This year we are seeing how retro or vintage
-inspired garments are gaining more weight, both in street style and on international catwalks . The firms have already confirmed that retro trends are the definitive ones of the season and that the return of the 90s to trends is an undeniable fact. In fact, there is already a retro print outfit that has gone viral. What happens is that, despite the collections of our favorite firms playing at innovating, in the end we all bet on the same clothes, we wear the same looks and we give up sustainable fashion consumption.
We believe that we have found a solution for that problem, (at least temporarily): invest in special and unique garments, that we really love, of those for which we can put our hand in the fire by saying that we will wear them many times. Those that we only find in vintage clothing stores and that you have to sign if you are a lover of retro trends .
The big brands do not offer us this type of clothing, especially considering that fast fashion or fast fashion dictates a production in large quantities of clothing that follows current trends, but ephemeral. Therefore, from time to time we love to look for other alternatives , give ourselves the opportunity to visit stores where we can find special pieces.
We love vintage clothing stores, we cannot deny it, and not only because we can get hold of luxury brand garments at quite affordable prices , but also because they offer us a wide variety of sizes and styles. In Seville we have found numerous second-hand shops for several years now , although many of them are also present in other parts of the Andalusian geography (in addition to making shipments throughout Spain).
Whether you are a little lost in the world of vintage fashion and want to dare to discover everything it can offer you, or if you are already an expert in getting real second-hand jewelry , we offer you a list of ourfavorite vintage stores in Seville for you to browse and give thousands of garments that are waiting for you a chance.

Jueves-Ropero Sevilla

Located on calle Feria, 37, de Jueves-Ropero Sevilla we love everything, since it is a classic to find vintage fashion in Seville , and it shows that whoever falls for the temptation once to take something from This store; repeat.
It has a wide variety of vintage jeans (LeviĀ“s, Lee Jeans, Pepe Jeans) and very special gala clothes (we recommend you go if you love sequins and glitter). We advise you to spend a Thursday morning as they usually have promotions and you can also enjoy the market on Calle Feria.

butterfly skin
Located at calle Feria, 145, and calle Pages del Corro, 149, this store manages to unite sustainability with solidarity , since all the profits they collect from the sale of second-hand clothing, accessories, books and decorative objects hand goes to support the Debra-Butterfly Skin Association . We love this store because in it we can find sustainable fashion at very affordable prices, and of course, because it gives us the opportunity to participate in solidarity consumption.

Mosaico Vintage

Calle San Eloy, 17, Mosaico Vintage is a chain present in several Andalusian cities (Seville, Malaga and Granada) that promotes sustainable fashion consumption. We love the variety of garments they have, shirts, sportswear, bags, dresses, footwear… but what we like most is the jackets and trench coats section, where you can find wonders at a very good price.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo Sevilla

On Calle Jesus del Gran Poder, 61, is Flamingos Vintage, a peculiar second-hand clothing store since the price of the garments is determined by their weight . They also usually have a space for collections of small but very special brands. In their social networks they publish their new acquisitions and make shipments to all of Spain .

Peninsula Vintage Clothing
It is difficult (we would say almost impossible) for you to leave Peninsula Vintage Clothing (Puente y Pellon street, 18) without falling madly in love with some garment. They have everything, Hawaiian shirts, jeans, kimonos, bags… and even their own tote bags with messages that invite you to join sustainable fashion . They also have a store in Malaga and they ship to all of Spain .

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