Although many think that autumn is a season in which manicures go completely unnoticed, in reality, it is the best time to bet on the top trends of the season and show off a perfect manicure. With your hands still brown, autumn seems like the perfect season to bet on strong colors and special manicures .
Whether it’s because you’re one of the lucky ones who have stumbled upon a million weddings this fall and are looking for a manicure that perfectly matches your guest look, or because you don’t understand life without some color on your hands, fall is the time. perfect occasion to continue betting on a good manicure . Although, to do so, it is important to be clear about whatthe trends in some for this autumn 2021 and know which are the colors that are sweeping the manicures .
If this summer pastel colors have been the protagonists of the most original and daring manicures, this autumn there are six colors that are key in all manicures . Red is still among the colors that are sweeping manicures, but this fall the trends in some come with a novelty . The red becomes much more intense and is presented in two new shades: burgundy and burgundy . Although they are not the only shades that are sweeping manicures. Discover the 6 colors that are sweeping manicures and let yourself be seduced by the trends in one of autumn 2021that we know from the hand of Essie.

Brown, the definitive color for autumn manicures

They are very fashionable this year and the darker the better. You can opt for the classic tones or innovate with new, more trendy options, such as a very dark red that blends into brown on your nails, leaving a deep and lasting finish . At what time can you wear it
In any one because browns are multitasking, but we recommend it especially for those situations in which you want to leave a tremendously positive mark.

Pearly pink, the most ladylike color for autumn manicures

It has three advantages in one: it goes with everything, it hardly needs to be retouched and, to top it off, it rejuvenates the hands. What we love about this shade of nail polish is that while it looks very polished, it fits perfectly with any fall plan . It doesn’t matter if you come out of the summer made a blight or if you’re from the nordic fur league; This nail color favors all of us without exception .

Bordeaux, the strongest color for an autumn manicure

Impossible not to succumb to garnets because they have it all: elegance, emotion, strength… When to wear them
Just when you need to use those attributes. For example, if you have a complicated week ahead of you, full of important meetings, empower yourself with burgundy red autumnal shoes that will leave your staff speechless.

Black, the autumn color for elegant manicures

Fans of the black French manicure : this autumn nail trend bears your name. It consists of looking for a very dark background, deeply black, that gives your hands a gothic, grunge, rocker and sophisticated touch, all at the same time. Wear it at events, parties and other celebrations and remember that the best insurance for your manicure is a top coat.

Grey, a color that is a success for autumn manicures

You can use both pearly gray —cold and beautiful in equal parts— and darker tones because, whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this color . Take it from day to night when you want to transmit elegance and tranquility with your hands.

Burgundy, the color that always triumphs in autumn manicures Let

‘s see, is that if we told you first that blood red, intense red, the red that leaves your hands paler than snow is more in than ever, So you were going to kill us. But it is useless to hide reality and it is better that you find out from us: red is the best , yes, and burgundy and burgundy too.

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