Welcome to Trapani, one of the most important cities in Sicily on the far west coast, a destination made of history, art, beautiful sea, fun and great food ! From millenary history, it even appears in the Aeneid and its origins seem to be mythological! In one day you can enjoy the city’s musts very well and even spend a few hours visiting the surroundings!
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Let ‘s discover the Trapani itinerary together in one day

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One day itinerary in Trapani
The itinerary starts from the historic center of Trapani, starting from the Porta Oscura, with the Clock Tower. Then strolling through the streets admired from the outside are the churches of the center : the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Church of Sant’Agostino and the Church of Anime Sante del Purgatorio, all located very close. Enjoy a walk on the Tramontana Walls and in the late morning reach the cable car station to reach Erice , one of the most beautiful villages in Sicily.
After lunch, dedicate the first half of the afternoon to Erice, and then return to go down with the cable car and reach the Saline di Trapani and Paceco, a milestone in the visit of the city! Between the transport and the visit (on average 2 hours), this activity will take you away most of the afternoon. Return to the center in time to admire the sunset from the Ligny Tower .

  • Morning : Porta Oscura with Clock Tower (free), Churches of Trapani (free), Walls of Tramontana (free)
  • Afternoon : Erice (free / return cable car € 9.00), Saline di Trapani and Paceco (free)
  • Evening : historic center (free)
  • Distance covered : 21.5 km
  • Where to eat: Lunch at the Prima Dea, Via Vittorio Emanuele 17 Erice (Get directions) / Dinner at Stravento Trapani Restaurant, Viale delle Sirene 15 (Get directions)

Below we will analyze in detail the 5 main stages of our itinerary .

1 – Historic Center and Tramontana Walls
Dedicate this morning to the historic center of Trapani, a real open-air museum ! Here the best thing to do is to walk and get lost in the streets: you will come across wonderful squares, characteristic streets and buildings that are definitely worth a photo, such as the Palazzo Senatorio.
Do not miss a walk on the Tramontana Walls, or the ancient walls dating back to the Spanish period , located on the north side of the city, you can start from the square of the former Fish Market arriving up to the Conca Bastion.

Have breakfast with typical sweets: between a walk and the other be sure to stop at the Antica Pasticceria Colicchia, a historic pastry shop in Trapani, open since 1885! Choose between cassata, cannoli and heavenly cakes to start the day well.

2 – Porta Oscura and Clock Tower
Photo of Traktorminze. While walking in the historic center, stop to admire the ancient Clock Tower of Trapani. Think that it dates back to the thirteenth century and therefore represents the oldest gate in the city ! It is located in the center, on one of the watchtowers.
But what most attracts the curiosity of tourists is not the door itself, but the large clock that is located right on the facade of the tower: it is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in Europe., dating back to 1596. Very particular, on the clock there are a dial of the Sun and a Lunario: the hands indicate the signs of the zodiac, the solstices, the equinoxes, the seasons and the cardinal points, while in the Lunario the phases are indicated lunar.

Admire the facade of Palazzo Cavarretta : adjacent to the Clock Tower is this palace with a truly spectacular facade. Once the seat of the city Senate, today the offices of the Municipality are located here. Impossible not to take a picture of him!

3 – Churches of Trapani
Photo by Andrea Albini. Continuing to discover the historic center, you will come across different and wonderful churches: the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Church of Sant’Agostino and the Anime Sante del Purgatorio Church.They are not always open and the hours are very variable , we advise you to admire them from the outside anyway and if you find them open, take the opportunity to admire the interiors!
The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, also known as the Cathedral of Trapani, is one of the main churches in the city ! The exterior is in Baroque style, while inside there is the marvelous Pala del Martirio di San Lorenzo, or the statue of the Dead Christ of Tartaglia. The Church of Sant’Agostino is instead one of the oldest churches , as well as being the museum of the Polo Espsitivo of the Diocese of Trapani. Finally, the Anime Sante del Purgatorio Church, hit by bombings during the Second World War and never returned to its former glory, insideit hosts 22 sculptural groups of the so-called Mysteries.

If you visit Trapani during the Easter period : don’t miss the Procession of the Mysteries, a 400-year-old tradition that attracts thousands of faithful from all over Sicily every year. The celebrations begin at 2pm on Good Friday and end 24 hours after Holy Saturday!

4 – Erice
Erice is, without a doubt, one of the most famous places in Sicily and, since 2014, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy ! From the center of Trapani you can reach it easily by cable car, thus also enjoying a wonderful view of all the surroundings (ascent 10 min, one way ticket € 5.50, return ticket € 9.00).
Erice is a place whererediscover the past and from which you can also admire the sea from above. Over the centuries it has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Normans, Arabs and Romans, who have left a visible sign of their passage. Enjoy a lunch based on typical products and then stroll around the village, taking you back in time!

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Stop at Pasticceria Maria Grammatico : it is a real institution in the city! Here you can taste the delicious Genovesi (typical biscuits filled with cream), but also other Sicilian confectionery specialties including cannoli and cassata.

5 – Saline of Trapani and Paceco
Once you get off from Erice, reach by car or by taxi (there is no public transport), the Saline di Trapani and Paceco, a fundamental stop in the visit of the city . In fact, Trapani was able to grow, especially from an economic point of view, thanks to the salt trade, making it a real economic power in Europe! We are probably already talking about the Phoenician period, but it is not entirely certain when this trade began.
We recommend that you dedicate a couple of hours to this wonderful place! Here you can visit the salt pans for free, while the museum has a small entrance fee. You will be able to see how salt is obtained from sea water, discover the history of the establishment and of this important trade. The Saline di Trapani museum also includes a series of mills and period equipment!

Info on the visit : open every day 9: 30-19: 00, free entrance to the salt mines, full museum € 2.50, reduced € 1.50. Possibility to take part in free guided tours (2 h) Wed and Sat, consult the official website.

Reach the birdwatching point at sunset : in the southern part of the salt flats there is a point that on google maps has the name of “Flamingos at the salt flats”. Here you can see large groups of flamingos, as well as other birds that frequent the area! The area becomes even more suggestive at sunset.

Activities and ideas for alternative itineraries
If you love art and history, in the historic center of Trapani you can find several museums , perhaps to be included in the morning. Keep in mind that the visit takes on average at least 2 hours. Art lovers can visit La Salerniana (€ 4.00), a museum of Contemporary Art, or the Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum (€ 6.00), housed in the ancient convent of the Carmelite Fathers.
If you visit Trapani in the summer, you might consider combining a visit to the center with a day at the beach in the nearby towns of Pizzolungo and Cornino; or even enjoy a day excursion to the Egadi islands starting from the port.

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  • City tour with the family : morning Saline di Trapani and historic center. Erice afternoon. Sunset from the Ligny Tower and evening in the historic center
  • Itinerary of free attractions : morning of the historic center, churches and walls of Tramontana. Afternoon Saline (without museum) and sunset from the Ligny Tower. Evening historic center
  • Discovering the beaches : morning visit of the historic center, late morning arrival in Pizzalungo (10 km). Relax on the beach and lunch. Afternoon Cornino bay and beach. Return to Trapani in the evening
  • Between culture, sea and trekking : Erice morning and lunch in the historic center. Afternoon trekking in the Monte Cofano Reserve and relax in the Cornino Bay. In the evening, return to Trapani and the historic center
  • Trapani and Egadi Islands : day excursion by boat to Favigliana and Levanzo, starting from the Port of Trapani (starting at 9:00, duration 7 hours). Return to the city and visit the historic center

Before leaving: useful tips

  1. Get around on foot : the historic center of Trapani and a ZTL. If you arrive by car, you can park it on the blue lines (from € 0.80 / h) near Piazza Scarlatti, Lungomare Dante Alighieri or Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
  2. Evaluate the Trapani Welcome Card : this city card includes several entrances to attractions, as well as urban transport and cable cars to reach Erice. To be evaluated based on the itinerary (from € 13.00 – see details)
  3. Bring a light sweatshirt : even if it’s hot, remember to bring suitable clothing for visiting places of worship. In addition, a light sweatshirt or a scarf are always good to counter the air conditioning
  4. Evaluate the visit to the surroundings : a visit to the salt pans is a must, but if you don’t have a car you can only reach them by taxi or by bike. Alternatively, consider visiting Erice, served by the cable car
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