After the attack in Vienna two days ago, Sebastian Kurz and Emmanuel Macron plan a joint European initiative against terrorism. The APA writes it, citing sources from the chancellery. Kurz and Macron had a telephone conversation, in which the chancellor thanked for the visit of the French president, yesterday to the Austrian embassy, ​​after the attack that cost the lives of 4 people, in addition to the attacker, a sympathizer of Isis. Isis claimed responsibility for the attack in Vienna . This was reported by the director of the Site, Rita Katz. In a statement on its propaganda media, ISIS claimed that Abu Dujana al-Albani carried out the attack with guns and knives as a “soldier of the caliphate”.
The death toll of thefour civilians dead , in addition to the bomber killed by the police, and at least 17 injured, including seven in danger of life. Three people were arrested in Austria , two in St. Poelten, about an hour from the capital, and one in Linz. Two more in Switzerland, as connected with the attack, the Swiss police said.
Austria woke up shocked with closed schools and the invitation to stay at home while the Jewish community decided to lock down all its institutions and institutes: the bombers, a real well-trained commando, could be 4 people, according to investigators. Listen to “Terrorist Commando Attacks Vienna” on Spreaker. Meanwhile, the first news about the bomber killed by the police begin to leak: at dawn the Austrian Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer, revealed the Islamist matrix of the attacks, underlining that the man was a “sympathizer” of ISIS. And with the passing of the hours the media have given substance to this scenario indicating that the man was a young Viennese of Albanian origin from North Macedonia. According to the editor of the Austrian magazine Falter, Florian Klenk, he was called “Kurtin S.” he was “born in 2000 in Vienna, where he grew up”. The young man, he added, was known to the anti-terrorism security services (Bvt) for having been one of 90 Austrian Islamists who tried to go to Syria. According to other Austrian media shortly before taking action, the man had sworn allegiance to the new leader of ISISAbu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi. For the moment, however, the attacks have not been claimed while Bild reports that it would have posted its intent on social media yesterday. In the meantime, searches are underway in the country in search of other possible attackers. And even Germany, after a similar decision taken yesterday by the Czech Republic, has raised the alert for checks at its borders. As for the civilian victims, for now it is known only that they are two men and two women, one of whom was a waitress.
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he confirmed that yesterday was an Islamist attack in Vienna, “dictated by hatred, by hatred for our model of life, by hatred for our democracy”. It was “an attack on our free society”. ” But it is clear that we will not be scared “, and “we will defend with all our strength” our model of life. “We will not fall into the trap of terrorism,” she added.
We must be aware that there is not a battle between Christians and Muslims , or between Austria and migrants. No. This is a struggle between the many people who believe in peace and some who wish for war,” he said. the Austrian Chancellor. “It is a struggle between civilization and barbarism. And we will face this struggle with all determination”
The vile attack that took place last night in Vienna aroused horror and profound sadness in Italy. In this dramatic circumstance, the Italians all cling to their friends in mourning the Austrian people, with feelings of particular closeness to the families of the victims, to the wounded – to whom we wish a prompt and complete recovery – and to the Viennese citizens “. Thus the President of the Repubblica, Sergio Mattarella, in a message sent to the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, HE Alexander Van der Bellen. “In offering you – says Mattarella – the expressions of the most sincere condolences and outright rejection for this treacherous attack on the common values ​​of freedom and peaceful coexistence, I renew the determination of the Italian Republic to collaborate with Austria in the fight against all forms of terrorism. ” A minute of silence to the European Commission, in homage to the victims of the attacks in Austria and France, but also in honor of those affected by the attack on the University of Kabul. The minute of silence was introduced by Community Executive spokesman Eric Mamer at the start of the midday briefing. This morning, President Ursula von der Leyen spoke to the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz – explained Mamer – “condemning the despicable attack on Vienna in the strongest terms. We will fight terrorism together relentlessly”.
“I express pain and dismay for the terrorist attack in #Vienna and I pray for the victims and their families. Enough with violence! Let’s build peace and fraternity together. Only love can extinguish hatred”. Pope Francis states this in a tweet.Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese summoned the National Committee for Public Order and Security at 1 pm following the attack in Vienna. The meeting, which will be attended by the heads of the police forces and intelligence services, will serve to take stock of when it is happening in Europe and to verify the state of security in Italy.
The attacks in Nice and Vienna are an attack on the West and on Europe . We need courage in saying that the threat of Islamic fundamentalism is still present and that we need a European strategy that can counter and defeat it”. The president of the Jewish community of Rome, Ruth Dureghello, writes in a tweet. PHOTOS FROM VIENNA UNDER THE SIEGE
In less than a week, more than two terrorist attacks have shocked Europe . Countries with which we share a lot, everything, even borders have been hit. Each of you must have thought that they could have struck in Italy as well. The Nice terrorist had landed in Lampedusa, the Austrian bombers acted to kill. And they killed in a violent, indiscriminate way “. Thus the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on Fb. To” unite these beasts and hatred towards our society, towards our way of living and being free. There are those who call it a clash of civilizations, I don’t care “but it is clear that” Europe and Italy cannot continue to spend words of circumstance “.
One of the bombers seems to be fleeing in the city …
Terrorist act confirmed # Vienna
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