Uncaria and immune system : also known as Uncaria Tomentosa Wild, it is a plant species that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. This important plant is famous for its immunostimulating, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that make it ideal in this period of emergency, as well as for fighting common colds and strengthening the immune system .

Uncaria: the plant with immunostimulating properties
The uncariaand a large climber with a woody stem. Its height can reach 30 meters and is native to the Amazonian forests. The leaf of this plant can be whole or bifid, its characteristic is the cover of fluff from which the name tomentosa derives. At the base it has two or three protuberances that form a hook, from which the name of uncaria derives, which serve the plant to support itself on different plant species on which it hooks.
The natural habitat is that of the northwestern tropical forests found in Central America. The unicaria needs light and for this it climbs in search of it. It is an ancient species already known by the indigenous peoples who appreciated it for its numerous beneficial properties for the human organism.
The Andean people know it with the name of “una de gato” (cat’s claw) due to the hooks reminiscent of those of the felines. In the traditional medicine of the Andean populations, the uncaria leaf is used to make infusions. While the bark is used for decoctions taken as prevention of infections and to disinfect joints and sore muscles .

The properties of the uncaria for the immune system
The bark of the stem and the roots are the most used parts and boast the ability to strengthen the defenses of the immune system . For this reason the uncaria is widely used in phytotherapy, as a valid aid for viral infectionsand for the prevention of influenza illnesses associated with fever, cough and cold.
Taking uncaria helps to enhance and strengthen the immune defenses as it is able to stimulate the production of antibodies thanks to the immunomodulatory capacity it possesses. This quality comes from the pentacyclic alkaloids contained in the plant, which lead the endothelial cells to increase the production of B and T lymphocytes, essential for the immune system .
The properties of the uncaria for the well-being of the organismin fact, they include the ability to reinforce the barriers that defend the body from external pathogens. A constant and continuous use allows to obtain a general physical well-being and a feeling of greater resistance to fatigue and seasonal changes.

Food supplements based on uncaria for the immune system
The uncaria is therefore a plant with a thousand beneficial properties for the organism. But above all it is able to increase the immune defenses by defending the body from viruses and infections. Prevention is essential. Especially in a delicate moment like this in which it is necessary to provide the body with all the essential elements to raise the barriers and reach a physical strength such as to be able to face the disease in case of contagion. For this reason, food supplements based on uncaria extracts that promote the well-being of the organism come to our rescue .

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