MILAN – Valentine’s Day is the day dedicated to love, which has always been one of the strongest and most incisive themes within the world literary panorama, capable of inspiring great authors and bringing to life emblematic characters, symbols of passion and universal feelings. We have presented the love stories between the most famous writers in literature , now we offer you the most famous and passionate couples in literature, become legend. Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky
An adulterous love story, one of the main protagonists of Leo Tolstoy’s novel. Anna Karenina lives a deep love for a young army officer, Count Vronsky, as opposed to Levin’s “pure and faithful love” for Kitty. The two are a solid and honest couple and are continually put by the writer, in contrast with the love story of Anna and Vronsky who instead, due to the continuing uncertainty of the situation, create an image of society, linked to retaliation, suspicion and you mess. Dante and Beatrice
Unrequited love story between the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri and the beautiful Bice Portinari, a classic example of Platonic love. Dante was always a distant worshiper of her, also because to be honest he was married and she had to be chaste and pure to end up in Heaven. Their love has become legendary, forever immortalized in the Divine Comedy. Hector and Andromache
One of the most poetic and beautiful pages of the Iliad, an epic poem written by the famous cantor Homer, is the love between the princess of Thebes Andromache and the Trojan Prince Hector, now wife and husband. Hector in Greek mythology was the firstborn son of Priam and Hecuba. Brother of Paris. Hector married Andromache, with whom he had his son Astianatte. After the death of Hector at the hands of Achilles, Andromache never forgets the love she felt for her husband, and this son-in-law of her in her subsequent companions a great jealousy. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elisabeth Bennet
One of the most beautiful and loved love stories is undoubtedly the one among the protagonists of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and prejudice’. Less passionate than others, yet their love grows page by page. Love story made up of quarrels and difficulties, not overt and evident, but capable of involving and enthusing readers. Lancelot and Guinevere
An example of unfaithful love between Guinevere and the knight Lancelot. However, this too is not a love destined for a happy ending: there are different versions of what you are waiting for the three protagonists of this story, but Artu, in addition to living perpetually with the ghost of marital betrayal behind him, dies at the hands of the philosopher Mordred. Lancelot goes mad and becomes a hermit of the woods and Ginevra locks herself up in a monastery. Paolo and Francesca
They are certainly one of the most passionate and unfortunate couples in literature. Real historical characters have been made famous by the fifth canto of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Francesca da Polenta marries the elderly Gianciotto Malatesta from Rimini. Too bad that her eyes are all turned to the more handsome and young Paolo Malatesta and, convict the common reading of Lancelot and Guinevere, the love affair is soon made. With a lot of revenge on the part of Gianciotto who slaughters the two lovers. Rhett Butler and Rossella O’Hara
They are the main protagonists of the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, from which the famous film of the same name was also based. Rossella is initially in love with Ashley, who prefers his cousin Melania Hamilton, thus guaranteeing a decidedly more peaceful married life. Rossella, capricious as ever, decides to communicate her love for her anyway, but he politely prevaricates: here Rossella meets Rhett Butler for the first time, who has overheard the conversation. Rossella, to spite Ashley, marries Carlo Hamilton who leaves shortly after for the war. Eventually, Hamilton dies of rubella, Rhett declares himself to Ross, but she is still in love with Ashley and rejects him. After another marriage and another widowhood, Rossella and Rhett get married, they have a daughter Beloved who dies falling from a horse: this and the behavior of Rossella who always thinks she is in love with Ashley, push them away. Only at the end will Rossella realize that she has always loved an illusion and that the only and true love of her in her life has always been Rhett Butler.Romeo and Juliet
It is the most famous couple of lovers in literature. Romeo and Juliet are made for each other, it is a pity that their two Veronese families, made famous by the pen of William Shakespeare, hate each other cordially. And this hatred goes so far as to force the two young people to commit suicide. The final and tragic ones: the escape plan for the two lovers foresees that Juliet take a potion to simulate death. Too bad that the message of the friar who should warn Romeo of the deception does not reach its destination. Romeo rushes from the alleged corpse of Juliet and, having taken some arsenic, pronounces the famous phrase ‘And so with a kiss I died’ and dies. At which the effect of the soporific taken by Juliet ends, which she wakes up and finds her loved one dead. Since the poison is over, she hits herself in the heart with Romeo’s dagger.Tristan and Isolde
Another example of love that ended in tragedy. It is a Celtic myth, but the first transcriptions were made by the Normans. Here a love potion mistakenly administered by a servant makes the beautiful golden-haired Isolde, daughter of the King of Ireland, fall in love with Tristan, nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, whose wife she is destined to become. Here they spend months of clandestine love, brought to light by an evil wizard who hesitate in an escape to the woods. The finale of their story ends in tragedy, with the two lovers dying of pain. Ulysses and Penelope
The mythological story of Penelope and Ulysses is told by Homer in the Odyssey; Ulysses, who left for the Trojan War, was awaited for years by his faithful wife Penelope, who, threatened by her suitors, promised that she would contract a new marriage only after the completion of the shroud for Laertes. Penelope, however, a symbol of cunning and female loyalty, at night unraveled the woven cloth by day, so that the work would never end. Her goal was not to marry another man, and to faithfully wait for the return of her husband Ulysses.

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