The road to a truce is still long. In the aftermath of the openings of the Russian negotiators after the talks in Istanbul, the Kremlin’s cold shower arrives . “For the moment – said the spokesman Dmitry Peskov – we cannot declare that there is something very promising or some turning point. There is a lot of work to do”. Words that curb the optimism on the negotiations shown by Kiev but also by Vladimir Putin’s envoys, while France also stresses that there has been “no turning point” in the negotiations. Moscow’s position remains wait-and-see.An ambiguity also cultivated in the expectation of favorable military developments. After 35 days of war, the Russian forces ensure that they want to concentrate on the strategic “priority” of conquering the entire Donbass territory, continuing the siege of the neighboring oblasts in the east and south of Ukraine, from Kharkiv to Mariupol. But the news from the ground testifies of a new dramatic wave of missile attacks on Kiev and Chernihiv, where Moscow had promised “a radical reduction in military activity”. According to the Ukrainian Defense, there is instead no large-scale withdrawal from those areas, but only limited movements of the “units that have suffered the greatest losses to supply them”. In a barrage of contradicting messages,
But in the evening, Moscow makes it known that it is ready to declare a temporary ceasefire in Mariupol and to open a humanitarian corridor towards Zaporizhzhyaprovided that Kiev meets certain conditions. This was announced by Russian military sources, reports Interfax. “The Russian Armed Forces are ready to declare a temporary ceasefire starting at 10am on March 31, 2022, exclusively for humanitarian purposes, and to open an additional humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians and foreign citizens from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhya. (with a stop in Berdiansk) “, said Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Defense Control Center, quoted by Interfax. Russia will open the corridor only if Ukraine formally agrees in writing to respect various conditions and confirms the effective ceasefire. “We ask the Kiev authorities to strictly comply with the following conditions for the creation of a humanitarian corridor:Zelensky on Russian de-escalation, ‘we don’t believe anyone – “We don’t believe anyone”: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said about Russian announcements about a de-escalation of the conflict in some regions of the country. “We don’t believe anyone, not even one of these beautiful phrases,” Zelensky said in a video message to the nation, adding that Russian troops are reorganizing only to attack in the eastern Donbass region. “We will not concede anything – he added – we will fight for every meter of our territory”.
According to the Pentagon, meanwhile, Russian forces in Ukraine have begun withdrawing from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant area. According to American defense sources, “the area of ​​the nuclear power plant, occupied by the Russians since February 24, is one of the areas that the Moscow forces are leaving to reposition themselves in Belarus”. “We can’t say they’re all gone yet,” the Pentagon official said. The US confirms “We believe Vladimir Putin was misinformed” about the Russian offensive in Ukraineby the heads of the armed forces and that he has “tensions” with some of his advisers: the director of communications of the White House Kate Bedingfield said, confirming the press rumors, according to which the information available to the administration highlights the problems of the Russian campaign in Ukraine. “We have seen in the last 24 hours a repositioning of a small percentage of Russian troops in the Kiev area, we believe that some of those, less than 20%, are repositioning themselves in Belarus”. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a press briefing. “But only a part and this is an important point, because if the Russians were really withdrawing they would have moved them all”, he stressed. The Pentagon has not found “The expected meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place in the afternoon and lasted about an hour. While – according to reports from the White House – there has also been onephone call between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. At the center of the conversation between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was the progress of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and its latest developments. President Draghi stressed the importance of establishing a ceasefire as soon as possible, to protect the civilian population and support the negotiating effort. Palazzo Chigi reports it. Prime Minister Mario Draghi reiterated the Italian government’s willingness to contribute to the peace process, in the presence of clear signs of de-escalation on the part of Russia. Palazzo Chigi reports it. In the phone call with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported on the developments of yesterday’s negotiations in Istanbul between the delegations of Moscow and Kiev and on Moscow’s request in rubles for the payment for gas supplies. This was reported by the Kremlin, quoted by Tass.Russia and China have condemned the unilateral sanctions decided by the US, the EU and allies against Moscow for its military aggression against Ukraine, calling them “illegal and counterproductive”: according to a note from the Russian Foreign Ministry released after the bilateral between the heads of the Respective diplomacies, Serghei Lavrov and Wang Yi held in Tunxi, Anhui province, where China hosts a two-day meeting dedicated to Afghanistan. “The parties – it says – have noted the counterproductive nature of the unilateral unilateral sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and its satellites”.
ANSA agency
La direct from the cities (ANSA) The Russian bombings hit a Red Cross building in Mariupol,says a Ukrainian manager. The city of Mariupol denounced the forced evacuation in Russia of the entire maternity ward of a hospital in Mariupol, where another similar structure was bombed on March 9: the mayor writes on Telegram. “More than 70 people, women and medical personnel from the number two maternity ward of the Mariupol Left Bank District were forcibly taken by the occupants,” the mayor’s office said. In the Kiev region last night, Russian troops carried out more than 30 bombingsagainst residential complexes and social infrastructure, the Kyiv regional military administration reported on Telegram, quoted by UNIAN. “The Russian army has launched missiles and bombs trying to destroy infrastructure and residential areas in violation of international humanitarian law. The Russian occupiers continue to terrorize the local population,” the military administration added.
A spokesman for the Ukrainian defense ministry said there is no large-scale Russian withdrawal in the areas of Kiev and Chernihiv but only limited movements.“The enemy has withdrawn the units that have suffered the greatest losses to supply them”, said Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, adding that “the siege of Chernihiv continues, like missiles and artillery shells launched by Russian forces”.
For today, in the meantime, three humanitarian corridors have been agreed in Ukraine, all in the south of the country. Ukrainian chief negotiator Mikhailo Podolyak,meeting the international media in Lviv via videoconference, he said that the national referendum on the possible agreement between Ukraine and Russia “will take place only after the Russian troops have returned to their positions prior to February 23. I think that in the coming days we will have to work on the individual terms of the treaty, which must be accepted by everyone, even by the guaranteeing states “, he explained. When asked about Roman Abramovich ‘s role , Podolyak stressed his “effectiveness” in moderating between the two negotiating teams.
“The question of the guarantors of the treaty is open, everyone can participate. And Italy is interested in participating. We would be very grateful to Italy if it did. It is a treaty that could build a new global security architecture”, he added the chief Ukrainian negotiator. Asked about the possibility of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, he stressed that he “sees the possibility of a preliminary agreement” between Moscow and Kiev. And after that, he added, “there could be a meeting at the level of presidents”.
The issue of the status of the Donbass “is the most difficult,” Ukrainian negotiator David Arahamiya stressed in an interview. Arahamiya explained that the topic remains “in parentheses” and in Turkey it “has not been touched”. The two teams “did not have sufficient political mandate to discuss it and so they pulled it out before the leaders’ meeting and worked on all the other issues,” he added.
While the chief negotiator of Moscow,Vladimir Medinsky, quoted by Russian agencies, said that yesterday during the talks in Istanbul, Ukraine for the first time showed its readiness to meet the conditions for building good neighborly relations with Russia “and” discuss its demands in principle. “Medinsky also added that Russia’s” underlying stance on Crimea and the Donbass has not changed. ” Chernhiv has been hit by Russian attacks all night, despite Moscow’s announcement to curtail military operations in the city . denounces the governor Viacheslav Chaus on Telegram, according to what the international media reported. “We believe the promises
Of course not, “writes Chaus, explaining that Russian forces conducted” attacks on the city of Nizhyn, including air strikes, and all night they hit Chernihiv. ”
There is a slowdown in the flow of Ukrainian refugees to Europe: yes, from 200 thousand to 40 thousand a day. In Italy, as of yesterday, there are 75 thousand. Of these 5,600 are inserted in the reception systems Cas (5,300 people) and Sai (299). Applications for protection have so far been about 750, a figure that “reflects the hope of Ukrainians to return to their homeland after the end of hostilities”, said Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, in a hearing at the Schengen Committee.
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One in 11 people left the country in 30 days of war (ANSA)

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