Vive Park, the traveling amusement park promoted and managed by the Association of Fair Traders of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla (AEFA) for this 2021 as an alternative to traditional fairs, has opened its doors in Utrera to entertain children and adults.
Vive Park will be operating in Utrera until Sunday 12 at the traditional fairgrounds ( from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ). In it, which has been conditioned for the occasion as a completely open, spacious, outdoor amusement park without adjoining houses, a capacity control will be implemented for the event in order to guarantee interpersonal distancing.
In this sense, according to level 1 in which Utrera is currently, the estimated capacity will be 4,091 people. It is also worth mentioning that in the vicinity of the enclosure there are numerous public parking spaces .
Vive Park Utrera has 67 businesses broken down as follows: fourteen children’s attractions, eleven adults, twenty shooting and skill stalls, and twenty-two food stalls (nougat, bunuelos, cottons, fast food and churreria).
It is also worth mentioning Vive Park Utrera, like other editions held in different parts of the Andalusian geography, will carry out its successful promotion of Children’s Dayconsisting of popular prices in all the gadgets. On this occasion the chosen date is Monday, September 6. Likewise, on September 9, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the venue will remain without noise or music so that people with autism and Asperger’s spectrum can also enjoy Vive Park.

A safe amusement park

Since this project first saw the light in Seville in March, one of the hallmarks of the Vive Park project has been not skimping on measures to ensure social distancingand sanitary protocols are fully complied with. Thus, the venue has been designed so that the distance between attractions is much greater than in any pre-Covid event with the sole and firm purpose of guaranteeing the aforementioned social distancing (it has 10,910 square meters of free passage area for attendees) .
It has disinfection areas, security surveillance and several controllers who will be in charge of guaranteeing that anti-Covid measures are complied with. In addition, Vive Park Utrera will have piped music at the attractions, as well as a public address system and abundant posters reminding of the safety and hygiene-sanitary measures to combat Covid-19.
This project was proposed a few weeks ago to the Utrera City Council. Aware that the circumstances do not exactly invite us to be optimistic when it comes to proposing that fairs be held again in the short term and “because another year would be the same as total and absolute ruin”, the stallholders have had to sharpen their ingenuity and reinvent themselves.
Thus, now and as long as the current situation continues, these nomadic businessmen distance themselves from the classic fair concept and have been taking their trucks out on the road since March to function as a mobile amusement park . That is to say, no booths, noise or crowds, and with a more familiar schedule and atmosphere.

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