The registration period for the oppositions of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) for this year 2021 has already begun. The exams are scheduled to be held between the end of the year and during the first months of 2022.
This new call for public employment promises more than 15,000 jobs for health personnel, so that, for those who are lost within the requirements and forms to fill out below we will explain the steps that must be followed for the telematic request with this tutorial.
In the usual browser, the interested party must enter the acronym VEC in the search engine, and access the first available entry in which it says: Electronic Window for Professionals of the Andalusian Service of SAS.
Once inside, on the right side there are several boxes with different options. The first of them again indicates ‘Electronic Window for Professionals’. This is where you must click to access the identifier, from which it will be possible to access both with Cl@ve and with a digital certificate .
Once inside, the menu it shows is very extensive. The plaintiff must select ‘Opposition Phase’, which is the first of the options.
The page will show the section ‘ What do I want to do
, where the user must mark ‘New OEP registration request ‘. This is when the page redirects to the previous form that the user must fill in with their data.

Data for the application form

From now on, all the applicant has to do is complete the questions requested. The first step is to select in which process you want to register the application, where the applicant must fill in the category, the type of access, the body (which must be the SAS), indicate that it meets the requirements, add the year (2021 ), the specialty and indicate, if so, if it is presented with a disability.
Once it is duly completed, you must click on ‘next’, where a new tab will appear in which you must select ‘ New Application ‘.
Next, you must indicate the province in which you want to take the exam and click continue to add your personal data. Once these are finished, the next thing to add is the contact information.
The section ‘ Requirements‘ is the one that can cause some problem. If the plaintiff has previously participated in a selective process of the SAS, both their ID and their university degrees will be available at the UPRM, so all they have to do is add them from a pop-up window. In the event that this is not the case, this step will have to be previously done in the record of merits within the VEC .
Once completed, the applicant will continue advancing and will find the ‘ Legal Text ‘ section, where the page, by default, marks all the necessary oaths, so that the user only has to click ‘next’ to finish the application.

Presentation of the request

Next, the document will be downloaded to the device.draft application . The plaintiff must verify that all the data is correct and, in the event that this is not the case, he will have the option of going back and duly filling in the error.
If all the sections are suitable, the draft will be signed with the Digital Certificate. To do this, you must have the autosignature downloaded and correctly installed on the device from which the process is being requested. If so, the user will simply click ‘ Sign with a digital certificate and Submit’ .
In the event that this is not the case, right next to it it offers the option to ‘Submit’ without further ado. If this alternative is selected, the request will still be submitted, only that, instead of being signed by the applicant, it will be stamped by the Andalusian Health Service.

Access to payment

Once submitted, the last step to execute is the payment of the fee. In this case, there is the option of paying at the collaborating office , where what you have to do is make a payment in person and then upload the proof of payment to the platform. On the other hand, there is the alternative of telematic payment.
If the applicant wishes to complete a telematic payment, he must select it and, automatically, he will be redirected to the last of the pages in which the amount would be paid with the bank card .
Once accepted, the process would have come to an end and the plaintiffwould have been successfully registered .

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