is a common sleep disorder . Especially in this period of emergency, in which stress, anxiety about work and changes in habits have led to an unnatural condition for the human organism. If you want advice to fight insomnia , improve the situation and solve the problems related to lack of sleep , it is good to follow some precautions in order to be able to rest adequately and keep the body and mind strong to face phase 2 in the best possible way. of ways. If that’s not enough, nature comes to our aid with its plant extracts that facilitate relaxation and therefore sleep.

Insomnia: why you can’t sleep
There are several methods to find out how to fight insomnia , to be able to better deal with this particular moment of fear for your health and that of loved ones, as well as for the economic situation. First of all, however, it is necessary to analyze the new sleep-wake rhythm that is upset by the different conditions of life.
Someone just can’t sleep even for several days, while others fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night with the typical eyes wide open from insomniaand a thousand negative thoughts that do not allow you to close your eyes. In addition to the obvious problems of the period, there is also the fact that being at home the rhythms are completely high.
In the afternoon they often take naps on the sofa, while before they worked all day and then disentangled themselves between the different daily chores. Having a lot of free time does not give the body and mind the occupations that made it possible to arrive in the evening tired, but satisfied and ready to sleep.
In phase 2 someone has started working again and therefore can slowly resume the old rhythms even if it is often not automatic and it takes some time to restore balance and regain the ability to rest well at night. Those who have not yet returned to work or find themselves having lost their jobs, on the other hand, have even more tension and worries than before, worsening insomnia .
In this case, helping the body by taking melatonin allows you to keep body and mind healthy without altering the rhythms day and night too much, which would lead to decompensation and general malaise. Resorting to nature to combat insomnia and recover regular sleep is also an excellent method to facilitate the work of the immune system which in this period must be in excellent condition to be able to defend ourselves from attacks by viruses and bacteria.

Environmental factors that interfere with sleep
In addition to the difficult period and the stress connected to it, the environment in which you rest can also be improved by avoiding incorrect behaviors that lead to excessive stimuli for the mind causing insomnia . We are talking about too strong light in the bedroom or a soft light that creates the right relaxing atmosphere for preparing for sleep.
Another fundamental detail concerns the use of electronic devices when you are in bed and before going to sleep. In fact, the very strong light of the smartphone, tablet or computer gives an excessive mental stimulus that creates excitement and prevents sleep. Even television, which many use precisely to fall asleep,
These means are often used to take the mind off bad thoughts and for this reason they seem to work at the moment. In fact, focusing on pleasant thoughts has the same effect, but avoiding early and nocturnal awakenings given instead by the use of devices before falling asleep.
Sleep is essential for the immune system and some precautions must therefore be taken. Go to sleep in a room without strong colors, but choose shades of blue and green. Create a relaxing atmosphere with soft light or rather total darkness. Ventilate the room so that you can breathe fresh, non-stale air. Finally, use melatonin , chamomile , St. John’s wortand other herbs that facilitate psychophysical relaxation .

The benefits of melatonin against insomnia
Melatonin is a hormone involved in the rhythm of sleep that plays an important role in the synapses causing the slowdown of brain functions also in relation to sunlight. For this reason, during the night, in the dark, the pineal gland goes into action by secreting melatonin which causes the body to fall asleep.
There are melatonin-based supplements specially formulated to facilitate this function and are useful as a natural remedy for insomnia.which can arise in particularly stressful or demanding moments in life, but also during the change of seasons.
Melatonin is a substance present in our body, so its intake through supplements does not cause any problems. It acts as a regulator of the sleep-wake rhythm in a completely natural way. There are other herbs to help this important substance. The well-known chamomile which acts by facilitating digestion, as well as having a strong calming power. Valerian effectively fights stress. Hawthorn reduces nervous tension and regulates breathing, as well as having a beneficial effect on the heart . Finally, the passionflowerwhich induces relaxation and regulates intestinal functions.
If you also suffer from it and want to fight insomnia in this period, get ready to face phase 2 with more strength thanks to natural supplements based on melatonin that facilitate night rest and stimulate the strengthening of the immune defenses .

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