Hair trends change from season to season. Now the haircuts are worn to cape and tomorrow who knows. Although there is one type of haircut that is always in trend: the bob haircut . Although not in its most purist essence, the bob haircut is always the basis of most hair styles. You just have to observe which are the most trending haircuts at the moment. From the Italian bob to the airy bob, passing through the clavicut with invisible layers, most hair styles drink or are inspired by the classic bob.
Although the trends in bob haircuts can be overwhelming, since there are as many bob haircuts as there are women and styles. The classic french bob, the modern jagged and blunt paraded bob or the flattering carre bob are some of the types of bob that are most requested in hairdressers.
Always in trend, the bob is that haircut that favors everyone and that, at least, you have to try once in your life, but which one to choose

If you are hesitating between which haircut to choose and you are a bit lost with such a variety of bobs, we have compiled the most trendy types of bobs so that you are clear about how to choose the haircut that best suits you . Find your bob haircut and dare with the hair styling that is always a trend .

What type of bob should you choose according to the features of your face

Before we get into thetypes of bob haircuts more in trend and super flattering , it is important to take into account some keys to know which is the one that best suits your face based on your features.
If your face is elongated , a bob as short as possible will favor you, which will help you frame the face and soften the features. In addition, the hair can be staggered so that it gains volume and has more life.
If you have an angular face , with a marked chin and cheekbones, a bob with soft lines, which is delicate and does not accentuate your features, suits you.
For round or heart-shaped faces, a longer bob haircut looks great, with a little volume on the sides of the face.

Italian Bob, the polished haircut that refines the face

Recently arrived at hairdressers, the Italian bob is a perfect haircut to gain volume and refine the face . This haircut with which to achieve volume and refine the face moves away from the geometric bob (shorter at the nape of the neck and longer, in gradient, towards the front). The Italian bob is characterized by being a much straighter and polished haircut, with a single line, perfect for fine hair because it gives a sensation of volume.

The Italian bob provides a lot of volume because it is an extremely polished mini cut with which to lighten the weight of the hair itself. In this way, the tips become lighter and the roots gain volume .

Bob chop, the haircut that conquered Lady Di

Called bob chop, this haircut was Lady Di’s favorite style and if at that time it was one of the most imitated, now this haircut is among the most popular bobs. in trend . The reasons are none other than its powerful ability to reduce years and add style.
The bob chop is a fresh, fun and very stylish haircut, which is why it has become one of the best looking. It is a square haircut at the height of the jaw or a few centimeters below. Like most haircuts, the bob chop is based on the classic bob., but the difference is that the finish of Lady Di’s traditional haircut is more casual, paraded and disheveled .
In short, it is a classic cut but with the ends paraded and disheveled to achieve more movement and freshness, hence it subtracts years and adds style.

Airy bob, the haircut with a movement effect

The main characteristic of the airy bob haircut is that it adds a lot of volume to the hair , but that does not mean that the airy bob is a haircut that is not suitable for thick hair (you just have to apply a few little tricks to carry it out and that the result is superior). As its name suggests, this haircutit is like a breath of air in your hair , which makes the movement effect perpetual. This very flattering haircut is so called because the layers and shape make this a light and voluminous cut, causing the same effect as if it were giving you air all the time .

French bob, the most sophisticated

haircut The french bob haircut is adjusted to the cheekbone area (neither higher nor lower), giving the face a freshness and naturalness that help when subtracting years. In the case of bangs (if you haven’t opted to wear it yet, your time has come), it helps to give the haircut that je ne sais quoi that our French neighbors have.
You are the perfect candidate to wear a bob if you have soft features and a long neck ; It will also be ideal if you have an oval or elongated face. If you decide on the long bob (the French bob in a long version), you should know that it is the perfect cut for those who have very fine hair because it creates the illusion of more volume and thickness. It is also the ideal version if you have a round or square face .

Mini bob with bangs, the haircut that takes years away

Unlike other types of bob, this is perhaps the most purist, since it is a short hair in which there is no room for layers, parades or gradients. As its name suggests, the mini bob with bangs is a haircut that is inspired by the classic bob haircut but shortens the hair a couple of centimeters more.
When choosing the length, it is very important to get the height right, which must be at the height of the cheekbone so that it is flattering and does not harden our features. Although, the real secret of this haircut is to let the mane go to its own free will. In other words, if we go for a mini bob with bangs, it is preferable that we do not spend time combing our hair, since we will achieve the glamorous effect if we go for naturalness .

Blunt bob paraded, the haircut for fine hair

The blunt bob paraded is nothing more thanthe classic short mane that, instead of presenting a polished finish, ends in a more paraded version. In short, it is a commitment to the mythical bob at the height of the chin, leaving the neck uncovered, and betting on some paraded ends to gain volume and provide movement.
When it comes to achieving the perfect result, in the hairdresser they make dry cuts in the hair in order to achieve a precise and clean layout. Once the cut is achieved, in the hairdresser they will proceed to parade the ends in order to achieve that extra volume that you do not get with dryers or miracle products. The result is short hair full of volume and movement that requires very little maintenance..

Jagged bob, the haircut with less maintenance

The jagged bob, which is nothing more than a paraded bob , plays at making spikes in the strands, emulating the shearing effect but with a very sophisticated result. This set of strands makes the haircut have a lot of movement and the hair looks much lighter and, consequently, with much more volume.
In addition to achieving that voluminous effect that women with fine hair crave the most, this haircut does not require special care or elaborate hairstyles to look perfect on a daily basis. This messy, swept version of the bob is shoulder length ., the key to the cut being that the ends end in a peak, creating small layers throughout the hair that give a lot of movement and make your hairstyle easier.
When it comes to getting a perfect finish, you can get out of the shower and dry your head upside down, paying special attention to the root , or you can let your hair dry in the open air having previously disheveled the root part with your hand ( peeling the helmet hair off the head).

The bob carre, the haircut for women with round faces

It is a haircut that provides a lot of volume and movement, ideal for a type of fine hair, but this time on a round face. It has the base of a bob, but it is a carre haircut. To the carefree appearance of her hair we must add the paraded bangs that highlight the look and the features of a round face with a heart shape.
This type of haircut is very flattering for women with a round but slightly oval face. This type of casual bob suits this type of face very well because it is a cut that frames the face completely . The base is straight, as are the bangs, although both have the ends paraded and the parting in the center also defines her face.

Unstructured bob, the most casual of all bobs

Less radical than the classic bob, this haircutIt brings freshness and movement to the hair and helps to show off a very casual hair style. Designed to give the hair dynamism, the unstructured bob haircut is ideal for women who want to go for short hair and avoid the helmet effect .
When it comes to getting a bob with these characteristics, it is necessary to work on the basis of a straight bob . In the salon, the hair professional will focus on working the cut to various lengths . The idea is to fade the strands from the top (to add volume) and parade some ends (remove thickness) to give the hairstyle more irregularity and lightness. In this way, we will have achievedan uneven and unstructured look that adds movement and dynamism to the short hairstyle.

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