In a delicate period like the one we are experiencing due to the health emergency, it is essential to follow a series of tips to strengthen the immune system . With a strong, healthy and resilient immune system , the fight against pathogenic viruses and bacteria is for the benefit of the human body, which has the necessary equipment to fight and deal with the negative effects caused by microbes. Taking care of your immune system also has a positive effect on the community, especially at the present time. So here is a series of tips to improve and strengthen your immune system effectively.

The immune system: what it is and what it needs to stay
healthy Before offering advice for improving your immune system, it is good to understand what elements it needs to be healthy. Unlike other systems, the immune system is not made up of just one type of tissue. The immune defenses , in fact, are organized on several levels, to which different structures and molecules contribute. From hormones to some acids, to move on to more complex structures such as organelles, cells and entire tissues.
In recent years, countless studies have been carried out aimed at deciphering the secrets of the immune system, and among the most recent evidence there is the one that shows the fundamental role of the intestinal microbiota .. The microorganisms that populate the intestine, in fact, provide the human body with many structures and molecules that help strengthen the immune defenses , therefore their balance is fundamental for the well-being of the body .
These microbes, together with the eukaryotic cells involved in the immune defenses, first of all need nutrients, energies and specific molecules that can only be introduced through food, as well as conditions favorable to their development. And it is precisely on the basis of these specific needs that the recommendations for optimizing one’s immune defenses are built.

An invisible support for the immune system: probiotics
The term ” probiotic“literally means” in favor of life. “Specifically, probiotics are defined as live and viable microorganisms which, taken in adequate quantities, are able to provide innumerable benefits to the human body.
The primary objective of probiotics is to take root inside the intestine of the human being, overcoming the barrier they encounter at the gastric level, and the advantages they can offer are different, depending on their “capabilities.” For example, there are probiotics that help create a favorable environment to the development of other good microorganisms, or those capable of acting on a cellular level, stimulating the activity of some specific T-helper cells.

The advantages of a balanced diet for the immune system
A healthy lifestyleand a balanced diet are fundamental requirements for a healthy organism and strong immune defenses. This sentence – which can now be read almost everywhere – corresponds to reality. The reason for this statement is very simple: a balanced diet, made up of many portions of fruit and vegetables, not only avoids the introduction into the body of toxins and harmful substances, but also provides vitamins and minerals essential for the correct functioning of the structures responsible for defending the body from external threats.
The roles that vitamin E plays in improving the immune system are mainly two, one primary and one secondary.that are formed inside the organism, as well as to offer support to human cells in the defense against viruses and bacteria . In particular, vitamin E has shown a remarkable effect in fighting influenza and parainfluenza viruses, and the crucial role it plays in the recovery phase has been proven.
Secondly, this fat-soluble vitamin is involved in various metabolic processes, therefore its absence limits the absorption of other positive compounds present in food, triggering a cascade mechanism that ends with the weakening of the immune defenses. Vitamin E is contained within high quality dried fruit and seed oils.vitamin C. This acid, in fact, not only acts as an antioxidant , but also mediates the absorption of iron, which is important for blood circulation and for the health of lymphocytes. This vitamin can be found in citrus fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, including kiwifruit, broccoli and grapefruit.

Taking natural supplements and practicing sports
If finding these micronutrients from your diet is complicated, it is always possible to rely on natural food supplements , which do not replace the meal, but increase the supply of useful nutrients to the body. These supplements contain a wide range of vitamins , minerals andnatural substances , such as echinacea , zinc and vitamin C , essential for the proper functioning of the immune defenses. They also prove to be of great help especially in the most stressful periods, both from a physical and psychological point of view.
We must not make the mistake of underestimating physical activity . Practicing a sport or motor activity on a regular basis is in fact of crucial importance to ensure a complete activity of the immune defenses . The role of the immune systemand of fundamental importance in times of stress – such as the winter period – or in the event of the spread of dangerous microorganisms, as is happening due to the Coronavirus. Therefore, adopting all the solutions aimed at improving one’s immune defenses and not just a suggestion, but a real civic and moral duty.

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