In a very unusual Lent , one of the most typical sweets of these dates brings us the flavor of other Marches and Aprils.If nostalgia makes you want torrijas more , this is the perfect time to prepare them at home. Who does not like this special dessert

The best is the simplicity of its recipe, then we will tell you how to make the torrijas, in this case, of milk with cinnamon and sugar.

How to make milk torrijas

Ingredients (8 torrijas)

A loaf of bread from the day before, you can also find in supermarkets and shops the specific mold bread for torrijas, with its gluten-free variety, of course.
600 ml of milk(whole, skimmed, semi, lactose-free…)
3 eggs

Cinnamon powder and sticks.


Olive oil (or sunflower oil, depending on your preferences)


In a saucepan, boil the milk with the cinnamon sticks, it can also be made with cinnamon powder.
While the milk is heating up, cut the bread into slices of a normal thickness (2cm/3cm). The whole loaf of bread is cut.
Once the milk has come to a boil, pour it onto a plate. And in this infusion we are wetting the slices of bread.
Prepare another deep dish and beat the three eggs .
Heat a pan with it.oil . The fire must be high, because that way the torrijas will be done before and they will not be filled with oil.
Once the slices are wet, turn and turn in the milk, without crumbling, we coat them one by one in the beaten eggs and then we pass them to the oil.

Fry the torrijas and turn them when they brown.
Once toasted, we take them out and put them on a plate, on which a napkin is previously placed .
The final step is to pass the torrija through the mixture of cinnamon and sugar , and let cool before serving.
This recipe for French toast with cinnamon and sugar, is an alternative to those of wine and honey, which are usually the most common. It is a variety practically similar to “French toast” – or pain perdu-, a delicious snack with which we start the countdown to Easter .

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