Cleaning has become essential in the last year . Immersed in an unprecedented health crisis, the reality in homes has changed and having them well conditioned and without external agents is one of the main characteristics to keep us safe.
For this reason, Mercadona has wanted to transmit to its “bosses” the virtues of cleaning vinegar , a cleaner that, thanks to its properties and its 100% natural origin, makes it a very effective component in the day-to-day life of homes.
The company, based in Tavernes Blanques , has drawn up a list of the most common uses of this component. If you are thinking of carrying out a deep cleaning, you should know that vinegarIt can be used in many situations in achieving a completely neat home.

Useful uses of cleaning vinegar

This product is used by thousands of people in their homes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and appliances, in addition to being used for other issues such as :

Goodbye to lime

This substance is so harmful to taps, showers, tiles, The days of screens and toilets are numbered with this product which, diluted with water, perfectly removes the mortar that forms on the different surfaces.

A completely shiny metal

There is nothing that makes a kitchen more attractive than the shine of its metals. Vinegar is apowerful polish for aluminum, steel or silver . The pots and pans will look shiny just by passing a cloth impregnated with this product.

No bad odors

Another issue that causes more headaches in the home is bad odours. Well, cleaning vinegar has a deodorizing effect and will eliminate this problem on walls, kitchens, plastic lunch boxes, dishwashers, refrigerators or areas where the aromas may not be pleasant.

Invisible crystals

As in other chores, vinegar diluted in water is perfect for leaving crystals and windows without the slightest sign. It is also used for glasses, crockery and ceramic hob that will remain immaculate with this product.

Fats are a thing of the past

The main characteristic of cleaning vinegar is that it is a powerful natural degreaser . Therefore, it is perfect for removing grease from many kitchen surfaces, your appliances and the grease that remains embedded in the oven.
There are hundreds of cleaning products found on the shelves of different supermarkets and commercial surfaces. Even so, those of natural essence have nothing to envy when it comes to carrying out a deep cleaning of homes.

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