Negative rates have an eroding effect on bank accounts, becoming difficult to sustain in the long term when account holders leave large sums of money deposited. The German and Swiss institutions began to apply commissions on liquidity which had already been settled last year, in Italy Fineco Bank has recently been added to sums over 100 thousand euros, as MF-Milano Finanza wrote.
And now also a group like Unicredit, which will soon see the new CEO, Andrea Orcel, and forced to deal with the 1,745 billion private deposits registered in February by Bank of Italy. The Piazza Gae Aulenti group warned old and new customers, thanks to a brochure, that the monthly fee for the My Genius account will go from 3 to 4 euros per month, 33% more, starting from July 1st. Unlike in the past, this basic cost is not affected in any way, not even with the crediting of the salary or pension.
The modules defined as transactional must be added to the basic cost. The simplest one, Silver, involves the UniCreditCard Click prepaid card, the issuance of check forms (carnet of 10) and Sepa online transfers. It will cost no more 9 but 11 euros per month. With the Gold module, on the other hand, you get the UniCreditCard Click prepaid card, the issue of check forms, the UniCreditCard Flexia credit card and Sepa online transfers. The cost, 12 euros at the moment, will go up to 16 euros.
The Platinum version includes the prepaid UniCreditCard Click card, a second and third international debit card, two UniCreditCard Flexia credit cards, the issuance of check forms, online Sepa transfers, cash withdrawals from ATMs in other banks in Italy or abroad, the fee for paying the Telepass invoice and the costs of sending the paper statement. The package now costs 22 euros, it will rise to 26. Transactional modules can be reduced by 2 euros per month in the case of those who accredit the salary or pension (but only starting from 750 euros per month) or for young people under 30 years old. .
The bank has also prepared investment modules with a cost, a rather unusual fact for the market, which in the past did not charge investment fees. The Gold investment module has a monthly fee of 5 euros and provides for a 50% discount on custody and administration costs, securities deposit (half-yearly costs), a 20% discount on commissions for order collection and trading and on securities issued in Multichannel bank via the internet.
The Platinum investment module costs 7 euros per month against which you have a 100% discount on custody, administration and securities deposit costs, a 30% discount on order collection and negotiation commissions, securities issued in Multichannel Bank via internet, Money Trading and the sending of paper securities statements. Also in this case there are bonuses, the 50% equity one is reserved for those who manage between 75 thousand and 150 thousand euros, while the 100% bonus is assigned to those with over 150 thousand euros.
These discounts act on the fee of the Transaction Modules and on that of the Investment Modules. It follows from this that those who transform at least 150 thousand euros of liquidity into funds or policies, will have to pay in the end only the monthly basic fee of 4 euros. The increases are triggered, among other things, just before the arrival of the new CEO, Orcel, who will have an important salary, 7 million euros a year. News that has created a lively debate in the financial community.
Infiune, the bank today has a promotion, valid until the end of September, for those who open a My Genius account: the basic fee of 3-4 euros is canceled,
Sepa transfers and online transfers are free, while the cost of issuing a card My One Visa international debit card is not charged. (All rights reserved)

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