There are those who wait for the Carnival all year round, those who wear a mask even before, and even after, and those who hear “Carnival” and immediately think “Venice”. We, of course, address everyone a little, but with particular dedication to the last category!
The Venice Carnival is truly a must for fans of this anniversary. These days the Venetian capital becomes the navel of the world, it becomes the capital of folklore and pride of Italy.
If you want to participate in the Venice Carnival , here are all the necessary info!

Edition 2022: the dates

  • START : Saturday February 12, 7pm
  • END : Tuesday 1st March, 5pm

From the calendar, the Venice Carnival begins on Saturday 12 February and ends on Tuesday 1 March (Shrove Tuesday).
Traditionally, the celebrations begin with the “Venetian Festival on the water”, the Grand Opening at the Rio di Cannaregio, and end with the spectacular Svolo del Leon, or the breathtaking flight of the Angel from the San Marco bell tower.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the most iconic events have been canceled. There will be no parades, parades of floats and boxes in the square, and the “flights” of the Angel, the Eagle and the Leon on Piazza San Marco will also be canceled .

Event schedule
After the “silence” of the last two editions (remember that in 2020 the party was completely canceled and in 2021 it was entirely digitized), the administration strongly wanted to organize the celebrations to send a message of hope especially to children. The basic idea was to displace small events in presence throughout the city , and broadcast the most suggestive shows live on the Facebook page of the Venice Carnival and in the Youtube playlist of Venezia Unica. Ice skating rinks
are set up in Campo San Polo and in Piazza Mercato in Marghera , and positions in Piazza San Marco and Piazza Ferretto in Mestre in which to apply for the online competition on the most beautiful mask.. There are also various cultural events in the theaters and museums of the city.
Let’s see in detail more information on the three main events: the Venice Wonder Time, the Nebula Solaris Water Show in the Arsenale and the Carnival Official Dinner Show.

Venice Wonder Time
Within the Venice Wonder Time program there are various permanent music, circus-theater and clowning shows proposed in the areas of Venice and Mestre on Saturday 12, Sunday 13, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February , and on of the fat week from Thursday 24 January to Tuesday 1 March , from 11:00 to 13:00.
The shows will be held in the following locations:

  • Campo Santa Margherita, Venice (Get directions)
  • Campo San Giacomo, Venice (Get directions)
  • Esedra-Castello, Venice (Get directions)
  • San Geremia, Venice (Get directions)
  • San Cassiano, Venice (Get directions)
  • Campo dei Gesuiti, Venice (Get directions)
  • Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Venice (Get directions)
  • Sant’Elena, Venice (Get directions)
  • Marghera, Piazza Mercato, Venice (Get directions)
  • Favaro, Piazza Municipio, Venice (Get directions)
  • Zelarino, Piazzale Maria Immacolata, Venice (Get directions)
  • Chirignago, Piazza S. Giorgio, Venice (Get directions)
  • Campalto, Piazzale San Benedetto, Venice (Get directions)
  • Tessera, Piazzale S. Maria Assunta, Venice (Get directions)
  • Piazza Ferretto, Mestre (Get directions)
  • Piazzale Donatori di Sangue, Mestre (Get directions)
  • Largo Divisione Julia, Mestre (Get directions)
  • Via Palazzo, Mestre (Get directions)
  • Via Mestrina, Mestre (Get directions)

Nebula Solaris Water Show in the Arsenale
At the Arsenale, on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February and from Thursday 24 February to Tuesday 1 , there will be a show by the Opera Fiammae and Viorica, full of acrobatics and water games. The shows will be offered twice a day, at 6.45pm and 9.15pm , and admissions will be limited (reservations required on the website

Carnival Official Dinner Show
Finally, the special Dinner Show deserves a mention.
Scheduled from February 19-20 and from February 24 to March 1 at Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi, it is a masked dinner-show created by Antonia Sautter that brings the participants back to Venice in the 1600s, including doges and queens, courtesans and acrobats, burlesque numbers and actor performances.
The price to participate is € 500.00 per person (tickets can be purchased online here).

5 tips to experience the magic of Carnival

  1. Wear a costume!
    It is not mandatory to wear a costume and not everyone does. But there is really nothing more fun than dressing up for Carnival!
  2. Buy a Venetian mask
    If you really don’t want to wear a full costume, buy at least one Venetian mask, and in any case a fascinating souvenir like few others! For a handcrafted mask to take home, we recommend a visit to Mondonovo Maschere. The owner, the sculptor Guerrino Lovato, is the king of the Masks. It was in his laboratory that the masks used in the film “Eyes Wide Shut” were created.
  3. Do not miss the Flight of the Angel
    The Flight of the Angel and the event that opens the carnival. Certainly you shouldn’t miss it for any reason, but remember to go to Piazza San Marco no later than 11:00, if you don’t want to risk not seeing anything.
  4. Photograph the most beautiful masks
    Speaking of Piazza San Marco, it is absolutely the best place to take photographs of the most beautiful masks and the most elaborate costumes. You will see the greatest number of masks between 10:00 and 16:00, during the traditional parades.
  5. Taste the delicious Venetian fritelle
    Pancakes are delicious balls of fried dough filled with cream or Nutella and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are found almost exclusively during Carnival, so take advantage of them!

Take part in the Venice Carnival 2022: flight and hotel offers
To participate in the carnival , the password is only one: plan in advance ! Not only because prices will rise significantly, but because materially there is the risk of not finding any more availability! A small suggestion is to prefer a hotel in Mestre , very close and well connected to Venice: the savings could be considerable!
You still have time
Find out now, consult the accommodation offers and flights to Venice during the Carnival !

  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b in Venice or Mestre starting from € 80.00 per night – look at the offers
  • Low cost flights: starting from € 20.00 – see the offers
  • Flight + hotel: 3 nights / 4 days from € 290.00 per person – see the offers
  • Recommended cards, tickets and tours:

5 Historical curiosities about the carnival

  1. The meaning of the party : the goal was to break down social differences for a day, allowing the humblest classes the illusion of becoming similar to the nobles, and being able to publicly mock them while remaining unpunished.
  2. The first historical traces : the first documented celebrations date back to 1094, when the Doge in office was Vitale Falier. But the holiday became official only in 1296, when the Senate declared the last day of Lent as a holiday.
  3. The ancestral roots : in reality the origins date back to even more remote times and are probably not pagans of the passage from winter to spring, or to the Dionysian cults, or to the Latin Saturnalia.
  4. Celebrations gone down in history : some celebrations for the Venice carnival have remained engraved in history. This is the case in 1571, when the first parade of allegorical floats was held, which symbolized the battle of Lepanto.
  5. The celebrations of the ‘700 : at the time of Giacomo Casanova the city became the European temple of pleasure, a place where you can no longer resist temptations. On the occasion of the Carnival, thousands of people from all over Europe went to Venice eager to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.

The most famous masks of the Venice Carnival

  1. The Bauta : Among the most used, it is generally composed of the Tabarro, a long black cloak, the Larva, a white mask without nose and mouth, and the tricorn headdress.
  2. La Moretta : It is the female version of the Bauta, even though it was originally worn by women who went to visit the nuns. During the carnival, however, she guaranteed anonymity and also lent itself to being worn for erotic games.
  3. Colombina : Unlike the previous ones, it only covers half the face, and is in some ways more comfortable. She is decorated in the most varied ways, from feathers to various decorations and inlays, there are several models, even very expensive.
  4. The Plague Doctor : with the features of a bird, it has its origins in 1600, the period of the plague. The mask was worn by the doctor who visited the hospital, and owes its shape to the fact that the “beak” contained herbs to purify the infected air that one breathed.

1 – La Bata
2 – La Moretta

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