Turin is a city full of attractions, entertainment, suitable for all ages. 3 days or a weekend are certainly not enough to visit it in depth, but by optimizing the times you can certainly visit the must-sees of the city , such as the Egyptian Museum, the Mole and the nearby Reggia di Venaria.
Making a complete itinerary is not easy, but by suggesting some alternatives you can build a good model to adapt to your needs!
So here are our tips and the recommended itinerary to visit Turin in 3 days .

Consider purchasing a card: to save on the cost of individual attractions or on transport, we recommend the purchase of the Torino-Piemonte Card. Prices starting from € 36.00. Find out more

Day 1

  • Distance covered : 11 km
  • Places visited : Mole Antonelliana and Museum of Cinema (lift + museum € 15.00), Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista (free), Royal Gardens of Turin (free), Piazza Castello, Palazzo Reale (€ 15.00, guided tour € 39.00), Monte Superga
  • Where to eat: Lunch at Piola da Cianci (Get directions), Dinner at Solferino Restaurant (Get directions)

First time in Turin
Let yourself be guided
: for a first approach to the city we recommend a Hop-on Hop-off panoramic bus tour, to identify the landmarks and learn about stories and anecdotes.

1 – Mole Antonelliana and Museum of Cinema
The itinerary starts from the symbol of Turin par excellence : the Mole Antonelliana (Wed-Mon 9: 00-20: 00, Sat until 23:00; full lift € 8.00, reduced € 6 , 00; admission included in the Torino Piemonte Card). It is located in the heart of the city, easily reachable from any point (tram stop of reference Mole Antonelliana, served by line 16 CD).
Officially inaugurated in 1889, it is visible from every point of the city and it is possible to climb to its top, at 167 m above sea level, taking the panoramic glass lift that crosses the entire dome. Inside, it also houses the Museum of Cinema, which traces the entire history of cinema , from the films that made history to the most recent films, with an entire area dedicated to Marvel success (Wed-Mon 9: 00-20 : 00, Sat until 23:00, full € 11.00, reduced € 9.00, combined Museum + Lift full € 15.00, reduced € 12.00). We recommend that you spend the whole morning visiting the museum and climbing the Mole by lift.

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Don’t miss the Mole-Cola: it is the symbolic drink of Turin! Based on cola, it has been produced since 2012 and its name is inspired by the Mole Antonelliana, on the can you will also find its image! You can find it in almost every club in the city.

2 – Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista
Photo by stephane333. After your visit to the Mole and the Museum of Cinema, reach the most important religious site in the city , the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, more commonly called the Turin Cathedral (every day 7: 30-19: 30; free admission). From the Mole you can reach it on foot crossing Piazza Castello (1.1 km, 13 min).
The Cathedral, in Renaissance style, was built between 1491 and 1498 and is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Turin, St. John Baptist. This place, in addition to being the most important church in the city, is known above all for one reason: inside, in fact, it houses the Chapel of the Holy Shroud . Here the Shroud is kept, that is the linen sheet that according to the Gospel was used to wrap the body of Christ taken down from the Cross. It is kept in a closed and sheltered place. It is shown to the faithful and pilgrims only during the event of the Exhibition of the Shroud.

Exposition of the Shroud : for obvious reasons of conservation, the Holy Shroud is kept in a sheltered place not open to the public. It is only shown on rare occasions. From 2000 onwards the Exposition took place 4 times: in 2000, in 2010, in 2013 and in 2015

3 – Giardini Reali
Photo by Simone Graziano Panetto. After visiting the Duomo, a visit that will take you away for a maximum of 20 minutes, reach the nearby Royal Gardens, or the gardens of the Royal Palace (open 9:30 am, closed in winter 4:00 pm, in summer 7:30 pm; free admission) . They are just a 5-minute walk from the Duomo.
Enjoy a walk in the garden paths, from which you can admire the beautiful views of the city and the Mole . Inside there are small works of art to see, such as the Fountain of the Nereids and Tritons or the Eastern Garden. If you are traveling with the little ones, you can also make a stop in the small play area dedicated to them. Furthermore, the gardens are surrounded by the Royal Palace and the Royal Armory, a truly unique setting.

Consult the map : the gardens are very extensive and are like a small open-air museum! Take a photo of the map at the entrance to be able to orient yourself during the visit.

4 – Piazza Castello and Palazzo Reale
Photo by Grassitelli. After a short walk inside the gardens, you will reach the nearby Piazza Castello, the beating heart of Turin . It is the main square where the four most important streets join (via Roma, via Pietro Micca, via Po and via Garibaldi) and completely surrounded by historic buildings.
Here we recommend that you visit the Royal Palace, which is part of the circuit of the Royal Museums of Turin(they all follow the same timetable Tue-Sun 9: 00-19: 00; single ticket for all museums full € 15.00, reduced € 2.00). It is the first and most important of the Savoy residences in Piedmont and inside you can visit the royal apartments, the library and the armory. A real leap in history.

Alternative visits . The visit to the Royal Palace can be replaced with that to other Royal Museums, according to your interests: for example the Galleria Sabauda, ​​gallery with works of art dating from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century, the Archaeological Museum or the Chiablese Rooms. In Piazza Castello there is also Palazzo Madama, seat of the Civic Museum of Ancient Art (Wed-Mon 10: 00-18: 00; full admission € 10.00, reduced € 8.00). For each museum, consider an average of 2 hours for the visit.

Take a guided tour : to optimize time and discover the Royal Palace, its wonderful rooms and the works inside, we recommend taking a guided tour. It lasts 1 h 30 min and includes fast track entry without queuing. Info and costs here

5 – Monte Superga
At the end of the visit, reach Monte Superga to admire a wonderful sunset over the city . From Piazza Castello take tram line 15 to the Sassi-Superga stop (20 min), then get on the bus line 79 which will take you to your destination, Tetti Rocco stop (10 min).
Unfortunately, Superga is a sadly known place for the tragedy of the Turin football team, but it also represents one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Turin. Here is also the Basilica of Superga, which houses the Savoy tombs. Admired the sunset and taken some photos, return to the center of Turin, to enjoy the first evening in the city.

Day 2

  • Distance covered : 5.3 km
  • Places visited : Porta Palazzo market, Egyptian Museum (priority entrance € 39.00), via Po and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Gran Madre di Dio Church (free), Villa della Regina (€ 7.00), Monte dei Cappuccini
  • Where to eat: Lunch at La Piola Sabauda (Get directions), Dinner at Poormanger (Get directions)

1 – Porta Palazzo Market
For the second day wake up early and reach the Porta Palazzo Market, which is the largest open-air market in Europe (Mon-Fri 7: 00-14; 00, Sat 7: 00-19: 00). It is located in the northern part of the historic center, between the Centro district and the Valdocco district, the reference stop to reach it is Porta Palazzo.
This market is a real must see in Turin. In the center of Piazza della Repubblica, it is divided into a covered area and an open one , both of which host numerous stalls. You can really find everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and fish, including clothing, objects and plants. Get there as soon as possible to enjoy its beauty.

Enter the Galleria Umberto I : near the market there is one of the most beautiful and famous galleries in Turin, namely the Galleria Umberto I. Enjoy a walk inside and stop for breakfast in one of its historic places inside.

2 – Egyptian Museum
From the market you can reach another great institution in Turin : the famous Egyptian Museum (Mon 9: 00-14: 00, Tue-Sun 9: 00-18: 30; full admission € 15.00, reduced € 12 , 00). Just walk along Via XX Settembre and you will immediately arrive at your destination (1.4 km, 17 min).
The Egyptian Museum of Turin is one of the most important museums in the world, as well as being one of the most beautiful museums in the city, ideal to visit even with children. Built in 1826, today the collection counts as many as 30,000 pieces and in size and importance and second only to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Dedicate the whole morning to the museum and, if you are traveling with your family, inside you will find SpazioZeroSei, an area dedicated to children up to 6 years of age, with services, games and stories.

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Take part in a guided tour : to optimize times but above all the visit, the top and book a guided tour, which includes skip-the-line admission. With this tour you are sure not to miss the most important works, and you will learn stories, anecdotes and curiosities with an expert guide. Info and costs here

3 – Via Po and Piazza Vittorio Veneto
At the end of the visit to the Egyptian Museum, take Via Po, easily reachable on foot in about 5 min. It is one of the historic streets in the center , which from Piazza Castello directly reaches Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the next stop.
Via Po is characterized by elegant arcades and houses the historic seat of the ancient University of Turin, founded in 1404. Don’t forget to stop at Il Gianduiotto, a shop where you can buy this delicious chocolate, originally from Piedmont!
Traveling all the way you will arrive at Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the largest square in Turin and the largest square with arcades in Europe.. The square was completely redeveloped in 2006, on the occasion of the Turin Winter Olympics, and is now completely pedestrianized. It represents one of the meeting and meeting points for locals and tourists, as well as being one of the hotspots of the Turin nightlife.

Discover the Galleries of Turin : the city is full of galleries, or ancient covered passages inside buildings, which once allowed the nobles to be able to walk even on rainy days. Today they house shops and clubs and, at the beginning of via Po, you will find the Galleria Subalpina, one of the most famous, located inside a nineteenth century building. Don’t miss it! Get directions

4 – Gran Madre di Dio Church
Photo by Gianni Careddu. After admiring Piazza Vittorio Veneto, cross the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I over the river Po, and reach the opposite bank, where the Gran Madre di Dio Church is located, one of the most particular in Turin (every day 7: 30-19: 00 ; free entry).
The Gran Madre di Dio Church was built between 1818 and 1831 to celebrate the return of Vittorio Emanuele after the defeat of Napoleon. It is also a church shrouded in mystery : in fact, according to some esotericists, the Holy Grail is buried inside the Church, among the statues of Faith and Religion.

5 – Villa della Regina or the Automobile Museum
After your visit to the Gran Madre di Dio Church, which will take you away about ten minutes, you will reach Villa della Regina, one of the Savoy residences in Turin (Tue-Sun and holidays 10: 00-18: 00; full admission € 7.00 , reduced € 2.00). From the Church, it can be reached on foot following Via Villa della Regina (1 km, 13 min).
Initially called Villa Ludovica, it was built with the aim of hosting the queens of the Savoy family . It was in fact built for the wife of Maurizio di Savoia, Ludovica. All the wives of the kings followed one after another. Unfortunately fallen into a state of neglect following the Second World War, in 1994 it was recovered and today it is open to the public . From here, moreover, you can admire a splendid view over the whole of Turin.

Option B: Museum of the Automobile . Alternatively, you can evaluate a visit to the Turin Automobile Museum (Mon 10: 00-14: 00, Tue-Sun 10: 00-19: 00; full admission € 15.00, reduced € 11.00), from not to be missed if you are passionate, but also ideal to visit with children! From Piazza Vittorio Veneto it can be reached by taking the direct bus line 8 (20 min).

Take advantage of the tourist bus : the villa is located on top of a hill, with a rather steep road. Then reach it calmly and effortlessly with the tourist bus, the stop is number 3 and it is right in front of the villa. Info and costs here

6 – Monte dei Cappuccini
Finally, end the day in one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Turin: the Monte dei Cappuccini, whose garden of the Church of Santa Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini is always open for visits. From Villa della Regina, you can reach it on foot, this time the road will be downhill (1.3 km, 17 min).
This place, also known as the Turin Hill, is one of the unmissable stops in the city , especially at sunset. From here you can admire a splendid view over the rooftops of the historic center, where the high Mole Antonelliana stands out, surrounded by the Alps in the background. From here you can take the classic souvenir photo postcard of Turin!

Spend the evening at Murazzi del Po Gipo Farassino: cross the bridge again to reach Piazza Vittorio Veneto again and spend the evening here, between the square and the Murazzi del Po, or the long river, full of many clubs open especially in summer!

Day 3

  • Distance covered : 22.4 km
  • Places visited : Reggia di Venaria (€ 20.00), Valentino Park and Medieval Village (free), Piazza San Carlo
  • Where to eat: Lunch at Passami Il Sale (Get directions), Dinner at M ** Bun (Get directions)

1 – Morning: Reggia di Venaria or Juventus Stadium
Last day in Turin, in the morning reach one of the most beautiful ducal residences in Piedmont , the Reggia di Venaria (Tue-Fri 9: 00-17: 00, Sat-Sun 9:30 -18: 30; full admission € 20.00, reduced € 16.00). We advise you to reach the palace before opening hours: from the center of Turin take the direct bus line 11 (from Porta Palazzo Nord to Centro Storico, 36 min).
The Reggia di Venaria, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, is one of the highest expressions of Italian Baroque . Composed of numerous rooms and wonderful gardens, it is so large that you risk getting lost and staying there for hours, perhaps without having seen the rooms or the main works. Because of this,the best solution is a guided tour , to optimize time and not miss the most important works and rooms (starting at 10:00, duration 2 h 30 min).

Option B: Allianz Stadium . The Juventus stadium, opened in 2011, also offers guided tours and a museum where you can learn about the history of the club (for timetables, consult the official website; full ticket € 25.00, reduced € 20.00). Unmissable stop for Juventus fans and football lovers! Again, keep busy all morning!

Get around with the tourist bus: this third day, whether you choose the Venaria Reale or the Automobile Museum, includes long journeys. The best solution, without worrying about tram or metro lines, is the tourist bus, which reaches all these attractions. Info and costs here

2 – Parco del Valentino and Borgo Medievale
Photo by Gianni Careddu. Between visits, lunch and travel, you will arrive at Parco del Valentino, one of the most beautiful parks in the city , about mid-afternoon. From Venaria Reale, first return to the center of Turin, then you can reach it by tram line 9 or 16 CD or by metro line M1. Average travel time 1 h 15 min. Alternatively, take the tourist bus.
Parco del Valentino and the green lung of Turin, as well as being one of the most famous parks in all of Italy. Here you can enjoy a walk among its splendid gardens, a ride on a rickshaw, some photos with ducklings and squirrels, and also visit the Medieval Village, a reproduction of a 15th century village , built for the International Exhibition of 1884. After visiting the village, take a stroll along the riverside, where there are numerous kiosks to drink something fresh or perhaps to order a Mole Cola!

Look for the Innamorata Bench : the most photographed bench in Turin! This particular structure represents two street lamps, seated on a bench, which seem to be embraced. This is an unmissable stop, especially if you are traveling with your sweet destination. Get directions

3 – Piazza San Carlo
Photo by Gianni Careddu. Finally, end the day and your stay in Turin in Piazza San Carlo, in the historic center, one of the most beautiful squares in the city ! From Parco del Valentino and easily reachable on foot (1.3 km, 15 min) with a walk through the streets of the historic center.
Also known as the drawing room of Turin, it is a truly elegant square surrounded by wonderful buildings, such as the two “twin churches”, that of Santa Cristina and that of San Carlo. It is also one of the nightlife spots , therefore ideal for spending the last night in the city!

Find the Devil’s Gate: behind the square, between via Vittorio Alfieri and via XX Settembre, is the Portone del Diavolo, that is the door of the Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi. There are many mysterious and macabre stories related to this place, which you can discover thanks to the magical tour of Turin, to discover the darkest places in the city. Start at 21:00, duration 2 hours. Info and costs here

How much does a weekend in Turin cost
Turin is a very varied city from every point of view, including the economic one. Overall, it is a destination suitable for all budgets : you can find excellent hostels, have lunch with Turin street food and frequent student clubs. In addition, it is also easily accessible by train or car.
The best solution isstay in the center , where you can find numerous offers in accommodation and apartments, but obviously there is no shortage of luxury hotels. The city allows you to move mainly on foot , as many attractions are close together. When you need to use public transport, we recommend that you buy a day ticket (€ 3.00) or use the tourist bus.
Let’s see in detail the costs of a weekend in Turin :

  • Costs for eating : about € 45.00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions : average price € 25.00 per day per person following the itinerary suggested by us
  • Transport : average price € 5.00 per day per person
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b : from € 50.00 per room – see the offers
  • Leisure : from € 25.00 per day per person (including snacks, coffee, aperitifs, drinks, …)
  • Total cost of a weekend in Turin : from € 365.00 per person (flights and / or transfers excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • Organized in the best way: Turin is full of numerous museums, which however require a lot of time to visit. Many are closed on Monday afternoon, so plan your itinerary in the best possible way and always check the updated timetables;
  • Choose the best neighborhoods to stay in: the historic center and the best area, but Crocetta for families and Salvario for young people are also good. To save money, you have to move a little away from the center – discover the map of the neighborhoods;
  • Get around on foot or by public transport : the historic center is ideal to visit on foot, while attractions such as the Reggia di Venaria or the Automobile Museum must be reached by public transport or by tourist bus, also ideal for a panoramic and for a first approach to the city;
  • Avoid the car : the historic center and a ZTL, also the traffic at certain times of the day is really congested. If you arrive by car, look for accommodation with parking service or opt for one of the available underground car parks;
  • Stop at piole : la piola is a typical place where you will find dishes of the Piedmontese and Turin gastronomic tradition. For the first day we recommended the Piola da Cianci, a real institution in the city.
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