan takes the field, in a match that will be played atOlympic Forum on 9 September at 19.30.
In the first phase , from 12 to 18 September, the 24 ranked teams will be divided into four pools of 6 teams and the fifth and sixth of each group will have to leave the world championship.
In the second phase , from 21 to 23 September, the sixteen teams remaining in the competition will be divided into four pools of four teams and both the 4 winners of the pools and the best of the second of the groups played in Italy and the groups played will be able to access the next phase. in Bulgaria.
In the third stage, from 26 to 28 September, the six teams will be drawn to be divided into the 2 pools by three teams. The first two of each will enter the last phase.
The fourth and last phase , 29 and 30 September, will decree the world champion team and the bronze medal. This and the previous phase will take place exclusively in the city of Turin.
In the 2018 Volleyball World Cup it will be possible to attend only two matches a day to allow the teams to be able to remarry properly and consequently guarantee the right attention to every single match.

The calendar of the first phase: from 12 to 18 September

Pool A (Florence, inaugural meeting in Rome)
9 September 2018: 7.30 pm Italy-Japan.
12 September 2018: 17.00 Dominican-Slovenia; 20.30 Belgium-Argentina.
13 September 2018: 17.00 Dominican-Japan; 20.30 Italy-Belgium. Rest Argentina and Slovenia.
14 September 2018: 17.00 Argentina-Dominican Republic; 20.30 Japan-Slovenia. Rest Italy and Belgium.
15 September 2018: 17.00 Belgium-Slovenia; 20.30 Italy-Argentina. Rest Japan and the Dominican.
16 September 2018: 17.00 Japan-Belgium; 20.30 Dominican-Italy. Rest Argentina and Slovenia.
17 September 2018: 17.00 Belgium-Dominican Republic; 20.30 Argentina-Slovenia. Rest Japan and Italy.
18 September 2018: 17.00 Japan-Argentina; 20.30 Italy-Slovenia. Rest Belgium and the Dominican.

Pool B (Ruse)
12 September 2018: 2.00 pm Netherlands-Canada; 17 hours Brazil-Egypt; 20.30 France-China.
13 September 2018: 17.00 Egypt-Canada; 20.30 Brazil-France. Holland and China rest.
14 September 2018: 17.00 China-Holland; 20.30 France-Egypt. Rest Brazil and Canada.
15 September 2018: 17.00 Canada-China; 20.30 Holland-Brazil. Rest France and Egypt.
16 September 2018: 17.00 China-Egypt; 20.30 Holland-France. Rest Brazil and Canada.
17 September 2018: 17.00 Egypt-Holland; 20.30 Brazil-Canada. Rest China and France.
18 September 2018: 17.00 Canada-France; 20.30 China-Brazil. Rest Egypt and Holland.

Pool C (Bari)
12 September 2018: 2.00 pm Cameroon-Tunisia; 17.00 Australia-Russia; 20.30 United States-Serbia.
13 September 2018: 17.00 Australia-United States; 20.30 Cameroon-Serbia. Rest Russia and Tunisia.
14 September 2018: 17.00 Australia-Cameroon; 20.30 Russia-Tunisia. The United States and Serbia are resting.
15 September 2018: 17.00 Serbia-Tunisia; 20.30 United States-Russia. Australia and Cameroon rest.
16 September 2018: 17.00 Cameroon-United States; 20.30 Serbia-Australia. Rest Russia and Tunisia.
17 September 2018: 17.00 Russia-Cameroon; 20.30 Australia-Tunisia. The United States and Serbia are resting.
18 September 2018: 17.00 United States-Tunisia; 20.30 Serbia-Russia. Australia and Cameroon rest.

Pool D (Varna)
9 September 2018: 7.30 pm Bulgaria-Finland.
12 September 2018: 17.00 Iran-Puerto Rico; 20.30 Cuba-Poland.
13 September 2018: 17.00 Puerto Rico-Poland; 20.30 Iran-Bulgaria. Rest Cuba and Finland.
14 September 2018: 17.00 Finland-Cuba; 20.30 Bulgaria-Puerto Rico. Rest Poland and Iran.
15 September 2018: 17.00 Cuba-Iran; 20.30 Poland-Finland. Rest Bulgaria and Puerto Rico.
16 September 2018: 17.00 Puerto Rico-Finland; 20.30 Cuba-Bulgaria. Rest Iran and Poland.
17 September 2018: 17.00 Cuba-Puerto Rico; 20.30 Iran-Poland. Bulgaria and Finland rest.
18 September 2018: 17.00 Finland-Iran; 20.30 Bulgaria-Poland. Rest Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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