Antena 3 won a winning horse when it acquired the rights to broadcast the series Game of Thrones , created by the American cable television network HBO ( Sex and the City, True Blood, The Sopranos ).
The North American channel has been characterized by productions with high budgets and adult themes , characteristics that find their zenith in this series inspired by the novels of the writer George RR Martin . It is precisely the books, the first indicative element that we are facing adult content. Violence of all kinds and sex are present in every scene, situations that, if the vieweris not mature enough , it can have a very negative effect. How is it then that Antena 3 has rated the series as being for people over 16

There have been numerous complaints and protests on social networks from viewers who have come across a product sold as if it were The Lord of the Rings , and sitting as a family, they have come across a risque theme in all aspects.
The complaints are right, and it is not the fact of the open broadcast of the series, which is undoubtedly one of the best that can be seen todayand a luxury for Spanish viewers, who have not had to pay like HBO clients, but the existence of many complicated elements to digest, which can affect the sensibilities of many and which are offensive (the demeaning role of women as object , excessive violence , gratuitous viscera ,…) but we must not forget that it is a series for adults , based on novels for adults, set in a universe for adults.
The problem therefore resides, not only in the qualification, but in the schedule and the timeof this premiere, announced at all hours on the network. A series recommended for people over 16 years of age, at 10:30 p.m. , in the middle of July, is canon meat for the whole family to be together and on vacation.As usual in these situations in which mere recommendations warn the audience of the content of the series, there would have been many parents who have allowed their 15 or 16-year-old children (or even younger) to watch the series, for believe that it may be something similar to the aforementioned The Lord of the Rings or similar products such as Eragon .

Why this movement by Antena 3Well, very simple: audience . Placing a series recommended for people over 16 years of age in the prime time of a summer Wednesday night will attract many more people than if it were for people over 18.

If we look at the characteristics of the age ratings in Spain, we find that, in the category of people over 16: does not include extreme violence ; does not exalt or idealize criminal, discriminatory or seriously antisocial conduct; it does not include the description or detailed narration of behaviors seriously linked to violence or situations of serious abuseand does not include pornographic content .

Not one of these points fits with those seen inGame of Thrones , (well, there is no pornographic content, but sex and nudity are abundant and frequent) and despite that, Antena 3 has qualified it as for over 16, when it should have been classified for over 18 years due to the explicit material of each and every one of its episodes.
With all this, Antena 3 should apologize , since they have led to the mistake on the line of the series, and how can it be otherwise, rectify and correctly classify the series from now on. This movement, with the clear objective of obtaining a larger audience (and therefore more profit from advertising), may not only have had a very negative effect on minors who have been able to access this content, but it will surely have caused more than one parent to a certain distrust has been born about the way of classifying the series and movies in this chain.

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