Are you looking for a trendy accessory to carry your things with an innovative and impeccable style

‘s neoprene bags have become one of the most impressive surprises of the season. You still don’t know them

We want to explain what they are like, what makes them so special and why great influencers of the moment, such as Maria Pombo or Marta Oria , are betting on them. Keep reading and find out what is taking. Vanylu bags: animal print and much more
The projection of Vanylu, one of the most emerging Spanish brands of bags and accessories, is unstoppable. Its specialty is bags made with neoprene, a

modern and functional material, as light as it is resistant , that allows you to enjoy your favorite accessories with the greatest satisfaction. Neoprene is perfect for large bags, to which it provides maximum versatility, comfort, modernity and very little weight.
In its catalog you can find everything, always with the satisfactory presence of neoprene and with designs full of current affairs, impact and adherence to current fashion trends. You can also find that animal print bag that you are looking for to go out to dinner with a feline touch, the sophisticated clutch bag for your distinguished social gatherings or a casual bowling bag for day to day.
Actually, shopping bagsand gigantic beach bags were, at first, Vanylu ‘s best claims . But now its offer has diversified, and you can practically find any type of bag you need . In addition, with an additional impressive advantage, which we have not yet told you about. Aren’t you curious to know which one we mean

Customizable bags to complete your look

It has always been said that accessories are so important in women’s styling because they allow you to personalize it: they are key to providing that touch of taste and personal style that distinguishes us. Vanylu has gone a step further by turning their bags into an absolutely customizable accessory.. Can you imagine being able to wear your favorite model with the embroidered initials of your name
Or with any word or proper name of up to six letters that you want to show off

Just as you might like tattoos on your skin with what identifies you, you can complete your favorite bag with those legends that make it a unique object . Don’t you feel like enjoying this original feature
You will carry your own bag with the embroidery that you have chosen.

Other advantages of the Vanylu

We are going to talk to you about the design of these accessories shortly, but before that we will also mention their comfort. If you tend to carry a lot of things with you, and therefore prefer XXL bags, you will love the neoprene solution adopted by Vanylu. Its lightness is noticeable from the first moment!It has nothing to do with other materials such as leather, synthetic leather or canvas. In addition, its resistance is maximum, since neoprene technology has made it an ultra-resistant material, even in extreme weather conditions.
Did you know that, for health reasons, it is recommended not to carry a bag that exceeds 10% of the body weight
Surely you prefer to reduce the weight of the container to be able to continue carrying all the things of daily use that you are used to, from the big screen mobile to the glasses with their hard case, through cosmetics and the keys of your house. .
In the long run, you will reduce problems and discomfort in your back, neck, elbows and wrists, you will feel more rested and you will not need to have given up anything: because neoprene is in fashion, it is absolutely trendy! Vanylu, a matter of style Let’s not fool ourselves: bags have to enter us through the eyes of girls. Only then are they able to make us fall in love and become those faithful squires who always accompany us to all places. Vanylu puts at your disposal a wide variety of alternatives, fromall styles, formats and colors , with that double differential factor that we have already mentioned: they are customizable and they are made in neoprene.

These are some of the most striking trends in the new collection of bags from this firm:

Elegant animal print . The finishes that imitate snakes, leopards and zebras add a touch of exotic, almost wild, to your style. They are fully current bags, always stimulating. Influencers love them and you will easily combine them.

Distinctive colors . Another very current alternative are bright tones, with personality: for example, electric blues, mustard yellows and strawberry reds that provide cheekiness, notoriety and a lot of impact.

geometric formats, with a tendency to inverted trapezoids and square or rectangular figures. They will look great on your outfits!
Keep this in mind: Vanylu’s customizable neoprene bags are stylish, practical and weigh very little, making them perfect for your day-to-day. Wear them to go to work or college!

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