The woman’s body found yesterday afternoon in Trieste had on her head two transparent plastic bags of those used in the kitchen. This is an element that is learned from the circles linked to the investigators and which could suggest a death by suffocation. Situation that leaves the Prosecutor’s Office convinced of the fact that “every hypothesis remains open, including that of suicide”. The body could be with high probability that of Liliana Resinovich
Precisely that body “with high probability could be that of Mrs.Liliana Resinovich “. And the prosecutor who broke the news and did so with a note released last night. On the body there are no “obvious signs of violence”
On the woman’s body, found in two plastic bags that formed only one, in a fetal position and in an initial phase of decomposition yesterday afternoon in the park of San Giovanni, however there are no “Obvious signs of violence , as the chief prosecutor Antonio De Nicolo pointed out. Even the prosecutor states that “everything suggests” that “it is that of Liliana Resinovich”, the 63-year-old woman who disappeared on 14 December last. The link between the recovered body and Liliana: a pair of glasses
The hypothesis is based, in particular, on a pair of glassesthat have been found and that would correspond to those “seen in the photos” of the woman. To this is added another element: the compatibility of Liliana’s physical characteristics with those of her recovered body.
The “absolute certainty” that that corpse wrapped in a black sack is Lilly’s, as everyone called her, “is not there yet”. An autopsy will be performed on Monday
. Confirmation is requiredwait for the autopsythat it will be performed on Monday and that it will be able to tell if the body was transported to the grove or has never been moved from there, how long it was in this place and also when death dates back.
Due to the very cold weather conditions on these points it was further complicated to give a first indication yesterday. Liliana would have died for “a few days” and not for twenty
. It still seems “difficult to think twenty days had passed” since her death, but it seems more likely that only “some, even if it is always the autopsy that can give us confirmation “, Specifies the prosecutor. No name entered in the register of suspects
In any case, there is still no person registered in the register of suspectsneither with regard to the disappearance of Liliana Resinovich nor with regard to the discovery of the body in the grove, in the remote event that it is not Resinovich herself. For the Prefecture Liliana and walked away
Meanwhile, investigations continue. According to the prefect of Trieste, Annunziato Varde, and certain that Liliana left on foot, “for this reason yesterday the patrol activities concerned the area within walking distance around her home”.
The same Prefect yesterday excluded “elements to say that Liliana took a bus”, because “all the images of the cameras were viewed and the lady was not filmed either on the road leading to the bus terminus or by the cameras in the square where I believe they are present “.Liliana’s husband also arrived on the site of the discovery of the corpse
After the news of the discovery of the corpse, the husband of Liliana Sebastiano Visintin also arrived in the park of the former psychiatric hospital of San Giovanni. “Nobody contacted me for a possible recognition of the body”, he specified speaking with reporters and explaining that he had come on his own initiative. Liliana’s husband taken to the hospital last night
“If and she will remain an indelible trace in my heart. I don’t even want to live anymore ”she added, in tears. Last night around 11pm the man was then taken by health workers to the Cattinara hospital to undergo checks. This was announced by the TriestePrima website, specifying that the rescue and police were called by a person close to the man, perhaps worried that Visintin had shown signs of psychological failure.

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