This is the most beautiful article we could have written because it deals with the victory of Italy at European 2020 , which made happy not only 60 million Italians and also other people around the world. In fact, it seems that even abroad most of the fans cheered for Roberto Mancini’s Italy and were able to celebrate. Like many finals, it was not easy to get the better of the Three Lions , who have tremendous talents and are very solid behind.
Nonetheless, we can say that the Azzurri legitimized the victory also because, despite all the difficulties, they never gave up and always led the game. The goal conceded at the beginning and Chiesa ‘s injury , in fact, could have caused a psychological backlash, which fortunately did not occur; the Italian footballers, in fact, proved to be real men and won against everything and everyone, in a pit full of supporters from Southgate England . Italy win European Championships 2020 – The Match
The match at Wembley stadium goes badly for Italy , with Trippier c

he puts in a nice cross at the far post, which finds Shaw unmarked; on this occasion, in fact, Di Lorenzo loses the marking and the English winger scores with a nice volley from close range, on which Donnarumma can do nothing. Being down by a goal after less than two minutes is not a good experience and the Italian team appears a bit stunned. Italy still maintains a lot
of possession of the ball but fails to sting and in the 23rd minute there is fear of an injury for Jorginho , who however returns to the field after a few minutes; the coach breathes a sigh of relief and the team improves towards the end of the first fraction, becoming dangerous with Chiesa, which shoots from a distance and sends out a little. Immobile is seen only on the occasion of a shot blocked by the defense; Southgate ‘s team is perfect in the defensive phase, closing all the spaces but practically giving up attacking.
In the second fraction, Italy got off to a better start and became dangerous with a punishment from Insigne that went a little high. Mancini sends Berardi into the field in place of an off building and moves Insigne to the center, in a fake nueve and Chiesa versionto the left; and the turning point of the game because the team revives. The Neapolitan striker shoots on the goalkeeper from close range in the 56th minute, following a beautiful personal action by Chiesa , in great shape. The British begin to be afraid and the goalkeeper Pickford rejects an insidious shot of the usual Chiesa , in a superman version. A few minutes later, on the development of a corner kick, Verratti hits the post but Bonucci is quick to score on the rebound, bringing the result in a draw.
At 73 ′ Italy goes very close to delivering the blow of the KO, with Berardi hitting the fly on a perfect launch by Bonuccibut he can’t hit the door. Towards the end of the game another cold shower arrives, represented by Chiesa ‘s injury , which must make room for Bernardeschi . After a few substitutions, it goes to extra time and Phillips becomes dangerous with a nice long shot, which luckily goes out the door. The Azzurri, however, continue to play and frighten the English with a good action by Emerson Palmieri who puts in the middle and Bernardeschi does not get there for a while.
We arrive at the penalties that sanction the victory of the Italian national team of Roberto Mancini. Belotti and Jorginho are wrong for the Azzurri while Rashford is in the English rankshe pulls her to the post while Sancho and Saka let Donnarumma hypnotize them . The celebrations and the delirium start; the most moving moments of the party are the tears of Vialli and Mancini embracing and the exultation of Spinazzola on crutches . Italy ‘s victory at the 2020 European Championships was deserved and made millions of Italians proud.

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