One of the most loved and experienced home environments, the kitchen plays an increasingly central role within the general furnishings of a home. Whether small or large, designed to be an integral part of the living room – as it happens more and more frequently – or separate from it and in any case a pivotal space to think and study with great attention, evaluating overall dimensions, functionality and dimensions, but without neglecting the style. To avoid running into “too trendy” solutions, here are 4 timeless styles to fish from and to orient yourself on.
4 different ways to furnish and / or rethink this environment. 1.Country style a classic that knows no crisis
Less rich, redundant and bows than in the past, the modern country style in the kitchen has retained some of the traditional elements that characterized it, such as the use of wood, terracotta tiles, ceramics and majolica …, but has been enriched with new technological equipment “freeing itself” from that excess of decorations that has always characterized it. The result has given life to new and interesting solutions, always characterized by a certain craftsmanship, but still current, in which tradition is well combined with innovation. Country in the kitchen today therefore means authentic spaces with a warm and harmonious atmosphere, certainly perfect for large houses and country houses, but interesting to develop also for small urban kitchens. 2.
Essential, clean and decidedly minimal in the composition, the contemporary style in the kitchen is designed for those who love the rigor of the lines and a certain cleanliness of the volumes. Perfect for solutions open to the living room or for small kitchens “to be camouflaged”, it offers only apparently simple environments characterized by ultra-contemporary solutions, most of the time customizable to the centimeter. Equipped with every technological comfort and (often) top-of-the-range appliances, these kitchens are functional and innovative spaces, well-combined aesthetics and rigor and are a perfect mix and match for those who love essentiality and want the kitchen to be a place stylistically clean free of frills and decorations of any kind. 3.Modern essential, but not too much
Less minimal than the contemporary style, both in the composition and in the shapes, the modern style in the kitchen is the best combination for those who want harmonious solutions that combine quality materials and simple but not cold furnishing compositions. Transversal and highly appreciated, especially for those who want to create a new kitchen environment that is light and free, this style is characterized by the high functionality of the furnishings and by the interesting material mixes which today include less conventional components such as stoneware, glass , marble, combined with traditional materials such as wood or aluminum. An ever-current style to be considered, in particular, in the event that you need to furnish kitchen environments integrated into the living room or living area because it is easy to combine and manage.4.Industrial from trend to new must
It has been a furnishing trend for some time, but today, especially in the kitchen, it can be considered an evergreen and a real new classic. We are talking about the industrial style that with its highly connotating elements boasts many admirers and in the kitchen it is perfect for giving warm and welcoming, rich and “lived” furnishing combinations. With a subtly vintage flavor and often built on components and finishes typical of the industrial world, such as bricks and raw metal, but also dark wood and stone components. From the balanced combination of these elements, large and interesting kitchen environments come to life in which the aesthetic approach to materials is absolutely the protagonist. These are welcoming solutions, experienced and rich in the right measure,
4 “timeless” styles for the kitchen, to be developed and updated on the basis of different needs and different tastes, but without ever forgetting that any type of stylistic choice a new kitchen is made must always be considered in terms of practicality and functionality. Two essential elements to create a space that is beautiful, but above all that is easy to live and manage.
Claudia Schiera

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