Choosing the best children’s books is extremely important. For everyone, the first book we read is always remembered and is different from the rest. We treat it as if it were our greatest treasure and we live it as if we were the protagonists of the story. Here we leave you the perfect list of children’s books so that the little ones can be inspired and enjoy reading .
Children’s books are full of intensity. With a multitude of themes, these books narrate countless fictional stories that will make your children enjoy it more than ever and live it as if they were inside the plot. Lifelong classics such as Fray Perico y su Borrico or Matilda are two of the best-selling books for children.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda, one of Roald Dahl’s masterpieces, is a classic for early readers. It narrates the experiences of Matilda, a misunderstood little girl who takes refuge in her literary friends in the hope of one day escaping from her family.
Matilda has a secret, magic springs from her eyes and she is able to teach her parents, her older brother and even the fearsome Miss Trunchfull a fun lesson.
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The Color Monster, by Ana Llenas

The Color Monster doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.
He has made a mess with his emotions, and we will have to look for colors to help him identify them.
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The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince is a classic of literature. This work by Antoine De Saint-Exupery is a pleasure to read for both children and adults.
Full of wisdom, the character of the little prince will give answers to many of our inner questions.
Spectacularly well written and easy to read, this classic will be a great adventure companion for the little prince in your house.
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Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

Guess How Much I Love You is a classic written by Sam McBratney, elegantly depicting human feelings.
A charming story that will teach your child the deepest values, while entertaining him with the adventures of its protagonists.
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When I grow up I want to be… happy, by Anna Morato Garcia

If we choose the book a la Punset, When I grow up I want to be… happy is the new testament for the emotional education of our children.
The work of Anna Morato Garcia consists of 6 short stories, whose purpose is to promote positivity and self-esteem in the smallest of the house.
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Little Sheep Who Came to Dinner, by Steve Smallman and Joelle Dreidemy

There’s a friend in you said the Toy Story song. Author Steve Smallman seems to have heeded Buzz Lightyear’s wishes and was inspired to reinterpret the Big Bad Wolf tale.
In The Little Sheep Who Came to Dinner, the hungry wolf had a miserable soup to eat every day until a cute little sheep decides to visit him. But the alleged victim just wants to be her friend.
Show your child that even the worst of enemies has a story to tell.
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What does the moon taste like
, by Michael Grejniec

Animals have long wanted to find out what the moon tastes like. Would it be sweet or salty

They just wanted to try a little piece. At night, they looked anxiously up at the sky. They reached out and tried to catch her, stretching out their necks, legs, and arms.
Who has not ever dreamed of taking a bite out of the moon

This was precisely the desire of the animals in this story. They just wanted to taste a little piece but, no matter how hard they stretched, they couldn’t touch it. So the tortoise had a great idea.
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Elmer, by David McKee

Elmer is a colorful elephant that teaches us the basics of solidarity, respect, tolerance and friendship.
This work by Mckee is the favorite of the little ones and has sold more than 8 million copies.
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Fray Perico and his donkey, by Juan Munoz Martin

In the 19th century, the arrival of Fray Perico and his donkey, Calcetin, is going to upset the peaceful existence of the twenty friars of a convent in Salamanca who live doing good and distributing what little that have.
The convent will soon live crazy situations, full of humor and joy, thanks to this nice character.
A fun adventure story about a friar and his donkey.
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Lola wants to be a treasure hunter. One day a map of a remote place where one hides falls into his hands.
She has no compass to point north, but determined to find it, she will take the unknown road that crosses the land of sloth, turmoil and fear to make her dream come true.
Essential book to educate in self-knowledge and develop observation, curiosity, confidence and intuition.

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