The street style, much more than the catwalk, is what dictates the trends of the season. What we see on the streets (and then is reflected on Instagram) is what really takes and what inspires us in our day to day. For some time now, this street fashion has shown us that sneakers are the top footwear when it comes to achieving a great look. Proof of this is that influencers and celebs have incorporated sneakers into most of their looks.
The firms are aware of the strong demand for this type of footwear and that is why they try to offer original and striking models. Like Vans , which last September presented the first installment of its collection with theMoMa (Museum of Modern Art) and this November 11 launches a second capsule collection with sneakers inspired by works by Edvard Munch , Jackson Pollock, Lybov Popova and Faith Ringgold. The wide and varied selection of works chosen for the occasion have been painstakingly reflected in the classic Vans fashion and footwear designs.
“Our collaboration with MoMA has turned out to be a true partnership in which we have had to work together to choose both the artistic works that we wanted to capture and the models of footwear in which they would be embodied, in order to guarantee a true connection between the two,” said Angie Dita, Vans Head of Global Footwear Design for Lifestyle Footwear.
Vans and MoMA have joined forces to instill creative expression and promote art education through a collection of exclusive items specially designed for the fall season and the holiday season.

From the canvas to the most iconic Vans shoes

The scream of 1895, Edvard Munch ‘s best known work , captures that anguished infinite scream that the artist said he felt going through nature, now Vans reinterprets it in their shoes causing an effect similar to that the artist experimented by painting it.

Jackson Pollockhe made his works by energetically throwing ropes previously dipped in paint onto his canvases, a technique that made him one of the pioneers of the so-called action painting. His work Uno: Numero 31, 1950 has been chosen to transform the Vans Authentic .
For Popova , painting constituted an act of construction in which, through the use of different colors, lines and diverse forms, a dimensional work capable of expressing movement and dynamism could be created. As part of their joint collection, Vans and MoMa have decided to use his work Untitled, 1917 to create the prints for the Vans Sk8-Hi.

Faith Ringgoldis an acclaimed painter, writer, sculptor, performing artist, educator, and activist whose works reflect her own experiences with racism and social injustice. Her feminist posters, such as the one titled Woman Free Yourself, from 1971, is the one used for Vans Era shoes . Ringgold’s work is also reflected in another shoe model, the Classic Slip-On, whose design was inspired by the artist’s first series of abstract paintings, entitled Seven Passades to a Flight.
If sports shoes were here to stay, with the new proposals from Vans it seems that the reign of this type of footwear will be very long. To comfort and versatilityof some sports shoes we add the originality of the new models and the result is a shoe with a lot of roll, perfectly combinable in all your looks and with which to give a touch of originality to the simplest outfits. With jeans, a sweatshirt, a colorful coat and these sneakers you will take your outfit to another level.

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