For a long time we have more than internalized that age does not correspond to what appears on our DNI, that this is an indicative number that does not have to mean giving up depending on what things. Although many insist on pigeonholing certain trends or styles so that they are reduced to a group of women with a certain age, the truth is that fashion does not understand age either . Much less does it become something exclusive and inaccessible to women who are not of the age at which this trend is supposed to correspond.
In fashion there is nothing written and, above age, what prevails is the personality of each womanand the style you want to wear at all times. Although the truth is that sometimes, after seeing absurd roles and stereotypes reproduced, we have doubts about what clothes we should wear based on the vital moment in which we find ourselves.
It is normal that because of series or movies we believe that our age defines -or should define- our style and that is a barrier that we must eliminate. Being 20 years old does not imply that you love wearing track boots (you may even hate them) and going over 50 does not mean that all the clothes in your closet are dyed gray and black (with what you have always liked the patterns and colorful garments). It’s time to break stereotypes and bet on daring outfitsAt the same time sophisticated and forgetting once and for all our age and what society expects our looks to be based on our date of birth.
Finding a transgressive haircut that favors us or betting on a make-up with which to go spectacular are some of the steps prior to finding that style with which we feel (and look) beautiful. Universe in which we can find everything, Instagram serves us this time as a source of inspiration when looking for those looks for women over 50 thanks to the mature influencers who are most successful on this social network.
With great style and a lot of personality, Carmen Gimeno, Susi Rejano and Patrizia Casarini are the three influencers whose looks have us absolutely in love. Theirstyle proposals are for women over 50 , but their outfits have so much vibe that both 50-year-olds and those who have just turned 20 will want to wear them.

Pink coat to break a black ‘look’

The influencer Carmen Gimeno is a master when it comes to choosing and combining colors. On this occasion, she opts for a total black look, with leather pants and sneakers , and takes it to another level with a pink fur coat that is absolutely spectacular.

Parisian inspiration with sports shoes

Navy sweaters are a basic in all wardrobes and no matter how old you are. Patrizia Casarini is committed to giving a fresher touch to her look by betting on thesailor striped sweater (reminiscent of Parisian outfits) combined with joggers and sneakers. An informal style but with a lot of rollazo.

A pistachio green outfit with velvet pants We have already said that the wardrobe should not be dyed gray and black when you are over 50. Color continues to exist and ifcolorful outfits

are among your preferences , do not hesitate to continue wearing them. The influencer Susi Rejano bets on a pistachio green outfit , with velvet palazzo pants and a cardigan in the same tone, and gets a ten style styling. Gray pajama set and light blue coat

Pajama cut two-piece sets are a trend that has gained a lot of ground in recent years. Comfortable and super elegant , these outfits seem to be reserved for seasons when temperatures are much more pleasant. Although you can always do as Carmen Gimeno and bet on wearing the outfit with a coat . Not only does it achieve a warmer look, but it also offers us a different point of view on this trend and we love it,

Leather effect and padded jacket

Combining two trends with as much personality as leather effect and padded garments and, in addition, getting it right, It is a gift that Patrizia Casarini has and with which she surprises us with this style proposal. The influencer wonderfully combines acamel colored pencil skirt in leather effect with a black quilted jacket. Two trends in one look.

‘Wide leg’ pants and camel sweater

Susi Rejano’s style proposal may be a classic, but to us it seems like a great ensemble. Wide leg pants are a super trend this season and generally flatter all women. We like the influencer’s bet because it is so simple that precisely its simplicity is what gives the look that je ne sais quoi that we love.

Oversize set in gray and raspberry

How can such an informal look become a style with so much personality

Carmen Gimeno achieves it by combining hergray wide leg knit pants with a sweater and cardigan in strawberry tones, which makes us forget that it is a super casual look.Although what really gives the style sophistication is the snake-shaped brooch on the lapel of the cardigan and, of course, the purple beret that breaks with the chromatic duality of the look.

Tweed pants and shearling coat

Tweed pants is a trend that has already become a staple in our wardrobes, but, like all classics, it’s time to do a style overhaul from time to time. Susi Rejano gives these pants a change of air and combines them with a drop sweater, lace-up sneakers and a shearling coat, more typical of informal outfits .

A classic combined with a fur coat

The white shirt and black pants are the most stable and lasting couple in the history of relationships. In an informal version or with a more sophisticated air, this combination has saved our looks on countless occasions. This proposal by Susi Rejano seems fabulous to us because she achieves a super elegant and sophisticated look , with high heels and a pearl necklace, and gives it a different air by opting for a dark gray fur coat.

Knitted dress and red beret
If there is an outfit on this list that has us absolutely in love, that is Carmen Gimeno with her red beret. The influencer chooses a gray knitted dress , which she combines with a cardigan in the same tone and track boots (where they said it was twenty-year-old footwear

Ja). The styling, which is very simple, wins all the points in the styling contest thanks to the red beret that Carmen places on her head.

‘Wide leg’ pants in white and contrasting dark jersey

Wide leg pants are one of Susi Rejano’s favorite pieces. In her Instagram account you can see how this garment is the protagonist in many of her looks. On this occasion, the influencer combines her favorite pants with aDark sweater that is casually worn and complemented with a long necklace to give the style a more elegant touch.

Tulle skirt, flower shirt and sneakers

Carmen Gimeno does it again. The influencer combines seemingly unrelated trends and achieves a super special look. She opts for a romantic-inspired tulle skirt , but achieves a super rocker look by choosing it in black and combining it with sneakers. She loves the print on the shirt and the leather detail on her belt.

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