Baldness or alopecia is a problem that develops due to excessive hairloss . It can be generated for various reasons. The most recurrent type is common baldness. It is known that any case of hair loss causes emotional discomfort in people. When they see themselves deteriorated in their physique. Fortunately, there are numerous effective treatments. Among them the anti-loss capsules. In this post you will find the top 3 best capsules for hair loss .
Baldness can appear as a physiological response, or be caused by some serious disease. Sometimes it is solved by curing the condition that produces it. But there are difficulties that occur on the scalp, and they must be treated with specific methods for hair problems. The use of capsules for hair loss are usually a great alternative in these cases. Revitalizing the hair strands and the dermal structure that contains them.

what is baldness
Baldness is a physiological problem that occurs when hair strands are lost excessively. Decreasing the volume or density of the hair. It is normal for all people to lose hair daily, which in turn is replaced by new ones. It is a cycle of own growth in the organism, given in all the hairy areas. It becomes a hair problem when the process is disturbed.
Some type of alopecia begins to develop when the new hair threads are not enough to replace the fallen ones. Well, the number of the latter is very high, much more than normal. This can happen for several reasons. Hormonal imbalances, nervous, and some autoimmune responses can be some of them. There are even serious diseases that can trigger baldness.
The most recurrent type of alopecia is common baldness, which is typical of bald men. Caused by a hormonal incidence in the scalp. But nevertheless; There are others no less problematic. It is alopecia areata, and its universal modality. There are also the fibrosing, the diffuse and the cicatricial. They all affect the physical appearance, and therefore the mood of those who suffer from them.

What is androgenic

Androgenic alopecia or common baldness is a type of hair loss caused by genetic and hormonal factors. It happens when male hormones or androgens act on the hair follicles. That they are genetically predisposed to be affected by this hormonal incidence. Atrophying them, until the capillary units completely disappear.
This type of alopecia mainly affects men, but there are women who also develop it. Most bald men suffer from this kind of baldness. It is characterized by beginning to lose the hair in the line of the forehead, denoting the typical “tickets”. Also by decreasing the capillary volume in the upper part of the head. Specifically, on the crown. When it manifests itself in women, the hair loss is diffuse, partial and there are no receding hairlines.

What is alopecia areata
Alopecia areata is the second most common type of alopecia. Considered an autoimmune disease, which causes the immune system to attack and destroy hair follicles. When the hair develops it is lost leaving empty, rounded shapes on the scalp. That is to say; bald patches appear on any area of ​​the head. The normal thing is that it is reversed, and the hair grows again, although it is typical that there are relapses.
Alopecia areata can develop in a more aggressive way than usual. In these cases it is called universal. When it happens, all the hair is lost. Even the hairiness disappears in other areas of the body. Among them are the eyebrows. If the fall is only on the head, it is usually identified as total alopecia areata.

fibrosing alopecia
Fibrosing or frontal alopecia is a type of hair loss that usually appears as an autoimmune response. That is to say; It happens when the body attacks and destroys the hair follicles. Although it also has hormonal influences. Most of those who suffer from it are women in the period of early menopause. But nevertheless; The definitive causes of this disease are not very clear. It is known that it is related to certain genetic susceptibility.
During its development it is typical that the hair begins to disappear from the frontal hairline. Progressively receding. Although this process is slow, it takes years. It is a type of scarring alopecia. Therefore, in the area where the hair is lost, a scar is generated. Preventing the hair from recovering. It can also affect other areas of the body, such as the eyebrows.


alopecia Diffuse alopecia occurs as a consequence of the miniaturization of hair follicles. Which weakens the hair until it falls out. This type of baldness does not atrophy or affect the scalp. It only minimizes the hair strand. It is always triggered by some disease or health problem. That is to say; It is a symptom of another condition.
Among the diseases, which have diffuse hair loss as a symptom, are stress and hormonal changes. Some alterations of the intestines, liver and kidneys, and thyroid disorders are also found.
It is natural for all people to lose hair daily. It is part of the hair growth cycle. In diffuse alopecia, hair loss is the same as what happens in this cycle. But it differs by the number of hair strands lost, which are many. A very large set of them are dropped. Being very noticeable for people who suffer from this type of baldness.
To treat it, it is necessary to diagnose the cause that causes it. Generally, it tends to be overcome when the health problem that is causing it is cured. Even when suspending certain medications, when the reason for its development is the consumption of drugs.


alopecia Scarring alopecia is a disorder of the scalp. It develops when the upper part of the hair follicles becomes inflamed, until they atrophy and destroy themselves. Being replaced by scar tissue. That is why, once hair loss occurs, it is irreversible. Well, the capillary structure that produces hair no longer exists. In its place is a scar.
The process of this type of baldness usually goes unnoticed by people who suffer from it. Because it happens below the superficial layer of the scalp. Thus, it is progressing, without obvious signs, for some time. Although there are those who experience itching, burning and severe pain.
There are two states of this disease. The first has a genetic origin, but can also be acquired, for unknown reasons. In other cases it can be triggered as a result of an autoimmune dermatosis. The second is a consequence of other health problems. Such as infections, trauma, burns and wounds. In fact, radiotherapy can induce this type of alopecia.

Causes of baldness
Baldness is a pathological condition of the scalp and its hair structure, which can occur for various reasons. From physiological, being a response of the organism, to serious pathological, as a symptom of delicate diseases. It is also possible that it is triggered by the consumption of certain drugs, and under the application of certain medical therapies.
In most cases of alopecia there is a genetic susceptibility. Almost always, accompanied by hormonal factors. This is verified with common baldness, which is typical in bald men. But the fibrosante also has incidence of hormones. In the cases of the areata and the cicatricial, heredity has been shown to influence them. Being the diffuse type, which normally represents a sign of another disease, in any part of the body.

What is the most serious type of alopecia and why
The most serious type of alopecia is areata. Because being an autoimmune disease that destroys hair follicles. Of which there is no effective treatment to reverse it. Although it is typical that it usually disappears on its own, with the hair growing again, it is common for it to reactivate. In addition, there is a very aggressive subtype, called universal, where the hairs of the entire body are lost.
When suffering, the person is in a situation of uncertainty. By not having control over the way this condition will evolve. Well, it is triggered suddenly, without being clear about its origin. Nor if it will yield, and if it does, in how much time is possible.
There are some medical alternatives that help stop it. Specifically, these are drugs that contribute to its improvement. But, being related to the immune system, recovery is quite complex. Even hair grafting, the most effective method to overcome various types of baldness, is not an option in this case. Because this pathology destroys hair follicles, both original and implanted.

How is alopecia areata diagnosed
Alopecia areata is diagnosed clinically by two methods. The pull-test, which consists of pulling strands of hair, and then analyzing the extracted strands. This confirms the damage to the capillary root, a product of the inflammation that causes this type of baldness. A digital trichoscopy is also performed. This study makes possible the analysis of hair, and its growth, at a microscopic level.
The use of the digital microscope is essential to diagnose and control alopecia areata. Especially to establish an effective treatment, according to the case. A thyroid exam is recommended. Because there is a possibility that hypothyroidism is the triggering factor of the problem.

How is the evolution of alopecia areata
The evolution of alopecia areata is unpredictable. Because it is an immune system response of unknown origin, it can follow a particular course in each case. However, there are certain patterns typical of this pathology. It usually develops with hair loss in scattered areas of the scalp. Forming spaces of skin, free of hair, with an oval or patch shape. One to five circular bald spots appear. When they are more, alopecia is multifocal.
There are cases where all the hair is lost, in the case of total alopecia areata. When the pathological picture is very aggressive, the subtype of alopecia universalis develops. In it, the hair follicles of other areas of the body are destroyed. Like the eyebrows and eyelashes.
It is common for alopecia areata to reverse on its own, and the hair to grow back. But he usually has relapses. Hair loss can remain for months or years. Therefore, it results in a continuous problem, for which there is no definitive solution.

What kind of treatments are there to stop hair loss

There are several types of treatment to stop hair loss. Specifically, there are numerous kinds of shampoos and lotions. There is also the hair transplant method, which is the most effective. Also, the use of drugs is often very useful. As long as the best capsules are chosen to stop hair loss.Next, each of the options that are available to combat baldness are detailed:

There are numerous alternatives to existing hair shampoos. They are a good option when you want to delay hair loss. By strengthening the hair structure. Although it should be known that they do not cure any type of baldness. They only work as contributors to the problem.
It is very important to use only those products recognized for their quality. In relation to hair loss. Well, in the aesthetic market there are endless options, and many are useless. To obtain benefits, it is mandatory to apply a shampoo that has the active ingredients that act on the types of alopecia.

Lotions are a pharmacological alternative to counteract hair loss. They don’t completely fix it though. They serve to improve the problem. It is very necessary to choose those that have irrefutable effectiveness. Regarding its action on the scalp and hair follicles. Many of those offered are not effective.


graft Hair graft is a cosmetic surgery that is performed with the purpose of restoring lost hair. In irreversible cases of baldness. It consists of removing hair follicles from a healthy area of ​​the scalp. To then implant them in the places on the head where the hair was lost. So that a new process of hair growth begins, and the lost capillary volume is recovered.
Hair transplant is the only method that overcomes any type of alopecia, on which it is applied. Well, once the new hair is grafted, it will not be susceptible to falls. It is highlighted that there are cases of baldness in which the graft does not work. It will be the trichologist surgeon who establishes in which occasions this method can be taken as an alternative.
The hair implant is the best option to correct androgenic alopecia or common baldness. Through this surgical procedure excellent results are achieved for life. That is to say; once the hair reappears it will not fall out again.

The capsules are medicines indicated as adjuvants to combat different types of alopecia. They do not represent a definitive cure. But they do strengthen the hair strands and nourish the scalp. So hair loss is delayed, and hair volume is recovered.
Because they are drugs, they are delicate to use. That is, only those capsules of proven quality should be consumed. As long as there is a diagnosis of some type of baldness, and it is a dermatologist who recommends the medication. There are several capsules of excellent quality. They provide great benefits, without harming the health of those who take them.

Top 3 best capsules for hair loss

1. Vilanolab Capsules
Vilanolab capsules are a drug that contains a concentrate that regenerates hair and delays its fall. They have the power of protection, detoxification and strengthening of the hair strand. Also; to nourish, reactivate and revitalize them. Just one daily dose is enough to combat hair loss.
They contain biotin, vitamin B5 and zinc gluconate. Active ingredients for hair restoration, from the root. They are allergen free. With the consumption of this medicine, the hair becomes firmer, more resistant and more elastic. So the drop decreases.

2. Solgar Formula Hair, Skin and Nails. 120 tablets

Solgar Formula Hair, Skin and Nailsit is a medicine. With nutrients that favor the structure and strength of the hair, skin, and nails. Its exclusive complex helps the production of collagen. One of the main components of the skin, which benefits hair and nails. Among its content are zinc, copper, amino acids and vitamin C. All with revitalizing properties, which stimulate the beauty of the body, from the inside.

3. Phytophanere, food supplement, strength, growth and volume

Phytophanere, food supplement, strength, growth and volume is, precisely, a food supplement that strengthens hair and nails. Thanks to its cocktail of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. From where vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, C, E, borage oil and zinc stand out. Just two capsules a day will be enough to revitalize hair and nails.

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