Velvet is back in fashion, becoming the real protagonist of 2018. This elegant and refined fabric is re-proposed in many different ways as a synonym of class and luxury . Always used to furnish fine environments, velvet is a fabric made from noble natural fibers and is available in a wide choice of different colors and shades. In every age it has always been counted in the fabrics of great value. For its very high quality, for its softness and for its workmanship, which has its roots in the ancient textile tradition, this wonderful fabric is one of the most loved and used especially in the field of furniture. The new trends of the year 2018 are precisely velvet, marble and brass, all materials with a vintage and slightly retro flavor, but always very chic. Furnishing your home with this wonderful and precious fabric is synonymous with style, since every modern environment is enriched with a touch of luxurious classicism. The velvet sofaand the real protagonist of these furnishings with a contemporary but very refined design. The pure and essential shapes, typical of this type of furniture, are enriched by a touch of softness and sensuality, thanks to sophisticated textures and a vintage allure that brings back the elegance of yesteryear. Velvet thus becomes the real protagonist of 2018, creating simple and refined environments with a slightly dated flavor, but always welcoming and refined. The velvet sofa is soft and fluffy, very pleasant to the touch. Elegantly colored in many variations and shades, it will give character and personality to any style of furniture, ranging from ethnic to classic or baroque style. Velvet sofa: a style icon in the home
The velvet sofaenriches any type of furniture. It is perfect in the one with the most classic or shabby tones but also in the one with the most modern or minimal design. The velvet sofa with its great solidity and its elegant lightness, is of great visual impact and can be inserted in any furnishing context.
The velvet sofait is not only relegated to the living room environment, but can also be placed in an original way in the bedroom, living room, study and even in large bathrooms. In fact, thanks to its great personality and its extreme versatility, it perfectly combines design and high quality, reaching the essence of elegance. There are many colors available that range in a wonderful palette of chromatic shades, ranging from beige, to pink, to dove gray, to get to more intense colors such as blue, green, red, brown up to the more modern teal. The Chesterfield sofa in velvet
The Chesterfield sofa, a great classic of sofas, reaches the essence of elegance when it meets the timeless charm of velvet. This is how wonderful velvet sofas are born which are enriched by the special capitonne workmanship .
These are made in many colors, all current and trendy, which enhance the beauty of this exquisitely precious piece of furniture. This type of processing was born in 1800 and has always been very exclusive ever since. The Chesterfield has always found its ideal location in classic and very refined furnishings. Its original processing makes the surface of the sofa quilted and enriches it with precious buttons of the same color as the sofa, also recreating a beautiful glance and at the same time enhancing the softness and beauty of the velvet. The Chesterfield sofa in velvet thus becomes an icon of class and refined elegance, which no fine furniture can do without. The capitonne work goes well with the magnificence of this fabric, making the extremely original and luxurious at the same time, ideal in classic environments but also in contemporary and minimal ones. The Chesterfield velvet sofa, with its delightfully retro aesthetic, goes well with the soft and sinuous shapes of a chaise longue or a circular sofa. Its timeless elegance transforms it into a classic with modern shapes, to be placed in all environments to be furnished with style.The classic velvet sofa
With the classic velvet sofa , innovation blends with tradition. The soft padding of the seats in this elegant fabric harmoniously combines with current and trendy colors in the wonderful deep shades of green, burgundy or blue. In these innovative models, large asymmetrical baroque headboards are enriched with comfortable cushions. Magnificent padded seats with circular shapes shine within any environment, large cushions surround these sofas with the peninsulaor without and make each classic velvet sofa a true masterpiece of style that enriches any room in the house making it sophisticatedly elegant, but also exquisitely fashionable. This fabric is a much loved classic, which has marked the history of furniture since ancient times. For those who love fine furnishings, the velvet sofa is the basis on which to build your own classy furniture. In fact, it is perfect in the study, as it integrates well with fine wood furnishings or with sophisticated boiserie. Refined and full of personality, in the form of a chaise longue or a sofa, it can also be placed in a corner of the bedroom. Of great visual impact, it will make the whole environment elegant but always warm and welcoming. With two, three or four seats, with or without a peninsula, it will be perfect in the living room,The modern velvet
sofa The modern velvet sofa is an element of considerable aesthetic value, capable of enriching any room furnished in a minimal style. The velvet sofa becomes the focal point of any contemporary furniture for its original shape, for the high quality of the material, for the refined elegance of the finishes but above all for the great comfort. New lines and new ideas inspired by a shape with pure and essential lines create a sofa that can adapt to any style, but which becomes the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house. Experimentation between art, culture and design create a piece of furniturewhich combines refined elegance with great functionality. In this way the velvet sofa becomes the element, the fulcrum of the whole room. It is not only a refined and refined design object and above all of great scenographic impact but it becomes, for its soft comfort, also the favorite ally to watch a film or the ideal place to carve out moments of pure relaxation or to read a book. . This precious object, in addition to having a high decorative value, is also made with the highest quality materials and very often becomes the quintessence of comfort. The coatingand the essential part of every sofa: made of velvet, this material so precious and very beautiful to look at, with its padded and soft to the touch cushions. Welcoming and comfortable, it lends itself to various combinations to create very particular solutions.
These exclusive seats are characterized by rounded profiles and contemporary and trendy colors. Some are flashy like bottle green, teal, powder pink, others more decisive, but very original like electric blue, green, red or burgundy. Teal, a color halfway between blue and green, is the color of elegance and of great trend for 2018 that goes well with velvet, a very particular fabric too. There are many original proposals for modern velvet sofas, for example the round ones that with their sinuous lines are perfect to be placed in the living room where they enrich all the furnishings. They are often combined with elegant armchairs and also equipped with practical poufs to rest your feet and be more comfortable. Innovation and tradition,modern velvet sofawith an angular or circular shape, which allows it to be inserted in any environment to be furnished with class. Other models are characterized by enveloping armrests and low backrests that are embellished with modern cushions in bright colors. Luxurious, opulent and very precious, this quality fabric lends itself to the most varied combinations and can revolutionize the appearance of any upholstery, obtaining very original and decidedly unconventional stylistic solutions. By mixing unusual shapes and current and fashionable colors, amazing results can be obtained, above all innovative and never banal. This wonderful soft and luxurious fabric allows every designer to indulge their creativity. In plain color or in modern patterns, the velvet sofa with its workmanship,

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