Dogs are animals that would give everything for their loved ones, but there are breeds that, due to their physical characteristics, their personality or their intelligence, become the best guard dogs. They will protect you and your family from people who have bad intentions and will also be willing to defend the home with their own lives if necessary.
Whether due to training or instinct, some are better suited to the task of “watchdogs.” They know how to warn of the presence of strangers, show their teeth or even defend the territory or their relatives if necessary.
For this reason, today from Mascotissimas, we want to show you a list of the best guard dog breeds with which you will surely feel very protected in the face of any adversity.

List of the best breeds of guard dogs

-Spanish Mastiff: In Spain, this huge breed that weighs up to 100 kilos, is one of the most popular when looking for a guard dog that is capable of protecting, for example, the farms or fields. Although a priori it is a breed that seems very good-natured and calm, the truth is that it is very good at protecting territories and people. Rarely is a mastiff seen in urban areas, since it is more inclined to solitude and only its family. It does not require a lot of physical exercise but it loves to go at its own pace through large areas.
Bullmastiff : This British breed is the result of a cross between an English bulldog and an English mastiff. It is a sociable dog with both adults and children, and although due to its size it is ideal for large spaces, it is a good guard dog wherever it is. They created it to help their owners against poachers, making it an excellent defense animal.

-German Shepherd : This breed could never be missing from the list of the best guard dog breeds.For something this breed is the most popular in the police force. His intelligence is made up of a whole set of amazing and special traits: obedience, curiosity and a real thirst for mental stimulation.

-Dogo Argentino : It is a spectacular dog as a defense. It is characterized by being very intelligent and cunning, but also too territorial: it almost never barks, but if a dog of the same sex invades its territory, it will assert its power. This is due to his strong character. On the hunt where he shows all his cunning and courage. Even so, he is a dog that loves his family and is very protective.
Rottweiler : It is considered one of the best guard dogs in the world.When he feels threatened because someone is threatening his owner, his family or his home, he can be very aggressive. It is usually on alert at all times and is a very intelligent and possessive dog. It is not a dog that attacks immediately, but if it does, nothing can stop it.

-American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) : It has a past as a fighting dog, from which it has taken on a combative and brave character. However, these characteristics have faded over time, and today it is a brave dog, but not aggressive. For this reason, its ideal use is as a guard dog , also because the AmstaffHe has a very strong sensitivity that allows him to immediately understand if the person he approaches has good or bad intentions. He loves to socialize and is an excellent companion dog.

-Tibetan Mastiff : it is undoubtedly one of the best guard dogs . Due to its enormous size, covered with a large mass of hair, it is best kept in open spaces. He is always alert and does not let his intentions be noticed. He feels responsible for his family although he likes to be independent. As a curiosity, it is the most expensive dog in the world.

-Dogue de Bordeaux: Although his appearance is goofy, he is capable of intimidating anyone thanks to his size and weight. In the past it was used as a fighting dog but today it is a more docile dog, balanced and attached to its owner. He is very patient with children and if he is trained as a puppy he can be the perfect guard dog.
Doberman : This dog appears to be completely different if it has cropped ears or not. It is a very sweet and affectionate breed. In addition, he is peaceful, obedient and sociable but we include him in this list because he is an incredible guard dog. If he sees that his owner is being threatened, he will not hesitate to show his teeth.
Belgian Shepherd: Like the German shepherd, it is a breed that works a lot with the police due to its intelligence, vitality and sense of smell. It is a very elegant and muscular dog, this characteristic makes it a sporting breed. He is very protective of his owner and would be capable of giving his life for him.

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