A draw: that was enough to go to the second round of the under 20 world championship, a lot has happened. A lightning start seemed like a victory gained, after the double advantage with Orsolini and Panico in just 7 ‘but the Azzurrini suffer the reaction of Japan who, with the brace of an unleashed Doan, reach a draw. For the round of 16 the Azzurrini will be the first in group E: tomorrow’s direct clash between France and New Zealand, respectively first at 6 points and second at 4, will decide which will be Italy’s opponent on June 1st.
The Azzurrini start in fourth place and after just 3 ‘they score the advantage: Panic from the right crosses from the back for Orsolini who puts the ball in the net while running. At 7 ‘the doubling: a set piece on the right that Cassata beats serving panic that crosses the ball on the opposite post in the area mocking Kojima.
Italy could not have started better but the double advantage achieved in such a short time, makes you pull the oars in the boat. Japan gives order to its game and resumes the dense web of passages, apparently unproductive. Another opportunity has it Favilli who thanks to a restart finds himself face to face with the Japanese goalkeeper but fails to tame the ball and realize. At 22 ‘the Japanese make sense of their patient web of passages reaching Endo who with a nice vertical throw catches Doan who slips past Zaccagno. The first half ends without the Azzurrini being able to counter the game of the Asians.
Upon returning, the music does not change and at 50 ‘it is always Doan who enters the area sowing panic in the Azzurri defense, up to arriving in front of Zaccagno and scoring with a light touch. At this point Evani lets Ghiglione in instead of Panico with the intention of putting a dam on the right wing. The match drags on to the end without significant actions: the draw certainly satisfies Italy that passes the round and Japan that with 4 points, at the moment and the second best fourth, a position that guarantees qualification for the next round of the World Cup.

Evani at the press conference
“The best quarter of an hour of play I’ve ever seen. Then the light went out after the first goal conceded: the boys probably got a bit scared and lost their points of reference. Japan, as we knew, proved to be a collective with an excellent game organization and today they have found a very inspired Doan ”. The Azzurro coach is not unbalanced on the next match: ”Tomorrow we will know with certainty who we will have ahead. Whoever it is we will have to recover physical and mental energies and put some things in order “.

Japan-Italy 2-2
Scorers: Orsolini 3 ‘, Panico 7’, Doan 22 ‘, Doan 50’

Japan(4-4-2). Kojima, Hatsuse, Tomiyasu, Nakayama (C), Sugioka, Doan, Ichimaru, Hara, Endo, Tagawa, Iwasaki. All. Uchiyama. A disp. Yamaguchi, Hatano, Fujitani, Itakura, Miyoshi, Sakai, Tagaki, Funaki, Kubo.

Italy (4-3-3). Zaccagno, Sernicola, Coppolaro, Romagna, Pezzella, Orsolini (Bifulco 81 ‘), Mandragora (C), Pessina, Cassata, Favilli, Panico (Ghiglione 66’). All. Evani. A disp. Perisan, Plizzari, Scalera, Marchizza,, Vitale, Vido.

Referee. Grisha (EGY); Assistants: Achik (MAR) and Ahmed (SDN); IV Man: Weyesa (ETH); VAR1 Charef (ALG).

Note. Warnings: Tomiyasu , Panic , Sugioka, FIFA World Cup Group D calendar

First day (May 21)
ITALY-Uruguay 0-1
South Africa-Japan 1-2

Second day (24 May)
South Africa-ITALY 0-2
Uruguay-Japan 2-0

Third day (27 May)
Japan-ITALY 2-2
South Africa-Uruguay 0-0

Standings : Uruguay 7 points, Italy and Japan 4, South Africa 1

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