There are times when you are looking at the website of one of your favorite firms and, suddenly, you see it. You weren’t looking for her, but she finds you. That garment that, as soon as you see it, conquers your heart and you can’t do anything but think about it. Especially if that garment has the gift of transporting you to a moment, to a season. To a summer night in which happiness is breathed and you don’t know how to explain why.
Garments with these characteristics we can count on the fingers of one hand, especially if we refer to garments from new collections, those that transport us to idyllic moments that have been in our closets for a long time. For this reason, the latest discovery we have made at ZaraIt seems like an absolute fantasy to us and because of it we can’t stop dreaming of summer nights. And no, it is not the midi skirt that best suits and that we are going to have as an eternal wardrobe, it is something even better.
It is an embroidered dress and it is the prettiest of all the ones we have seen in the new collections . It’s not that we haven’t fallen in love with the flower and polka dot dresses that are taking over street style this spring, it’s that after seeing Zara’s embroidered dress we don’t want to see any more. Midi in length, the dress has all the makings to be the dream of summer, although now we could start wearing it with pretty denim jackets.
In broken white, the Zara dressIt features embroidered flowers reminiscent of Mexican dresses and is just what gives it that special point. A super nice design and for which those who know more about fashion have begun to bet. So much so, that the embroidered dress is beginning to run out in some sizes . Discover what Zara’s embroidered dress is like and you too begin to dream of summer .

The most beautiful embroidered dress of the new collections

The new collections of our favorite firms are leaving us with very interesting garments and accessories, but having discovered this Zara dress has completely changed our perspective . We have imagined ourselves in summer, taking the fresh air and wearing tanned skin and it has given us a rush of joy.
The dress has a midi length, which makes it perfect to be worn with sandals and even Converse-type sneakers if we don’t feel like putting on some cribs. In the chest area is where it presents the embroidered flowers, which are spread throughout the entire dress. The small ruffles at the armholes and the flared cut give the dress an even more romantic look and help achieve one of the happiest looks for summer.
In addition to being beautiful and transporting us to the warmest and most pleasant season of the year, the dress is timeless because the designs with Mexican reminiscences are worn every summer.. The Zara dress is priced at 39.95 euros and those who know the most about style are killing it.

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