Tussam launches on Monday the 27th the new model of line 3 with the commitment that it will be “fast with greater commercial speed, fewer stops and less travel time”. It has 30 stops in each direction finally. Some stops have been reduced from the original line, at least 8 per direction, according to the workers, and from 26 to 28 per direction according to the local government. This bus line is the longest in the network with 39.5 km.
To achieve speed, this line 3 will have 14 buses in the morning with a frequency of 11 minutes and 12 buses in the afternoon with a frequency of 13 minutes.
According to the note sent by the City Council, the most demanded stops on the line are maintained: five stops in Bellavista, two in Bermejales, three in Heliopolis-Reina Mercedes, five in San Jeronimo and four in Pino Montano. At this point there is a contradiction, since the residents of the platform Line 3 does not touch assure that what was agreed with the City Council in San Jeronimo were 6 stops and in fact in the map distributed in the marquees 6 stops appear No 5: Traviesa , Galan Merino, Navarra, Medina and Galnares 2 and Higueron.
In addition, the stops with the greatest demand for the line, located in the central areas, such as Puerta de Jerez, Marques de Paradas, Plaza de Armas and Barqueta, are preserved.
The City Council seeks to improve the service for current users and attract new travelers who, with faster public transport and with more capacity, can choose to leave the private vehicle.
The stops are at a distance between each of them of between 600 and 700 meters. These are the busiest stops on the line and are closest to the points of origin and destination detected during the technical work, emphasizes the City Council. In fact, they concentrate more than 75% of the current demand for this itinerary.
The reorganization project aims to improve the public transport service, the commercial speed and the capacity of line 3 by reducing stops, prioritizing those with the greatest use, in order to improve commercial speed and with itprovide a better offer and significantly reduce travel times between the main origins/destinations of the line .
The City Council assures that after the work of technical analysis and dialogue with entities of the North and Bellavista-La Palmera districts, it has been agreed that the route will be in collaboration with the North and Bellavista-La Palmera districts.
This measure is intended to improve the service for current users and attract new travelers who, with faster and more capable public transport, can choose to leave the private vehicle. The City Council assures that the most significant improvement of the new line is the saving of time in displacements.And he says that between Pino Montano and Bellavista a saving of between 15 and 20 minutes is achieved; between Pino Montano and Puerta de Jerez 10 minutes, between Bellavista and Marques de Paradas 11 minutes or between San Jeronimo and Puerta de Jerez 6 minutes.
This new rapid line 3 is part of the strategy to improve medium/high capacity public transport networks throughout the city through rapid lines that connect different neighborhoods with the main destination points included in the Urban Mobility Plan. Sustainable. This model has already been successfully implemented on the North and East lines and is now beginning to be developed on the South line. The new 3 is part of this model that is subject at all times to an evaluation and analysis of its operation and the response of users.
“With the creation of the southern line and with this new rapid line 3, we are advancing in the fulfillment of the objectives of the sustainable urban mobility plan. We are generating better services for the neighborhoods with the aim of improving the
benefit for current users and attract new travelers who change the private vehicle for a faster and quality transport model”, explains the delegate of the Government and Major Festivals, Juan Carlos Cabrera.

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