Pantone, the American multinational that deals with standardizing colors, every year launches the (most famous) color of the year. For 2022 the choice fell on a truly unconventional shade, a color that recalls the periwinkle color in its nuances. It is a complex shade of blue, infused with red-violet and with a contemporary attitude; a choice that of the brand that well illustrates the fusion of modern life with color trends in the digital world. Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, this is the name, highlights the moment of transition we are going through, a moment in which digital design is part of everyday life and helps us to extend the limits of reality. It is a “new” color that is not simple, but fascinating that can offer unusual and interesting combinations at home.In what environments to use it and how
Having a hint of blue inside and at the same time coppery shades of red / purple, the Pantone Very Peri is a color that is anything but neutral, a strong color that must be used with extreme care, especially for domestic environments. Interesting if used on the wall, both as a solid color and as a basis for patterns (in the case of wallpaper or wall decorations), it can easily find space in study areas and / or work environments and goes perfectly in children’s bedrooms. It can also be used in the living area and / or bedroom, but in moderation. Here the advice is to study the use of Very Peri carefully and to use it, preferably, to dress and renew textile elements such as: curtains, rugs, cushions, quilts or small padded items.How to combine
it From a chromatic point of view, Very Peri, if conceived as a furnishing color, combines well with calm and neutral colors. Green light therefore to the whole range of warm whites, such as butter white and oat white, but also the softer grays, beiges and, for those who love to dare, the dark range of blues and green in calm shades such as that of Sage green. From the material point of view, since it is a color of character, it marries very well the warmest wood essences such as: oak, larch or beech, but also golden metals and precious light marbles with which it gives interesting material / chromatic contrasts to be developed, for for example, in bathrooms or kitchens to create interesting and less obvious solutions.
Like the whole range of purple to which Very Peri is inspired, this nuance also stimulates concentration and creativity, and is a color that combines two opposites in a single shade: the harmony given by the range of blues and the energy given. from red. First Color of the year in the history of Pantone born from scratch – it is not, in fact, an already existing shade, but a completely new shade created in the laboratory for 2022 – Very Peri allows sophisticated and unusual combinations and at home, such as in fashion, we have no doubts that it will be the creator of unprecedented experiments capable of defining contemporary scenarios. In the universe of furniture, this “different” color that invites you to dare and experiment will certainly be the chromatic basis of lively color combinations, textiles and materials.

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