• How to select and sort clothes in the closet
  • How to organize the wardrobe with hangers and organizer
  • How to organize a small wardrobe: space-saving solutions
  • The space-saving wardrobe in the room
  • How to organize a walk-in closet
  • How to organize the children’s wardrobe

Anyone who has to manage a house sooner or later has to deal with this question: how to organize the wardrobe How not to get buried under clothes that are no longer the right size or simply have gone out of fashion
How to always have everything at hand to get dressed in a flash in the morning
Usually during the change of season we find ourselves in difficulty and we would like to have a magic recipe that tells us how to fix the wardrobe in order to have an easier life and, above all, to find everything with ease.
In the summer, with a little more free time, we can certainly take the opportunity to decide how to organize the wardrobe to make it more functional to our needs .How to select and put in order the clothes in the wardrobe
If you want to have a perfectly tidy wardrobe the first thing to do is to start from the selection of clothes and shoes. The advice is to take all the time necessary , without haste, so as not to have to leave the work halfway: obviously it depends on the type and size of the wardrobe in question, but at least one afternoon will be good to allow yourself. How to organize a wardrobe starting from clothesFirst of all, taking out everything, absolutely everything inside, completely empty all the furniture that contains sweaters, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, skirts, jeans, trousers, bags and accessories. The first impression will be that of having a huge mess around us that we will struggle to put back into place, but step by step we will be able to find a way to reorganize everything.
To select clothes and accessories and decide whether to keep them or not, a great method is that of the three questions:

  • And in good condition
  • It can be combined with at least one other item of clothing in my possession
  • And comfortable enough to wear

If we answer “no” to one of these questions, we seriously consider whether or not to keep that garment or accessory in our wardrobe, maybe it might be a good idea to get rid of it by giving it away and reselling it at some flea market.
After having selected them, the garments must be divided in the way that is most functional to our needs. First of all, we divide the winter clothes from the summer ones, keeping those of the season in which we are close at hand. Then we can choose to classify the garments by type, putting together trousers, skirts, jackets and so on, or by type of use if we happen, for example, to have clothes for work, for sport or for leisure, it will be convenient to have them all divided. The more scrupulous may also decide to put the clothes in order by color to give the wardrobe a more harmonious look. How to organize the wardrobe with hangers and organizer
We can decide how to arrange the wardrobe according to the space we have available, adopting useful strategies to take advantage of every corner. Surely the best solution for storing clothing is to hang clothes, trousers, shirts and jackets and leave the shirts folded, divided according to the classification we have chosen. Often, however, the shape of the wardrobe or its size does not allow us to freely decide how to organize the wardrobe and, therefore, we have to resort to tricks. First of all , we select which are the most delicate clothes , those that will be hung and maybe covered to prevent them from getting damaged and we dedicate a particular area of ​​the wardrobe to them. At this point, to understand how to arrange the wardrobe, we can choose which garments to hang and which ones we can leave folded.
Now we just have to choose the space-saving solutions that best suit our needs, there are really many ranging from closet organizers to foldable hangers. For storing linen, small accessories, scarves, foulards or belts, closet organizers are a real indispensable ally . There are many and different types, from vertical ones, divided into shelves, which can be hung together with clothes to store sweaters and belts, to horizontal ones with niches of different sizes that are perfect to put into drawers. If our needs are particular we can also decide to create our DIY wardrobe organizerusing cardboard boxes covered with fabric of different sizes, even those of the shoes are fine: so we will be sure to be able to take advantage of every corner of our wardrobe.
Finally , the inevitable boxes , whether they are in colored cardboard, covered with patterned fabric in coordination with the rest of the room or in plastic, are really useful for storing the garments of the past season and keeping them safe from dust and mites until it comes there. time to wear them again. How to organize a small wardrobe: space-saving solutions
If the wardrobe is not very big, let’s not despair! You can adopt practical space-saving solutions and also take advantage of the rest of the room: for example by choosing a container bed where sheets, blankets and duvets can be stored, you can free up a lot of space in the wardrobe.
But how to organize a small wardrobe without having to give up anything
First of all, making the most of every corner and using wardrobe organizers that are truly functional and made to measure. A really clever trick to hang clothes in case we have little space horizontally in our wardrobe to put the hangers, are the hangers that can accommodate up to six items and then fold up and take up the space of only one . The space-saving wardrobe in the room
The rest of our room can also be used to store clothes and accessoriesin order and be able to take them comfortably when needed. To understand how to organize a space-saving wardrobe we have to think about taking advantage of all the corners of the room , the apparently useless nooks and crannies, the vertical extension of the walls to store all the items of clothing in a functional and orderly way.
For example, a clothes rail mounted along the wall is a good idea to take advantage of an unused niche and start creating your own space-saving wardrobe. Different types of containers can be useful to optimize the space dedicated to storing clothes and accessories.
To create a space-saving wardrobe you can also take advantage of the space under the bed. Just get some special containers, large, but low enough to fit under the mattress base. How to organize a walk-in closet Having a walk-in closet in the room gives us the opportunity to have much more space to store clothes and accessories and, above all, to store and take them out comfortably, without messing up the rest of the room. Understanding how to organize a wardrobe of this type , however, is simpler than one might think: in fact, if we have a corner of the room that falls back or offers us a suitable space, we can equip it with shelves and rods to hang jackets and clothes on.If the cabin, on the other hand, is a real room separated from the rest of the room, it is easier to decide how to organize the wardrobe inside : shelves, shelves, hangers, functional and custom-made wardrobe organizers are perfect for storing everything. what we want in perfect order. If we have enough space, even a nice armchair or bench inside the walk-in closet will help us to use it more conveniently and comfortably. How to organize the children’s wardrobe To understand how to arrange the children’s wardrobe, the best thing to do is to contact them directlyand involve them in the wardrobe reorganization operation just as if it were a pleasant game: the experience will increase their autonomy because they feel part of the organization of an important aspect of their life.
When deciding how to organize the children’s wardrobe , the first thing to do is to think of a functional method that allows them to have everything at hand without messing up every time. For example, clothing must be divided in such a way as to facilitate the little ones in the first attempts to dress themselves.
A good idea is also a good idea, so storing sweaters and pants that go together together will help the child to dress alone without causing disasters.

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