• 360 ° virtual tours: museums from ancient to contemporary art
    • Virtual tours from home: the masterpieces of fashion and design
    • Free virtual tours of the most famous historical brands

To furnish a home you need the right inspiration, some original ideas and a lot of creativity . To achieve all this it is good to take a cue from all the beauty that surrounds us, in particular the one we admire in art or in the design masterpieces that have made history. This is why if we are looking for creative suggestions to furnish our apartment or restore enamel to a house that we no longer feel ours, a solution at hand is that of virtual tours that can be done from the comfort of home.but they immediately catapult us into parallel universes of creativity and inspiration. In recent months in which we have taken refuge in our homes to defend ourselves from the ongoing health emergency, there have been many initiatives put in place to allow us not to lose sight of the outside world, including that of art and civil design or industrial.
Here, then, is a rundown of some of the most beautiful free virtual tours that can be found wandering around the net without moving from the sofa and desk. Virtual tours 360 °: museums from ancient to contemporary art
Let’s start from Italy, home to many famous artists who have donated their works to the world that continue to be admired from the comfort of home thanks to the virtual tours made available by some famous museums, such as the Uffizi in Florence . The Gallery , which occupies the entire first and second floors of the large building built between 1560 and 1580 by Giorgio Vasari and houses some of the greatest works of art of all time, shows its collections online, both by publishing them on the website. that by providing visitors with a 360 ° virtual tour through the new rooms that house the masterpieces of the sixteenth century.
While staying in our beautiful country, the videos of the Vatican Museums are truly unmissable, showing some of the most important works and rooms to the delight of the visitors of the virtual tours.
In Milan both the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana can be visited through virtual tours that lead us to discover, one by one, the rooms full of art and history.
Not only have Italian museums moved to offer virtual tours from home , but also the famous Louvre Museum in Parishas been equipped to allow enthusiasts from all over the world to comfortably follow virtual tours proposed as absolutely original and interesting thematic itineraries: the one dedicated to ancient and contemporary myths, from Hercules to Darth Vader, and the one through the Egyptian antiquities, is unmissable.
Also in France , Monet’s house also opens its doors to virtual tours : simply by browsing the site you can go from room to room, through the painter’s studio and kitchen up to the famous bridge overlooking the water lilies.
Technology also allows us to attend a free virtual tour of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg: on the You Tube channel of Apple, in fact, you can see a breathtaking video shot with an iPhone11 right in the halls of the Russian museum. And we also land in the Big Apple , where the MET took the opportunity to inaugurate the 360 ​​Project , a virtual tour that allows you to explore the interior of the museum from the comfort of your own home.Virtual tours from home: the masterpieces of fashion and design
What better inspiration to furnish your home than the brands that have made the history of design and fashion
Here, then, is Kartell , the famous furniture brand that has created objects that have become real and its cult, offers a free virtual tour to fans but also to the simple curious, which can be used directly through Google.
For those who love fashion, on the other hand, Casa Zegna , the legendary Italian maison founded by Ermenegildo Zegna, guides visitors through a virtual tour that winds through sketches, notebooks, fabrics and garments that tell about a century of history.
Alsothe French Yves Saint Laurent does not abandon her admirers and transports them into her world with a virtual tour of illustrations, photos and sketches : a veritable mine of creativity and inspiration.
Artificial lighting is also important, so the advice is to place a beautiful table lamp on the desk that illuminates the entire workspace without glare on the computer screen. Free virtual tours of the most famous historical brands
Creativity, however, is not just the prerogative of art and design: also the big brands of the various industrial sectorscontribute to forming not only the collective imagination, but also our personal idea of ​​beauty, which we can easily translate and bring back to the furnishings of our home. For example, a very Italian company like Barilla opens the doors of 141 years of ‘company through a very rich virtual tour through packaging, images and advertising
Another historic Italian brand, Birra Peroni with its free virtual tour takes us directly inside its museum, giving us the opportunity to interact with what is exposed there, to discover many interesting curiosities. Many different virtual tours to follow from home, they can really represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration and give us many original ideas.

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