Many times the enamel gets damaged too soon, not even a week’s time and it is already starting to fail. The problem is almost certainly not the chosen nail polish, but the way it is applied and what products you use to extend its duration. As you already know, for a perfect manicure, the base is very important, but you must always consider and not neglect the last and decisive step: the top coat on the nail polish . Let’s find out more, to have a manicure worthy of a beautician. What is the top coat for nails and why to use it What does top coat mean
There is no real translation of the term, which literally means “overcoat”. The top coatand, therefore, the last step of the manicure. It is a transparent and sealant nail polish to be spread over the colored nail polish, the one you have chosen to show off, and has the function of protecting the underlying nail polish, prolonging its duration and giving shine to the nails, keeping them shiny as long as possible.
Like the colored nail polish and the clear base , the top coat is also a mix of solvents, resins and other materials. It is always recommended to use it to have a more brilliant and lasting enamel and to increase its gloss and brightness. Its formulation varies according to the results to be obtained. There are different types of top coat polish: the classic and traditional one, basically a transparent enamel; the matte, quick-drying one, which would be a gel effect top coat and semi- permanent top coat . Matte top coat nails Matte
, velvety nails have become very trendy in recent years, sported by stars like Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens. A real alternative to traditional classic nail art with a glossy effect. The so-called “matte” or “mat” effect, very popular for lipsticks, is also becoming very trendy on the nails. These are glazes that give the nails a very glamorous effect , especially if combined with an opaque lipstick, perhaps of the same color.Gel effect top coat
In recent years, in addition to the traditional nail glossy effect top coats , which give the color protection and shine, various top coat glazes with particular effects have come out. These are always transparent glazes to be applied after the colored glaze. This type of finishing, as well as prolonging the duration of the nail polish and giving greater shine to the nail, should give it that kind of “camber” typical of gel polish or semi-permanent.
Unfortunately, very often, the final effect of this nail polish is very similar to that of a normal top coat , which depends a lot on the brand and the product used. Indeed, one must beware of the unpleasant effects of apoor gel top coat , which can create an ugly streaked effect on the nail, with cracks and full of unsightly bubbles on the surface. Semi- permanent top coat
As for traditional manicure, also for semi-permanent nail polish, base and top coat finishing, are essential to guarantee the duration of the colored nail polish. The semi- permanent top coat gives much more brightness to the chosen color and increases the volume of the nail polish, giving that more full-bodied effect typical of gel nails. For the semi-permanent top coat you need UV or LED lamps, which help in drying the product.
For truly top nails, don’t forget to apply the top coat over the nail polish , for a true diva manicure!

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