Uber in Seville already exceeds six months of implantation . Through a mobile application, it puts drivers in contact with passengers thanks to a mobile application, increasing the transportation options of its inhabitants.
A total of 150 Uber vehicles have been available for more than six months in Seville at the request of users. Reliability, lower prices and comfort are some of its characteristics.

Uber rates in Seville

The minimum Uber service in Seville will be cheaper than the drop-off rate of taxis –3.50 euros compared to 3.65 euros for the cheapest taximeter rate– and will cost up to two euros less that of its direct competition, the Spanish intermediation platform Cabify, whose minimum service costs 5.50 euros.
Uber’s estimates are that its service will be 30% cheaper than taxis and 15% cheaper than Cabify , taking into account its time and kilometer rates.
The minute rates it at 0.10 euros and the kilometer at 1.20 euros. The cost of cancellation will be the same as the minimum, 3.50 euros.

How to request a trip

Download UberX, the company’s urban mobility application that connects users with professional drivers, and open an account.

Request.Open the app and enter your destination in the “Where are you going
When you confirm that the pickup and drop-off addresses are correct, select ‘uberX’ at the bottom of the screen. Then tap ‘Confirm uberX’. When a driver accepts the request, you’ll see their photo and driver information. vehicle. You can also control its arrival on the map.

Travel. Check that the vehicle data matches what you see in the app before getting on your uberX. The driver knows your destination and the fastest route to get there, although you can always request a different one.

Get off. The price will be automatically charged to the payment method you have registered. This way, you can leave your uberX as soon as you arrive.

Assessment.Once the service is over you will have to rate the driver. Uber’s two-way feedback system fosters a community of respect and trust on the platform, and ensures high-quality service for all users.

Also food delivery

But Uber was already present in Seville through its food delivery platform Uber Eats . An application that allows you to request orders in 75 restaurants in the capital of Seville. House of Burger, San Marco Restaurant, Goiko Grill, Embolados Healthy Away or Miss Sushi are some examples.
To order Uber Eats, all you have to do is download the app, select the dishes and wait for the delivery person to arrive.

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