The catwalks announced it, the firms remembered it and street style has confirmed it. Corduroy pants are the definitive autumn trend and the time has come to discover what autumn garments we can combine them with to get it right (and succeed). It seems that discovering it is not an easy task because, despite the fact that corduroy pants have conquered us (especially the pink ones), we are still not sure how to master the most complex trend of autumn .
Too strong, corduroy is a fabric designed to keep warm and to withstand somewhat adverse conditions. Now that it has become a trend, we want to give it a twist andbet on corduroy pants in looks a little more elegant and sophisticated .
Hence, it is a bit complicated for us to master the most complex trend of the fall. Although, being a trend that has conquered us all equally, it is quite easy to find super interesting style proposals and with which to become the standard-bearer of corduroy pants .
After having seen the revolution that pants have caused in street style, we feel compelled to share with you the 12 looks with corduroy pants to master the most complex trend of the fall. Notice to sailors (we know you’ll appreciate it), pink corduroy pants are very present in this selection of looks.

Pink corduroy pants and green sweater, the most groundbreaking look

If you are going to bet on wearing the most daring trend of autumn, better do it with all of the law. In other words, if you’ve fallen in love with corduroy pants and you don’t care how complex the trend is, we recommend that you sign them in the most popular color (pink, obviously) and combine them with the star color of the season: the green. You will have outstandingly resolved a look with the most complex trend of the fall.

Total look in corduroy, the triumph of a classic
You want to bet on the most complex trend of the fall, but you don’t want to go out of the conventional. No problem. The suit is a trend that is always on the rise and monochrome looks are always a success. So don’t think twice and combine your corduroy pants with a matching blazer and that’s it. If you bet on a dark tone, as is the case, play the contrast with the sweater or shirt.

White corduroy pants combined with camel, the look of the brave
It is not an exaggeration. If corduroy is already a complex fabric, betting on it in white pants (which we never know how to wear in autumn) is for the most daring. But that does not mean that betting on both trends is a mistake, in fact, just the opposite happens. Betting on different shades and textures in a look can be very flattering, as long as we are clear about how we are going to do it. White corduroy pants yes, but better with camel.

Mustard corduroy pants and plaid shirt, the most autumnal look
There is no autumn in which the paintings do not become one of the star prints. Therefore, if you want to bet on corduroy pants and you are not sure how to combine them, opt for that eternal checked shirt that you have in your closet and that is perfect for the most trendy autumn looks.

Look with corduroy pants and gray

sweater A gray sweater has the gift of magic, that’s why it’s the wild card that is always in our wardrobe and that, on this occasion, becomes the perfect match for corduroy pants brown or mustard. The success of this combination, in addition to the colors, lies in opting for some sneakers and giving it a total roll

Mustard pants, sweater and cap, the autumnal look of Parisian women
It is an option to wear corduroy pants quite similar to the previous one, only here the sweater is bottle green and the accessories result in a completely different look. Give your look a super Parisian touch with corduroy pants and opt for a cap, a mini bag and ankle boots with animal print soles.

Pink corduroy pants and checkered coat, the jewel in the crown

Little or nothing needs to be said about this look that is, without a doubt, one of our favourites. It seemed that the corduroy pants in a pink version would result in an outdated outfit that reminded us of our most terrible adolescence. Nothing to do with reality. This look is an example that if we know how to combine an apparently unstylish garment, we will give a blow to whatever our look is.

Pink corduroy pants with a denim jacket, the perfect everyday look

It’s impossible not to fall in love with pink corduroy pants after seeing all the possibilities they offer. With a gray sweater (yes, the one that we have already used for other looks proposals in this article) and a denim jacket we will have a version of the pink corduroy pants completely different from the previous one, but equally (or more) irresistible.

Pink pants and blue klein sweater, the most groundbreaking look
We are seeing a little duster, but we can not help it. Pink corduroy pants are our favorite and any proposal we make with them falls short. If we have already recommended going for pink corduroy pants with a green sweater to have a great look, doing it for one in klein blue seems worthy of playing in another league, that of the most stylish women in the world.

Corduroy pants and matching jacket in an earth tone look

Nothing better to hit an autumnal look than to go for earth tones. As was the case with the blue corduroy pants proposal, on this occasion we recommend that the sweater move between the same shades as the pants and the jacket and make a difference with the accessories. In that case, with the bag and the beret.

Corduroy pants and oversize blazer, the 80s look

Playing with trends from past decades (remember that corduroy has already shone before), what better way to go than a super 80s look with green corduroy pants and an oversize blazer. Finish off the outfit with a basic t-shirt and white ankle boots. It will look like you just stepped out of an 80s movie, but in reality, you’ll be wearing the coolest look of the fall.

Corduroy pants and white shirt, a very lady look
That corduroy is a rougher fabric does not mean that we cannot bet on it in more sophisticated outfits. For sample, a button. Nothing better than combining corduroy pants with a white shirt and that’s it. Give it a super current point with a shearling jacket. You will be the most stylish and warm of the autumn.

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