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In Battlefield 4 we have 4 classes available, Engineer, Assault, Support and Recon . Choose the class that best suits your style of play thanks to this analysis that we leave you with each class, to know its pros and cons, its starting weapons, its field improvements and its important unlocks and the game modes in which that they perform better.

Engineer Class

In this class, your goal is to help keep friendly vehicles on the battlefield while destroying enemy vehicles in the process. The Engineer class no longer has exclusive rights to carbines , which have been replaced by the PDW family. Don’t worry, though; carbines can now be used by all classes in Battlefield 4. Use the Engineer class on large maps full of vehicles to increase its effectiveness. Of course, that means you’re better off equipping yourself with a Carbine as your primary weapon rather than a PDW.

Engineer Strengths

Destroy enemy vehicles.

Repair friendly vehicles.

Weak points Engineer

Inability to heal or revive teammates.

startup team

  • Main weapon: MX4
  • Handgun: P226
  • Granada: M67 FRAG
  • Widget 1: REPAIR TOOL
  • Article 2: MBT LAW
  • Knife: Bayonet

Unique Field Upgrades

Mechanic’s Field Upgrade (Engineer Score: 146,000).

Anti-tank field upgrade (Engineer Score: 218,000).

Featured Unlockables

AK 5C (Engineer Score: 36:000).

FGM-172 SRAW (Engineer Score: 250,000).

Ideal Game Modes :  Big/Small Conquest, Rush, and Obliteration.

Assault class

If you’re not sure which class to use, Assault isn’t a bad choice. Assault class rifles are typically excellent at any range, offering a good rate of fire and high damage. In order to get the most out of this class you will need to stay close to your squad members and have those defibrillators nearby.

Assault Strengths

Heal/revive teammates.

Strong main weapons.

Assault Weak Points

Low ability against vehicles.

startup team

  • Main weapon: AK-12
  • Handgun: P226
  • Granada: M67 FRAG
  • Gadget 1: First Aid Pack
  • Gadget 2: M320 HE
  • Knife: Bayonet

Unique Field Upgrades

Battlefield Medic Upgrade (Raid Score: 66,000).

Field Grenadier upgrade (Raid Score: 133,000).

Featured Unlockables

Defibrillator (Raid Score: 11,000) Medical Bag (Raid Score: 100,000).

Ideal game modes:  Domination, Squad Death Match and Team Death Match.

Support Class

The Support class is for Soldiers who pride themselves on doing the little things that keep the entire team going. With exclusive rights to the LMG family , Support soldiers will want to rely on suppressive fire and dropping ammo crates whenever they get the chance. It is not a style designed for running and gunning: players of this class must stay in strategic locations.

Support Strengths

suppressive fire.

Supply allied soldiers.

Support Weak Points

Close combat / Mobility.

startup team

  • Main weapon: U-100 MK5
  • Handgun: P226
  • Granada: M67 FRAG
  • Gadget 1: Ammo Pack
  • Gadget 2: XM25 AIRBURST
  • Knife: Bayonet

Unique Field Upgrades

Indirect Fire Field Upgrade (Support Score: 105,000).

Defense Perimeter Field Upgrade (Support Score: 174,000).

Featured Unlockables

Ammo Box (Support Score: 87,000).

MP-APS (Support Score: 157,000).

Ideal Game Modes :  Big/Small Conquest, Rush, and Obliteration.

Recon classes

One of the main concerns for Recon soldiers in Battlefield 3 was the feeling that they were disconnected from the fight. That will no longer be a problem. Now that carbines are available to any class, plus the addition of the C4, players using the Recon class are deadlier than ever . Before equipping yourself, consider which gadgets will be best for your squad’s needs.

Recon Strengths

Long distance.

laser marker

Recon Weak Points

Close combat.

startup team

  • Main weapon: CS-LR4
  • Handgun: P226
  • Granada: M67 FRAG
  • Gadget1: PLO
  • Gadget 2: C4 Explosive
  • Knife: Bayonet

Unique Field Upgrades

Spec Ops Field Upgrade (Recon Score: 96,000).

Sniper Field Upgrade (Recon Score: 144,000).

Featured Unlockables

Motion sensor (Recon Score: 16:000).

Radio Beacon (Recon Score: 80:000).

Ideal Game Modes:  Conquest Big/Small, Rush, Obliteration, Squad Death Match, and Team Death Match.

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