The broadcast of the documentary ‘Dolores, the truth about the Wanninkhof case’ on Telecinco, after the development by HBO Max, has highlighted the multiple failures, both in the investigation and in the verdict of the popular jury, that emerged during the case of Rocio Wanninkhof, one of those who caused the most commotion in Spanish society.
The conviction of Dolores Vazquez, due to the negligence and mistakes throughout the judicial process, has once again become of national interest after the issuance of the aforementioned documentary. Dolores was accused and convicted of a crime she did not commit;proving her innocence after the arrest of the real murderer of the young woman: the British Tony Alexander King. The biggest judicial error in the recent history of the Spanish country concluded as a result of the murder of the young Sonia Carabantes.

A psychopath known as ‘Holloway’s Strangler’

One of the worst legal errors and one that put the prestige of the Justice of our country in check was the trial for the murder of Rocio Wanninkhof. The main defendant, Dolores Vazquez, suffered a sentence without clear evidence, counting only on conjectures made by the investigators and being sentenced by a popular jury contaminated by the opinion of society and the media.
the real killerIt was Tony Alexander King, who was still at large when four years later he murdered another young woman, in this case Sonia Carabantes. His arrest also led to the discovery by the Spanish police that the suspect was a sexual psychopath wanted by Scotland Yard.It counted several rapes among some of its attributions, earning it the nickname ‘The Holloway Strangler’.
At just 19 years old, during the year 1986, Tony King, then still known as Tony Alexander Bromwich, was sentenced in the United Kingdom to 10 years in prison.due to several sexual assaults that occurred in London. In the year 1991, after being released from prison, he is again convicted of robbing a woman using a gun. After this conviction, he would be released from prison again in 1996, the date on which he became known by his current name: Tony Alexander King.
A year later, in 1997, it would be when he settled on the Costa del Sol and 2 years later the murder of Rocio Wanninkhof would take place. In 2003, four years later, he would assassinate Sonia Carabantes. The British police had already transferred to the State Security Forces and Bodies the information related to this sexual psychopath, described as “a potential danger for the women of Spain”.
It was not until the evidence of both crimes was collated that the Spanish police arrested Tony King and were able to close both cases. This time with the real killer behind bars. However, it was his ex-wife who went to the police to report that the night of Sonia Carabantes’s murder, her partner had come home covered in blood and with multiple scratches. This track was the one that put the investigators on the right path to achieve the arrest and the evidence that pointed to him as the person responsible.

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