The urban development company Urbania is promoting the new residential neighborhood Bulevar Norte, in Mairena del Aljarafe, currently in the urbanization phase, to start building next year 2022 and for which an investment of 15.5 million euros is expected.
The presentation of the project took place in an act in which Alfonso Haro, land director of Urbania, spoke on behalf of the Compensation Board SR3 Camino de Granadilla-Mairena del Aljarafe; and the mayor of the City Council of Mairena del Aljarafe, Antonio Conde.
It is a real estate project, located to the west of the municipality of Mairena del Aljarafe, which has Urbania as the majority shareholder, who is in charge of leading the Project, as well as providing the necessary concept design for all its phases, and which represents a investment of 15.5 million euros.
For the Compensation Board SR3 Camino de Granadilla – Mairena del Aljarafe, through Alfonso Haro, “Mairena meets all the requirements to design an exclusive residential neighborhood for the future” and highlights its location, well connected to the center of Seville by road , Metro and urban and metropolitan buses.
Haro has confirmed that Bulevar Norte will provide quality of life to the area, emphasizing the leisure and free time spaces contemplated by the project. “We are facing an advanced neighborhood concept where people and community life are the priority, with the design of large green areas, rest and entertainment, for the enjoyment of all”, he adds.
For his part, Antonio Conde, mayor of Mairena del Aljarafe, has reported that “this project develops the city model that we want for the citizens of Mairena, the model of a Friendly Mairena that is sustainable for the future of our children and with spaces to live together; entrepreneur with opportunities for economic development and employment; and fair with affordable housing and improvements for our traditional neighborhoods with the Neighborhood Plan”.

A new neighborhood in Mairena del Aljarafe

Bulevar Norte responds to a neighborhood model that is based on the new urban paradigms established in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda, incorporating advances in the fields of sustainability, mobility, new technology regulations and community.
In this way, three lines of action are distinguished in the proposed model: sustainability with a firm commitment to landscape and urban quality where work has been done on a network of green areas with aromatic species and different green areas with shrub and tree species, guaranteeing the existence of rest spaces and free time. Work has also been carried out to improve the soil and the vegetation cover to provide more nutrients.
The second axis is mobility, since the new neighborhood will have a bike lane, large parking areas and the pedestrianization of public space as the protagonist.
And, finally, the concept of community, because for the enjoyment of all its residents, meeting spaces have been designed such as squares, adventure sports area (climbing wall and zip line), calisthenics areas and outdoor gyms, play areas for children, a pet park with a hygiene, rest and entertainment area, and sports courts for practicing basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball and handball.

Aedas Home joins Urbania
January 2022 is the date that the SR3 Camino de Granadilla – Mairena del Aljarafe Compensation Board sets a deadline to complete the urbanization works. From that moment, it will be the promoters and home builders who wish to build in the area, who will become part of this ambitious project. There are currently two promoters who have acquired plots in the Project, including Aedas Home.
Bulevar Norte is designed to accommodate the construction of 747 homes, of which 143 will be Official Protection; in an extension of 87,666.57 m2 of surface and a total building of 106,619.36 m2. Most of these homes will be multi-family, with a height of up to four floors, since 204 will be used for semi-detached single-family villas with a maximum height of two floors. In the same way, the neighborhood will have two plots of commercial tertiary use that add up to 8,530 m2 of surface and that will serve the residents of the neighborhood and the neighbors of the area.

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