Strong explosions were reported shortly after 6am local time (5am in Italy) in Odessa . The inhabitants of the Ukrainian city report it on social media. The explosions occurred near the center, to the north. These are probably missiles fired on the city. Several columns of smoke rose above the city, where the air-raid sirens sounded for a long time. The inhabitants also report the glare of a fire visible from afar. There were at least a dozen explosions. According to the online newspaper ‘Odessa Life’, “a critical infrastructure” has been hit, while on social media there is talk of an attack on various fuel depots.
“Russian troops want to take the Donbass and the south of Ukraine. We are aware that the enemy has reservations to increase the pressure in the east. What is our goal
Protect our freedom, our land, our people “. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in his night video speech.” We are strengthening the defenses – he added – in the eastern area and in the Donbass. We must commend the courage and resilience of those who defend the cities, but also say that our country has not received enough modern anti-missile systems from its Western allies. “” He is practically the only one in Europe to openly support Putin. “Zelensky returns to attack the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The Ukrainian president said he “spoke frankly about Orban: this and the honesty that Mr. Orban lacks, he may have lost her somewhere in his contacts with Moscow”The Ukrainian government claims an important success in the war against Russia, the “complete liberation of the Kiev region”, and confirms all the signs of a progressive demobilization of Vladimir Putin’s troops from the capital. Their passage, however, leaves behind a long trail of blood. Starting from the suburb of Bucha, where hundreds of dead were buried in mass graves. Among other things, the Ukrainian general staff is preparing for a new massive attack by Moscow in the south and east, a new target after the failure of the total invasion of the country.
A signal in this direction comes from Transnistria, a small de facto state under Russian orbit, where the first news of a mobilization of Putin’s troops arrives. That could also attempt a sortie from the west. It was the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, at the end of the 38th day of the war, who announced that the Russians had been driven back from Kiev. The invaders have withdrawn from some key cities such as “Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel and the entire Kiev region has been liberated,” Ganna Maliar said. Thus in various districts of the Oblast, from Brovary to Vyshgorod, a two-day curfew was introduced to de-mine the territory. The same was decided by the authorities of Bucha, a suburb just liberated after more than a month but which has become a skeleton of buildings.
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Biden, USSR tank in Kiev. Putin in the EU, soak up the US hangover. Another 300 million aid from the Pentagon including missiles, drones and armored vehicles (ANSA)
The drama of the occupation is summarized in two images: twenty corpses in civilian clothes lined up in a street and over 300 dead without a headstone, but buried in mass graves. Because the three cemeteries were all within range of Russian soldiers, Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk explained. The reduced pressure on Kiev and the north of the country, also confirmed by the Americans, has not, however, eased the tension of the Ukrainians, according to whom Moscow has simply changed tactics: “We have no illusions, heavy battles still await us in the south, for Mariupol, and in the east “, estimated the councilor Arestovych. Warning that the challenge “will not be easy”. For Kiev, the Russians are trying to tighten their grip on the Donbass by sending reinforcements from the north-east, as evidenced by the increasingly bitter fighting between Kharkiv and Izyum (a dam was hit in one of the villages in the region, causing the Seversky Donets River to overflow). And along the same direction, in the central regions of the country, heavy bombings hit Dnipro and Poltava, where the airstrips of the Ukrainian armed forces were destroyed. In the south, the raids again hit the Donetsk region, still not completely in the hands of the secessionists, and Lugansk, still halfway controlled by the Ukrainians. According to Governor Serhiy Haidai, a gas pipeline was hit which cut off 60,000 families from supplies in 36 villages and towns around Severodonetsk. The invasion forces, however, continue to face stiff resistance, even in the already occupied areas. As in Enerhodar, in Zaporizhzhia oblast, where civic authorities reported that troops fired at demonstrators. Four injured and several arrests in the city that hosts the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.
Even in Mariupol the nationalist forces of the Azov Battalion continue to keep up with the Russians in the center, so much so that the fighting slows down the evacuations. Even on this day continue in fits and starts. The Russians could try another surprise blow to cut Ukraine out of access to the sea. According to the Kiev general staff, the Army has started mobilizing in the west, in Transnistria. The region of Moldova, but autonomous de facto under the Russian cap, could be used to “conduct provocations and carry out demonstrations on the border with Ukraine”. The Moldovan government has not confirmed the Russian presence in that territory, but the Ukrainian authorities remain on alert. Fearful of having to fight on a new front.Russia will open the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to Berdyansk and guarantee a ceasefire for the evacuation of foreigners. This was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry, as reported by Tass. And Ukrainian photojournalist Maxim Levin, who had been missing for 20 days on the front line, was found dead. Levin, 41, killed by two shots, and the sixth journalist killed in Ukraine since the war began. On the other hand, there is no news of his travel companion and Maxime Lavin’s colleague, photographer Oleksiy Chernyshov .
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Disappeared on March 13, he had also worked for Reuters and AP (ANSA)
“In addition to the victory, the Ukrainian people will not accept any results”, soZelensky in an interview with Fox News. The president, after reiterating that he will never give up any Ukrainian territory, goes back to saying, contrary to what has been declared in recent days, that “not admitting Ukraine to NATO is a mistake” because Kiev would make the Alliance “much stronger. “. “We are not a weak state. We are not proposing to make ourselves stronger at the expense of NATO. We would not be an addition, but a locomotive”, he assures in his interview with Fox news in which he had already said that he would not accept “any other result. if not victory “. Ukraine, Zelensky: ‘Over 3,000 people have been evacuated from Mariupol’
The Pentagonannounces that it will provide Kiev with up to $ 300 million more in military aid, also sending state-of-the-art weapons such as laser-guided missiles and ‘kamikaze’ drones. According to the NYT, the US will then help transfer Soviet-made tanks intended to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses in the Donbass. And they will also give gas masks and protective suits. “The long-range artillery and anti-ship systems that London has promised to Kiev will become legitimate targets for Russian troops if delivered to Ukraine,” Russian ambassador to the UK, Andrey Kelin, told Tass.
Zelensky: “At least 5,000 dead in the besieged city” (ANSA)
“When the Europeans recover from the American bourbon hangover, and finally realize that they will have to take care of the future of our continent, Europe or even Eurasia, well then it will be time to review our relationship and get to dialogue, but that will not happen in a short-term perspective “. This was stated by the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, in an interview cited by Interfax, underlining the fact that the dialogue between Russia and Europe could be restored but it will take time.
Among those who insist on the need for immediate peace is the Popewho from Malta, where he arrived this morning for his 36th apostolic journey, makes it clear that he is really thinking about going to Kiev, accepting the invitation of the Ukrainians. “If the hypothesis exists
Yes and on the table” he replies to the reporters during the flight. But then he increases the dose and calls for “a human measure in the face of the childish and destructive aggression that threatens us, in the face of the risk of an extended cold war that can suffocate the lives of entire peoples and generations”.
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The risk of a cold war suffocates the peoples. There is infantilism in autocratic and imperial seductions’ (ANSA)

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