“I missed a strong male role model who would tell me ‘I’m just jealous of you,'” said Tom Hanks’ son Chet in a video “The Truth About Growing Up As A Hanks”. , ed) in which he spoke freely about the negative aspects of growing up in the shadow of his father. This was revealed by the specialized site Nme, which reported the Youtube video in which the young actor, who starred in “Empire” and in the American version of “Shameless” spoke of the hardships endured in
adolescence ., a lot of animosity and a lot of negativity, ”explained Chet, due to people’s preconceived ideas. And he underlined: “My experience was even more complicated because in addition to the already spoiled fame it is ‘toxic’, I was not even famous. I was just the son of someone famous. I hadn’t done anything to deserve any kind of recognition and that created a lot of contempt around me. My father is loved, and on this pedestal, but this around me has created a halo of disapproval ”.
Chet Hanks, in the video, proves how much the shadow of his father – six times Oscar nominee and the only actor, along with Spencer Tracy, to have won two in a rowas best actor (in 1994 for Philadelphia and in 1995 for Forrest Gump) – both overwhelming in his life, he also cites George W. Bush. “ What it’s like to be Tom Hanks’ son ” was the first thing the former president of the United States asked him when he met him as a child, during a family trip to the White House. “The answer I gave him then is the same one I give to people now: ‘Well, there are a lot of advantages, but sometimes it can be quite weird .'”
The young actor left his testimony divided into two parts on the Youtube channel . In the first, shirtless , fixed in front of the camera, he talks about his childhoodwhich he defines as “difficult” and explains, among other things, how people assumed he was “a spoiled and arrogant brat”, then shows his tattooed bicep , like the rest of his body, and turns off the PC. Deadlift. Then he returns, always in the foreground, wearing a black sweatshirt and a large chain around his neck, and continues his story by strongly affirming the veracity of what has been said and explaining how some privileges, which he himself acknowledges having had, were not supported by a male figure of reference .
I am “ very lucky“And” I would not change my situation for nothing “, he admits, but then explains that he believed in things he should not have believed and that it is difficult for a child to understand that his situation can generate envy in other people and that these can project their own insecurities.
“I would have needed to hear that as a child: I didn’t have a strong male role model that told me not to worry, because these people were just envious because I had what they wanted.” Chet is 31 years old and is Hanks’ third child , the first with his wife Rita Wilson. Hanks, from a previous marriage, had already had two others.

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