Her dresses are among the most worn and cited by celebrities from all over the world, between harmony and contrasts, and she is immediately amazed.
The iconic Vera Ellen Wang, born in ’49, was born in New York, but of Chinese origins, and it is this mixture of East and West that is the key to access the beauty of her creations.
Among the many dresses designed and sold all over the world, the flower in her cap are the wedding dresses, worn by important celebrities from the world of fashion and entertainment such as Chelsea Clinton, Karenna Gore, Ivanka Trump, Campbell Brown, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hilary Duff, Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter, Kate Hudson, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian and soon Anita Menna.
But Vera Wang, not just a stylist, she is a cult character that ranges between the arts, she appeared in fact, in a short scene of the film A teenager in the White House and in an episode of Gossip Girl, where she played herself in the moment in which the character Blair Waldorf wears one of her dresses for her wedding day. She has also been mentioned several times in the iconic Sex in the City TV seriesand was filmed for a few minutes in an episode of the second season of the television series Ugly Betty , where she always played herself as Wilhelmina Slater’s stylist. In Bride Wars , one of her dresses is her wedding dress and the wedding dream of the two protagonists Emma Allen and Olivia “Liv” Lerner, played by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson respectively.
And Vera Wang never ceases to amaze us, in her latest bridal collection her volumes and contrasts of fabrics and colors enchant and seduce if possible, even in a more hypnotic way.
It is the Vera Wang wedding dresses for spring summer 2020 that evoke the delicate colors and scents of Spring .
The collection is in fact a tribute to tulle, with flowers that frame and enhance impalpable fabrics and delicate nuances, a sweet and fragrant recipe that gives life to a love spell, for a collection that cannot be more romantic than this.
Vera Wang – Bridal Collection – ss 2020
Sensual, charming, extremely feminine, the bride Vera Wang is graceful and seductive.
Like Cubist paintings, the models of this amazing designer can be admired from multiple perspectives, works of art that are hidden behind fluffy fabrics and brushstrokes of color. As always, the inserts of the dresses become the focal point of the whole dress, precious inserts of course, with their play of fabrics that accompany the bride making her special both seen in front and behind her, at the moment of the ceremony.
The cuts of the dresses are inspired by the empire style, but also play on the amplitudes, with soft and fluffy skirts, asymmetrical bodices in which, and once again the flower, the absolute protagonist.
Vera Wang – Bridal Collection – ss 2020
Ethereal and modern, sophisticated wrapped in French lace, alternating with silk organza, crepe and macrame lace, the Vera Wang woman on her special day is enhanced by luxurious and innovative creations.
In this journey between ancient and modern, to celebrate the origin of all things, nature, a breath of wind and the blossoming of a flower. Between green, pink, sky color, impalpable shades of ivory, delicate like love.
Dream or reality
It’s all true, indeed… Vera Wang!
Vera Wang – Bridal Collection – ss 2020

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